US Pharmacy / constant phone, calls harassment profanity attacks

I have tried everything, I have gone along to make a purchase and found out they have an address from me I haven't lived at since 2009. I did get a little satisfaction for a while by agreeing to everything until it was time to pay then I told them to bill me once, to bill the VA another time, ask for them to sned COD, once they told me to go get a prepaid debit adn gave me a number to call them back so I called them back every 15 minutes until the number stopped working adn they still continue to call. I found SCREAMING as loud as possible as soon as I verify it is them and that has slowed down the calss to a few a week for the short term. I have said I am sorry I won't help them fund ISIS to build bombs hoping for intervention from our US Government agencies that listen in.

I have been told by them they are based in India. I was told by one rep to tell them I get my medications throught the VA. One jerk even tried to extort me into buying promising if I placed an order he would make sure I wouldn;t receive any more calls for 6 months otherwise he was going to make sure the amount of calls increased.

  • Updated by Tom Zalabak, Jul 30, 2018

    They Continue to call, One Jerk even told me to chage my phone number like he was upset I wouldn't buy from him

Jul 30, 2018

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