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US Security Associates


unfairly terminated

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us security associates
San Diego, California
United States
my husband worked for the company us security for 2 years and then left the company for family reasons then he got rehired on august 2008 and got terminated on march 2009. the reason that he got terminated because they told him that he was calling in too much sick, and they dont understand that he is diabete, there is a law that says that people like these has to take 12 weeks out of the year to check on there glucose, relax, these company they didnt understand that! my husband always did what he was told and did what it took to get the job done, all the people that were he patrol had good things to say about him, nothing negative about him.
my husband did call in one time that i was really sick and they told him that he need a note from the doctor, we got one and fax to them then they needed the number to the doctor to speak to her we got it, then they told him that he wasnt clear to work until he spoke to the supervisor ( which he was on vaction until that monday) my husband spoke to the supervisor and he tried to let him know what happen, mr. daniel told my husband " regardless he need to be at work" he didnt care if i was sick and throwing up blood, he didnt care! my husband went to the meeting that was set for him and that day mr daniel sola told him that he was suspensed until he spoke to the branch manager and that he was going to get back to him that day, he never did. during the time that he was suspensed he called them various times to speak to the supervisor, brian told him " oh hes not in, oh hes with a person, oh hes in a meeting" when my husband went to get his check he asked to speak to mr sola and brian told him rudely " oh hes busy" it was three weeks exactly when my husband was told that he was fired! when we went to pick the check up it took almost 20 mins for rosa to get my husband his check, she was running around without her shoes " unprofession" and mr sola was there and didnt say nothing? brian was out the in the front munching like his food was going to run out from him .
these company doesnt treat there guards right, supervisers are under trained, un educated, un profressional( daniel sola "supervisor" brian
" dispatcher" rosa " payroll specilist" ) may of the people that i mention are rude, unprofession, and treat people like trash more ( brian the dispatcher)
i think that if any people are looking to find a security company look else were these company are untrain and rude! any guards looking for a job dont go there they will treat you like trash! unprofession, uneducated, undertrained,
save yourself a headache!!!
the company us security associates "sucks"
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A  3rd of Jul, 2009 by    +1 Votes
The Houston office the people whom work there are very un-professional, rude, ghetto, and very stupid I think that the owners should look into why they cant seem to keep employees.
N  13th of Oct, 2009 by    +1 Votes
i've had the same problem with the company. they reduced my work hours. and when i filed for unemployment they said i voluntarily quit.. wth/...??? i was told this by an unemployment worker.. it came to me as a surprise. i filed an appeal with the unemployment office the same day and told them i still have my uniform and my work ID which they were supposed to take back if wasn't with the company any longer. and within a week i got a letter in the mail that there was a lawsuit being filed by a previous worker in nor-cal stating that mohammad was being sued for not giving breaks on time. for making employees do the overtime work without getting paid.
N  8th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Basically a professional approach will solve this issue, and many other issues. I also feel that if someone is going to make a comment on this site and say that people are uneducated, well they should at least be able to have some grammar of their own. I have heard a lot of very bad things about this company, I also start tomorrow. I'm concerned but hopefully if I have any problems I will be able to take a professional approach to any of these. If you feel that your supervisor is under trained and you can do better then him, well then do it. Don't whine about it, just take their job and get rid of them. That's how I see it!
N  29th of Mar, 2010 by    +2 Votes
i have also worked there and had many of problems with them from being cheated out of pay to being told i don't work after i have already drove 30 miles to get there in traffic this company is a joke and all the guards where i work have had problems with the same lady solita in san diego office but she is still there i am sure that walmart wouldn't even hire the upper people for this company the guards do all we can and then the office workers screw us over
A  12th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Us Security Associates is Marietta Ga suck even worse! they treat thier employees like slaves and gives them no respect! They need to shut that Marietta Georgia Us security Office down before someone gets hurt! you can't talk to adults in that fashion!
N  29th of Oct, 2010 by    -2 Votes
I agree with Soldice, before accusing anyone of being uneducated look at yourself in the mirror. Also, most Security companies have policies regarding tardiness and absenteeism. Most employees do not bother in reading their company handbooks. There are professional ways of taking care of these types of issues and not sounding like a Whinny little kid. Grow up...And that all i got.
N  6th of Dec, 2010 by    -1 Votes
You sound as though you have nothing to gain and you are just a security guard, not a security officer as most of us are. Learn to use grammar if you are going to criticize someone or a business.
D  6th of Dec, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Actually, if you read the laws correctly, you must be an employee for at least 12 months and work at least 1250 hours during the 12 months before the start of the program. WIth that said, 99% percent of all companies require documentation of any type of leave request or use of FMLA before it is actually used. Just because you have diabetes, doesnt provide you with the right to take off sick and not be held accountable.
D  10th of Dec, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I've worked for US Security in Dallas for over 5 yrs. Started as an officer and worked my way up to supervisor. I have never encountered the problems some of you are describing; however, the grammar and spelling used by some on this board is atrocious. YOU are the embarrassment! I would not hire ANY officer who would not take the time to verify spelling on a written document. The submissions by some of you describe why you seem to have problems with USSA. One of USSA's requirements before being hired is the ability to "read, write, and speak English fluently." If you cannot follow this rule, the company erred in hiring you as an officer in the first place! I agree with Soldice completely. A little professionalism on your part will go a long way in the security industry. Maybe not with USSA, but there are many security companies out there. The good ones only hire the best. Before you complain about your next company, perhaps you need to look into the mirror...
D  4th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
@Texsecoff, Just because you have no problems with USSA does not mean no one else doesn't. USSA is always good with the pets, like I see you are. I have been working with the company for almost 12 years. I have seen things that would make you whimper in the corner. If professionalism is a must to be hired through USSA, and you claim these people have grammar problems then who dropped the ball in the hiring process? You my friend are the idiot. These people are just pissed off and as they type and they make legitimate errors due to their anger. Does that mean they do not care? Probably not at the moment!! I have been a supervisor and a Regular Officer and with both positions I see faults in the company. A person can only be treated like a dog for so long. Sometimes it calls for us to bite back, instead of barking. I am pissed that you would even make a comment like that and claim to represent a company like USSA!! [censor]!!
N  14th of May, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I worked for Danny Sola of San Diego, CA. for 2 years; I agree that he is unprofessional, uneducated, untrained and rude. Many times on a regular basis, myself and other coworkers were not paid back pay, overtime, vacation time, etc. as per law. Lot's of stonewalling, denials, delays, etc. when asked about my back pay; only when I mentioned that I would go to the Labor Board, and only 3 months later did I get reimbursed the $400 owed, and then, was told that it was a 'bonus' check!

