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USAA / overcharged

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I have been a member of USAA for over 10 years and until now I haven't had many problems with them. Recently, because of medical bills, credit card debt, and helping other people when I shouldn't have, etc. I had to file bankruptcy. I said I had, because after all the consumer counseling, etc. People weren't paying me back and I no longer could live on such an amount that was set after counseling.

I had car insurance, checking, savings, life insurance, renters insurance, car insurance, my car loan, a credit card, and an IRA with USAA. Like I said, until now I had absolutely no problem using their services.

Two months after I filed bankruptcy, the trouble began. First the car loan went and the credit card followed closely behind it. Then access to my checking account and savings account was denied. I am so confused at the moment, because I REAFFIRMED all of USAA debts. I was fine with my car payment, my credit card payments, and my insurance payments. It wasn't those payments that was hurting me, it was everything else. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS COMPANY! I reaffirmed everything, that means that I am willing to keep this debt and continue to make payments. All of my calls to customer service have been unproductive. Their only response is that I filed bankruptcy. I'm like, where is my money and why don't I have access to my accounts even though I reaffirmed everything from USAA. I wrote them a letter and even sent them another copy of my bankruptcy petition showing my debt there reaffirmed.

Now, I see if I'd added the credit card, car, or something to the bankruptcy. That would be different. But I agreed to keep every thing from them.

I didn't try to sucker out and have their credit card written off. I make my payments in which I can't anymore because that access is also gone. I'm just stuck with no options right now. You know how hard it is to stop and change ALL direct deposits and have them sent to another account. Uncle Sam doesn't like changes and makes you pay for them by waiting even longer. I don't think this is a fair practice to anyone who have received this from them. I almost got put out of my apartment because they rejected a darn check to the only account I used up until recently. It might be a month or more before the money will start flowing into my other accounts. I am in a very bad situation.

BEWARE. Filing bankruptcy and being a nearly exclusive member of USAA will cost you.. and cost you dearly. I still don't know what to do. They are just as protected by the feds as AAFES is, so I say this as a person who is in a very bad situation. Withdraw all your funds, change over all insurance to other companies, etc if you ever plan on filing bankruptcy and you are a member of this company. I was very loyal to this company and making sure everything was in good standings with them. I do not deserve this.

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  • Da
      15th of Jul, 2009
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    We filed Chapter 13 in 2002 - at the time we had a carloan with USAA since early 1999, never late since USAA deducted the payment from our checking account every month! A credit card from USAA, however, was included in the Chapter 13. In 2oo2 it was not mandated to reaffirm the loan and since we had never been late and intended to continue paying as agreed our attorney said it was not necessary to reaffirm. We did not reaffirm our mortgage or our other carloan thru Ford - never late on those either. Very much to our surprise we found out that USAA filed a claim with the court saying we were 3 months late!! That claim was thrown out since we could prove that we were never late. Fast forward to now - USAA continues to report the loan as 'discharged as a bad debt" in 2003 when we in fact continued to pay as agreed till 2004 when the car was paid off and we received the title!!! USAA claims we only paid 37 months of the 60 months required. All this shows up on our credit report!!! We have tried to get this resolved but USAA's bankruptcy department claims the have EVERY right to report whatever they feel is correct!!! We are now in the process of taking USAA to court to get this resolved!! Also - since filing Ch 13 we have seen our car and homeowner's insurance triple - USAA says we are a high risk, yet we never had ANY clams but USAA again states they are within their rights. Complaints have been filed with our attorney general who has taken a great interst in this matter.
    We have been USAA members for 30 years!!! Needless to say, we are now looking to get insurance with other companies. It will be interesting to see if we get the almost $6, 000 in our subscriber's savings account. That is probably another lawsuit waiting to happen!!!

  • Us
      15th of Sep, 2009
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    My husband and I have a similar problem. We filed bankruptcy in June 2006, paid all USAA debts except for a USAA credit card that was rolled into the bankruptcy. We offered to pull it out of the bankruptcy, but was told by USAA that the repercussions would be the same. We too have lost our online access, 3.5 years after the bankruptcy mind you. It seems like they randomly punish you for the bankruptcy. Right away my husband lost online access, but mine remained open (I avoid talking to them becuase I don't want them to take it away), then recently, they decided to disable my ability to download my transactions into Quicken, but I still have online access. We have never bounced a check or even been overdrawn on our account. We have had this account for 11 years and my husband has been a member for 27 years!

