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Cedar Rapids, IA, United States
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Spent literally 5 hours weds. May 17th trying to find out how to file a claim to get a I phone broken screen replaced under the new insurance with apple care/assurant/us cellular.

First, when we took out this newer insurance (that cost's more by the way) it was sold as such a great thing because if it is just the screen that needs replaced it would be a $29 deductible versus $175. What they failed to tell you if that they can not fix it on site, they have to send it away for at least a week and in the meantime you have "no" phone... As they do not provide loaner phones anymore.

They advised if we had a spare phone they could activate it while we waited but of course it has to be a "us cellular" phone. I don't know about you, but usually we do not have a spare phone around as the reason we got a new phone to begin with was because the old one no longer works. (installment plans now being as long as they are).

I called assurant first who referred me to apple care. She advised me when I asked that they could fix it on site and have it back in hand the same day. When I drove all the way there (23 mi) however was told that they have to send it in and it will be 1 week and that I would have to go back to us cellular to get a loaner. I had to keep my phone at this point as no other means of communication so I drove back to us cellular (6 mi), they advised they do not do loaners but they could activate an old phone if we had one. (17 mi) back home with no results. We found an old phone, called us cellular to activate and spent 2 hours on the phone trying to get this to work only to realize the phone was an iwireless phone and they could only activate us cellular phones of which we had none.

To date we are still sitting with a phone with a broken screen that we pay insurance for but can not get fixed because we can not go without no phone.

May 19, 2017

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