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USAA Renter's Insurance / renter's insurance

1 San Diego, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 619-534-9678

"First a bit of background". I moved to San Diego in June of 07' in search of a new life. Upon arriving here I had my things scattered between where I lived and in another rental storage place. By October things were not working like I needed them to and I was forced to find a storage place that was big enough for my car, motorcycle and all my belonging's, so I rented a Garage from a Private owner and placed Renters Insurance from USAA on my garage. I left town and was not going to return for some time. I had no residence because the company I worked for paid for my accomodations.

I kept all my thing in this garage until August of this year, "2008". I was in my garage on 8/10/08 and things were fine and normal. I left town on business and returned on 8/15/08. Upon arriving I noticed my Garage had been broken into however the weird thing was that my Master Locks were still hanging from the garage door but they were open. Obviously a burglary. They wiped me out. Computer, T.V, DVD's, Bike, Surfboard, Guitars & Equipment, you name it and if it was worth anything, it was gone. Even a loaded firearm. So I called the police. They show up to do the report. I only gave the cop 2 or 3 items that were missing at the time. He told me to submit a list of them when I came up with it and gave me the case #.

So I filed a claim with USAA. Time goes on... They send the Private Investigator out who questions me, my girlfriend, and my other 2 friends who had keys to my place. "They are a nice couple who I've known for years." By the time I see the investigator it's Mid-November 2008. I cooperated. USAA refused to update me or return my phone calls. I continued to bother them. No responses. I cancelled my Renters Policy. What's the point of having it? Here today, , , December 23rd I finally got a phone call from them. They are requesting I do a Examination Under Oath with their attorney. I am refusing. I have cooperated with them thus far and have done research online and basically they are trying to avoid paying my claim. I am going to hire an attorney and file suit against them.

Like the other gentleman that posted, , , , , I was victimized and my privacy was invaded by a Robber or more than one... Who knows how long my garage door was opened for??? Then when i had faith about having Renters insurance USAA Turns around and victimizes me again. I have been with USAA Since 1995 and this is the treatment I get? If you want renters insurance, think about it twice... They want reciepts and pictures of all your items otherwise they won't pay. And when everything you own is in one place and the burglars take boxes that had paperwork like receipts in them, then you're just out of luck according to them. I am in search of an attorney and will not allow them to intimidate me with their lawyers. I have a loss of over 30k worth of things. I have no words to describe how I feel. Merry Christmas!!!

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  • Br
      11th of Dec, 2009
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    I have been using USAA for a few years and my wife for more than 20, i had a home invasion 10-21-09 while sleeping and i didn't wake up until morning.the police took a report and gave an incorrect case #, after that was sorted out i waited a week then called my adjuster she was always out and never called me back, a spoke to another rep who told me my claim was flagged due to me being asleep at the time. i was told an investigator would be coming to my home and he did a full month after the theft and told me he needed to see the screen that was bent in half where they entered which of course was replaced by the apt maintenance, he interviewed me, my son and his friend and asked me to sign a release to look at my credit history and rental history which i grudgingly signed to speed up the process which it did not as he finished his report 3 weeks later and the claim is still "in process" a full 2 months after i reported the loss, i filed a complaint with the CA dept of insurance and am going to take them to small claims court all for a whopping $2, 200 in home electronics stolen.USAA is great until you file a claim then the real BS starts and you see the company for what it is...lousy. i paid $354 per year for 45K in coverage, State farm has the same coverage for only $260 anually and i still have yet to check out allstate of farmers but a local agent would smooth out the claims process immensely. all in all i can no longer recommend USAA for renters insurance.i feel sorry for the guy above but what we experience is typical of USAA of current, do yourself a favor and go elswhere for a renters policy, their auto is lower than others by sometimes quite a bit, $238 for me but the renters insurance is worthless.

  • Fo
      24th of Mar, 2010
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    If your area was truly open for an unknown period of time and you have no idea how the items are stolen, how do you expect someone to insure that type of risk??? Thats like being upset when you leave all your stuff on the corner for months and have no idea when it was taken but believe you shouldn't be responsible for protecting your items. I would be more upset if I were you with the place you put the items into storage.

  • Ta
      17th of Sep, 2011
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    i agree usaa is fine until you file a claim. we had a loss of food twice in six months which was not our fault. the refrigerator went out so we called the lanlord and he took too long both times to get the regrigerator fixed. we lost everything. landlord would not pay us for the loss. so we turm to the insurance company. they approved it. we moved after being thier a year to get away from the problem. in our new place we had the cable company put in our dish. he did not ground the cable we asked him why he was doin it that way his response said that is hoe they do it. but a storm rolled through and blew out our tv. had it tested ands showed it was lightening damage. not my fault. we went to the insurance company they paid us. but so many months later we got our renters insurance cancelled because filed three claims in 7 years. said we we re accessive. we again expalin the situations and they said renters insurance is not to be used it is for them to make money. why have renters insurance when you cannot use it.

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