U.S. Cellular / ordering a phone gone wrong

I ordered the iPhone 8 plus silver 256. I received the iPhone 8 Gold 256. I noticed before leaving the store my paperwork showed just the 8 and not the plus but when I asked the lady confirmed she had ordered the plus. I also bought the 8 plus protective screen and when she grabbed that for me right before we left it was the plus so I was sure she had ordered the right phone. When the wrong phone came I called customer service because I am a new mom and did not want to have to bring my 3.5 month old out. The second or third person I talked to was finally able to help and he activated the iPhone 8 and said he had to do the 15 day guarantee swap thing and I paid the taxes on the plus again and was supposed to receive it within a couple days. Couple days go by no phone. I call customer service and talked to multiple people. At one point I was told the issue was on ups's end and not us cellular so I called ups (which if you ever have done so trying to get to a human is a pain in the [censor]) just to finally be told it was not on their end, us cellular had requested to have it sent back. I called customer service again and explain that and was told I needed to go to the store. I don't have time to go to the store and wait a good hour there. I pump in order to feed my child and drive a truck that gets 9mpg. I explained that and was reassured I wouldn't have to go into the store, a shipping label would be emailed to me I could print it off and send the phone back and it would all be good. I head to town because I don't have a printer just to get there and realize I have no email. I call customer service explain the situation and get told that emailing return labels is no longer allowed and they aren't sure why I was told that so they are going to mail it. Whatever no big deal, besides the fact that I still have not received one. I finally got everything lined up so I could go to the store which ended up being more of a waste of my time. They were able to switch me back to my iPhone 6 so I can send the wrong phone back, which I'm still not sure why was activated to begin with. (I was told by one customer service representative she would call back and we could do all that over the phone.. when she did call it was after an up every hour with the baby night so I asked her to call at a later time and never received a call). I was told a box with the shipping label was going to be expedited. Great! Besides the fact that that was last Monday and I have yet to receive that! I did receive an electronic shipping label which the guy explained I would and that would have the tracking number. I asked "Do I need to print this off" and he said "No, the box will have everything you need on it all you have to do is put the phone in it and put it in your mailbox or drop it off at the post office" and i said "okay just checking because I do not have a printer at home". To make matters better, once I do print off the shipping label and am able to send the wrong phone back, the money I paid the first time is going to be refunded to the first card used. I did not have a card with me as my fiancé and I use the same one and my dad (account holder) does not own one but I did have cash so I paid the woman working the cash and she used her own card. She no longer works at the store so I have no idea how I'm supposed to get the refund for that instead of her. I'm assuming I'm just out of the money since the paperwork shows I paid with that card and doesn't explain I paid cash and the worker used her own, as I'm assuming that's frowned upon. I've worked in customer service so I try not to be a [censor]. I get that mistakes happen, but this has been the worst experience.

Nov 22, 2017

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