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To whom it may concern, my name is anton montgomery and this bank has held my funds hostage for 3 days! I just lost a love one and was trying too get a limit increase so i could pay the funeral home. The limit was increased then my account was blocked by the fraud team! They asked me too send in verifying documents and i did, multiple time to be exact! Because i'm in a time sensitive situation. So one of the 17 reps that i spoke with was a very rude young lady and she asked me"where you get all this money from" i'm thinking like real.. Her not knowing it's insurance settlement from my dad, who died last year. I never felt so disrespected, belittled, borderline criminalist! That's the way she made me feel. This bank has no compassion, loyalty or morals! I need to bury my family and they have all the verifying documents too prove im me, i need help, i had to miss work for 3 days because all my funds are in the bank, then they threaten to close my account or in there words "no longer which too continue a relationship" so why not close my account and send me my check?!? No type of help! Matthew a usaa rep, his customer service is horrible very rude, smug, irate!
The last rep i spoke with was awesome, although my account is still blocked, he spoke with compassion and wanted to help. But it was out of his hands! Am i a victim of financial profiling? I will be contacting some one with authority outside of ussa. To fix this situation! I hate this bank, and if i'm homeless or hurt usaa would give a care!
Pissed off customer with the family member that just passed and he cant bury them because usaa has my funds on hold for no valid reason!
Anton montgomery

Mar 30, 2017

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