Moreover, when I took pics and reported unsafe working conditions such as loose barb fence razor wires at eye level on common pathways at an industrial site, nothing was done about it. Then, weeks later I was fired, most likely for whistle-blowing on unsafe work conditions. There were also rusty nails protruding out of loose wooden boards strewn all over the exterior ground. Then, along other walkways, sharp sheets of stainless steel with their keen edges and corners stuck out and could easily take out the legs of those walking by and make a bloody mess. Chemical leaks in the back of bldg. (see attached pics)

Worse of all, all of us had to sign legal waivers waiving our meal and rest breaks as a condition of employment with U. S. Security Associates, which directly violates CA. labor laws which I think is very shady. If you are seeking security work, go elsewhere; it's just not worth suffering all of the abuses and shadiness dealt out of this company's management. You'll never get correct or proper pay for your hard-earned wages unless you keep on top of it and go to the Labor Board for assistance.
N  21st of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
The difference between a "Security Guard" and an " Officer" is nothing more than semantics, stop trying to sound upscale to stroke your own ego. You have about as much power to do anything as a 4 year old child, you are not law enforcement nor any kind of POST certified agents of anything, you are a breathing body that wanders. 99.9% of every private security company out there is garbage with shoddy treatment by the employer and less than sub standard pay this company is no different than Securitas, Guardsmark or Pinkerton (Government contracts not withstanding). Want real pay and an actual job securing something obtain a security clearance, get weapons qualified through the DOD and work as a contractor. All of these companies love to act like they are the SWAT team of security and try to imply being some high speed CIA operators, none of witch is ever the truth.
It is just a minimum wage job with very little future and a staggeringly high turn over rate. Want to be a COP then apply, want a job just to get by or make extra cash then there is Security... Argue if you will but in the end that is all it is..
N  29th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
Everyone, if you want to hear a complaint about this company (YOU GOT IT)!!!
All statements are fact not fiction. This is my story, not only was I trained by drug addicts and talk about professionalism try iliterate low class parasites. At the job site where I worked I've seen many people come and go and the same goes for site supervisors. Speaking of the site supervisor, my supervisor ripped me off for $500.00. Thats right!! He gave me a sob story and I fell for it. Shame on me. I figured that he would pay me back seeing we worked at the same site. Not only were some people having sex on the job they were smoking pot on day shift knowing theres cameras everywhere. Just to let you know I was the only officer who received an outstanding review letter from this site. I did have one co-worker who was normal and I feel for him, thats if he still works there. I now work for a well rounded company and put all this behind me but I DO WONDER HOW IN THE HELL DOES THIS COMPANY STAY IN BUISNESS?
Thank You, Freebird
N  18th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
this company is a complete mess... one time when i was due for a raise i was removed from a post and not even called or anything. 2 managers showed up (ops field supervisors managers what ever u call these rent a cops) and told me the client complained yet it was never braught to my attention. I was making ok money and forced out of a post and a new guy took over making less worse of all I had to train him and i did because i needed the money. Very wrongful doing on the part of the company. I was later (after weeks of filling in for vacatinos) moved out to a post making min wage then again in 30days when my raise was due, guess what? my pay went down 50cents instead of up im tired of this company they're horrible and they don't do their jobs. All they do is pass the buck and pass the blame onto a security guard they don't respect us nor do they defend us when we do our jobs right. Often times I see lazy guards who come to work to sleep keep they're jobs while people who do their paper work and call supervisors get demoted fired complained about or something a;lways happens... they start with the fear trips were they check ur license and stuff like every night to scare u into not calling. It's really lame and immature. They're like children and you can't complain about things cause they will look for every loop hole in the book to try and fire you. Thats how they solve a problem in this company they leave the sleepy heads on site (becuase they're sleeping and never call anybody) and run off the real hard workers who belive in working hard with true honesty and the sweat of they're foreheads. This is a very bad business. I'm even afraid to say wich state i work in incase these fools check on this and come harass me. I won't say becuase we are all in fear of looisng our jobs anytime WE DO OUR JOBS.
N  6th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
