Usellpurchase of iphone 6

J Nov 28, 2017

This is the text I have just sent to the new york state department of consumer affairs. Next stop is the office of the new york state attorney general. Since usell will not lift a finger to contact their buyer, cellgiant in pennsylvania on my behalf, I decided to let the system go after them. Next stop will be a blitz campaign on social media.

I sold my iphone 6 online to usell on november 13 and received a return packet to ship the phone to their buyer, cellgiant in orrstown, pennsylvania. It took two days for cellgiant to pick up the phone at the lamberville, nj post office, and to date (it is now 8 days since they picked-up the phone at the post office), I have heard nothing from them. I have sent three e-mails to imani at usell who keeps sending me the same stock e-mail response... Keep your eyes on your e-mails, etc. They refuse to contact their buyer to expedite this and this is getting very frustrating. They promised me $140.00 for the phone but I have a feeling that I will never see it as I have not heard a thing in over a week. Other cell phone buying companies like gazelle do not do this to their customers.
My next stop is the ny state attorney generals office as I need to bring this to everyone's attention and we can stop usell and cellgiant from doing this to any more new york consumers.

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