    I understand never giving us a credit card again. I even understand not letting me open any new accounts, but how they can get away with limiting a checking and savings account in good standing?

    I have asked for a copy of their bankruptcy policy so that I can be informed about how our access and services would be limited. Every time I get a different story, but never anything in writing since it is an "internal policy that they don't have to share". Today I was told that all our access would be restored after 7 years. I sure would like to see in writing what their practices are... I don't believe anything they say about this because it depends on the person you speak with.

  • Ja
      16th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    As a single mother abandoned by my army chaplain husband and slandered by him to try to protect his reputation and job, I was left with no funds and had to support myself and my child in a location remote from where I'd worked and known people. I got cancer and due to the travel cost, I faced a choice between being homeless with a child during cancer treatment or filing chapter 13 bankruptcy. I filed, and on and off USAA has cut off online access to my bank accounts and insurance policies.

    I just got an email telling me to view new online documents. I went to logon, and I was just on there recently paying my insurance bill early, but it immediately logged me off and gave me a message that I had declared bankruptcy and that they could not collect debts. This is old news---3.5 years old. I had even wanted to keep my USAA debt and keep paying, but my attorney told me it was illegal to pick and choose which debts to pay. They said I had to finish the bankruptcy and then I could go ahead and pay whatever debts I wanted to if I could. So, I did not single out USAA for payment but instead am just focusing on recovering my life after cancer treatment and subsequent serious accident and a related job loss.

    In the past, I have gotten mixed results depending on who I talked to. This time, the screen after they logged me off (without letting me view or access anything) said to click on "proceed" to view my accounts. That just took me to Why would I have to go there to view my accounts? I'm not even using the checking accounts but am paying my USAA insurance bills through another credit union.

    So, why are they doing this all the sudden, and for what purpose? All it does is inhibit me from easily paying my USAA bill. Are they trying to dump me? Did I call for roadside assistance one too many times? Did they see that I was recently late on a medical bill that was reported on my credit report when I was out of work and injured (and unable to work due to a severe injury)?

    I have been on hold long enough to try several ways to log on, read several complaint web sites that have complaints about USAA treatment of clients who have declared bankruptcy, and write this complaint. Still, there is no sign of my call being answered anytime soon.

    In the past, other than these incidents which are spaced far apart, I have had no problem with USAA other than one rare bad USAA customer service call. All the other calls have been good to great. I will say that sometimes if one person gets all bent out of shape and says you can't do anything because you once had a bankruptcy, call another department with your question and don't mention the bankruptcy, or call back and talk to another person on another day.

    These people do not explain their actions, and it seems to really have no relationship to common sense. If they have a problem with me, they should tell me. I think that they are bound by regulations not to harass people who have been awarded bankruptcy protection, but they are harassing them anyway by not allowing access to their own accounts, not explaining why or when they are doing this, and making it extremely difficult to get through to anyone who can speak to the matter.

    I am very disappointed that USAA, an otherwise excellent institution, is continuing to engage in these disturbing practices. My ex-husband, the abusive, lying pastor whose Ph.D. was paid for by the US Army with my tax dollars even after he lied to the IRS and took my tax refund needed for basic survival expenses and who also lied to the Pentagon in writing to avoid paying temporary spousal support after he abandoned us on a highway while moving from Fort Lewis to Fort Benning around Mothers Day 2002, is still surely a strong member of USAA. It's almost as though the values on which USAA was supposed to be founded are giving way to the good old boy/girl system of underground methods, intimidation and stonewalling.

  • An
      3rd of Jul, 2012
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    I was a USAA member for 15 years but after I went bankrupt they treat me like a second class citizen! No online access. Closed my checking and savings. When will they stop punishing people for going through a difficult time?

  • Pi
      7th of Apr, 2014
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    Car Insurance, Have Liability. Was paying $45/mo for 1 Car and we just added a another for the same plan. Was Told my bill would be $90/mo and my First bill was $250... Explain that

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