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I have contacted the company concerned regarding my complaint but had no reply. I'm really concerned about their business practice and my experience. offer a download service and offer a trial which you actually pay 1 euro for. When you have the trial confirmed with a PayPal receipt, there is absolutely no information in any email correspondence at all that after 14 days they take 99 Euro from your PayPal account! No warning and received an invoice for a year's subscription AFTER the money had been debited from my account. I wouldn't mind but the ten mins I tried the trial, the software didn't work and I didn't give it all another thought. Not once did I receive an email asking me if I wish to subscribe and the information on the website about the charges made are very misleading indeed and do not state it will be 99 Euro anywhere and have checked this. Is this allowed? According to Trading Standards, this is bad practice.
To top it all, with this money being taken without warning and without an invoice, it has resulted in taking my account over my overdraft and over £70 in bank charges so far from happy.
To add insult to injury, the company have not bothered to reply to me so in the meantime I am contacting the appropriate authorities about their practices and an Ombudsman and legal advice and happy to take this company to small claims court - the sheer principle of the matter.

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  • Jv
      Nov 29, 2010

    Sorry for this, but it is looking like it will be worse. I never heared what is Usenet, never had made any application, never got any bill, but just now I got on my private Address in Germany execution for non payment of some Bill I don´t know even what it is about. My Lawyers are having a Work and I went to know a existence of such company. Is it a company?

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  • Hc
      Dec 19, 2010, director Marco Carlini in San Marino, are swindlers.
    They fool you into a trial period subscription, while promising you can download rare books from their site, and after you've filled in all the inscription information, you'll find out that they don't have these books!

    Then you fill in a terminationform and receive a message that they have 250 or 325 other messages to answer and that you must wait 16 or 21 hours before they answer. Of course, they will never answer! They hope you forget about it.

    So, send them (within 14 days!) a letter (by registered mail!) to San Marino (Via palma il Giovane n. 21; 47895 Domagnano; San Marino) that you want to terminate your trial period, otherwise they'll try to steal 100 euro or more from your account.

    If your registered termination letter doesn't have the wanted result, you can request your bank or PayPal to reverse the stolen money. Don't forget to ask PayPal to finish deals with these crooks!

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  • Ri
      May 24, 2011

    Paypal and other banks which the mode of payments go through this company should stop dealing with them. If banks or other financial institution continue, they are accessory to the crime being committed. How can we contact, the business bureau at San Marino to file a complaint?

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  • Ka
      May 21, 2017

    I even haven't finished my registration for14 day free trial and tray have already begun to charge me Today, in some 5-10 minutes.

    I have nothing from Usenet. I do not want to hear of this company anymore. I demand that they cancel my (? what ? I am not even registered yet I didn't finish with it - thank god) membership, or any track of me on their site.

    What a shame that this company still operates and its management is not arrested.

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  • Yu
      Jun 04, 2017

    They've got me because I thought that was the real usenet website, it has the green certificates. Ive sent thousand of emails and bank can not cancel the incoming charges.

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  • Se
      Jul 09, 2017

    these guys are in everywhere, be careful what you wish before face with bitter truth! today i came across an advertisement about 14 day trial offer. and almost i had register it. but last minute i think "what is this usenet and what other users ideas and experiences about usenet" and i search it, . it not took too much time to reaching shocking truth... complaints are everywhere, and all stories almost same because of their ('s) fraud style. they offer 14 day trial, they take x amount of euros from your paypal or bank account or they bill imaginary service fee to you which is you never used! and if they not collect anything from you in from start. no problem, they have your email or ip to reach you... they work with international debt collection consultancy firms. and don't worry there is too much this kinda firms in every country in world wide... they are almost looks like digital mafia and they certainly are a fraud company.

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