I was hired by the company for a temporary position, I knew from the beginning they wouldn't have any more work for me when the job ended. The first few paychecks, while I was still on the job, arrived on time with no problems. The first check that was supposed to arrive after the job ended did not arrive. I have been waiting for two weeks beyond the pay date for my paycheck. I have been in contact with the company for the last week trying to find why I wasn't getting paid. After a week of back and forth, a check arrived for HALF of what I was owed for this pay period. They still owe me for two additional weeks of work. While I am hoping they will figure out how to do their jobs and actually pay me for the hours I worked, I am contemplating legal action if I do not have my full pay by the end of next week. I have borrowed hundreds of dollars from family members trying to keep afloat while they figure out how to cut a paycheck. I am not sure I would accept any more employment from them if I can't count on being paid properly and on time.
N  4th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
I see every day at Cantonment, Fl, guards shirts untucked, not wearing any kind of uniform.(personal shirts jackets, ect...) They don't wear safety gear (vests safety glasses, ect...). I know one guard got caught gambling on post nothing done, area manager knows that this going on. Guard that won't tuck shirt when she lifts arm you see butt crack. They leave post to go get food, or to store for whatever. Area manager is aware of this. They go party with customer . One guard works her second job at main gate. they are always on cell phones, laptop computers, they bring in DVD's to play at main gate. They don't check basic safety cards, they don't check to make sure people that come in are suppoed to be there. Anyone can walk in sign in and go anywhere they want. This has all been reported to area manager, and he does nothing. When they bring in new guards they are not issued uniforms, they wear anything they want, any kind of shirt, most of time you don't know they are guards. They don't patrol because sitting at main gate talking on cell phone more important. This is some of what I see.
N  3rd of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
now in cantoment you can bring your 2 month old baby to work while on vacation.
N  30th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
USSA PAYS between 8-10 dollars an hour, So you get what you pay for, if someone's stealing in a store runs out people yelling stop that person, that guard will not put his life on the line for 8 bucks an hour no sick days no health insurance, USSA just want a body on site that's why 75 percent of sites are low pay and wack all u gotta do is sit there and look like u doing something, now I never had a prob with my branch, but I seen a lot of employees get treated unfair but it's not our branch it's our clients, on my behalf I say give us better pay, u get great service
A  31st of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
Yes, don't work for this company!!! I was set up and got Fired! This new employee didn't pass down what I had to do for the night, and since it fell on me they fired me and accused me of coming to work and planned to not do as I was told. They charged me with being "Willfully Disobedient" The memo they had on the door was vague and left to interpretation.
Serious, I didn't come to work wanting to Disobey!!! I didn't have a clue what I had to do and I never seen the note that first shift left for me. They then blamed me for not calling the Site Supervisor. I had no clue of anything until the first shift officer came in @ 6 am. I had NO Say in the matter. Now the new employee went undisciplined and I got fired. They are always right employee is always wrong no matter what happens!!! They do NO WRONG.
Another time before this ... I worked the 3rd shift and when I got there I was told not to check the empty trailers because I was by myself for 3 hours a night and I didn't have time. Then one day first and second shift didn't find some grills in the trailers for 4 days so they say and everyone got written up. I voiced my opinion and since then I noticed things were happening leading up to the night I got fired.My site supervisor told me that "If I didn't like it there that I could find another job" Then she told every one else of the 4 people who got written up. I thought that was unprofessional!!! Treatment of the employees is like being in grade school...Then my site supervisor says that she wanted me to sign the write up because she was trying to cover our ###? More like she was covering her own ###!!! She has no backbone and wouldn't dare stick up for the 3rd shift at all...So I got written up for something I was responsible for...Sure does SUCK!!!
Now they have a new crew there and they will be going out the door too it is just a matter of time.
A  2nd of Oct, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I was just let go from US Security Associates last week. I had NEVER ONCE been written up, called off, or left early. I had times where I worked 12 days in a row. I worked every shift, at different times, pulled long hours (12 hours, 16 hours), and I tried to do everything I could to make our workplace a better place to work. I agree that the "chain of command" is full of idiots. My wife went to high school with the branch operations manager. She said he was known as the biggest drug user in the school.

The long hours stink, they give you no breaks, you have to try to find 3 minutes to go to the restroom when you can.

The pay - well let's just say that they pay you below the POVERTY level! And that's when they're not cheating you out of hours!

Yet they make out on their website that they have such highly trained professionals... yeah right!

They only want some putz to come to work and stand there so the company can collect their big fees.

US Security SUCKS !!!

Don't waste your time with them!

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