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US Cellular / collections

1 IL, United States Review updated:

Beware if you cancel your account with UScellular! I cancelled my account afer my agreed contract. If you are more than five days late on your last payment they will turn you over to collections. I had three customer serivce people admint this and stated that they would not do this to current active customers but are authorized to send to collecions after one day late. They said that they felt bad, but that is what they are told to do. US Cellular doesn't want you to leave and they will try to get back at you for leaving. Of course they claim that they cannot do anything to reverse this and that the I had to deal with the collection agency now. This is no way to treat a customer just because they are leaving. To make it clear, I was a no-paper customer and paid my bill online. I was a little late paying, but still paid online using my username and password which worked fine. I started receiving the collections calls a month after I paid my acccount in full. The collection amount was for a coolecion fee only, in which they collection company ER Solutions didn't do anything for... What a scam.

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  • Go
      26th of Apr, 2010
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    I have been a customer for 15 years and 2 months ago had to cancel this account because of not working and trying to lower my bills.Could not pay my bill in March but sent a partial Pmt. in April.Now I get a notice from EOS CCA Collection Agency.I cannot believe they would turn this in to collections after only 30 days late.

  • Bo
      13th of Jul, 2010
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    I had much the same experience. US cellular claimed to have sent me a final bill after I changed carriers and then sent me to a collection agency for non payment. I had never been late on a payment previously and did not receive a final bill (I too was an online bill customer). I filed an official complaint with BBB as I suspect that this is a punitive action by the company for customers that leave (I had been a happy customer for almost 7 years). Very very suspicious. And FYI - I've got a 780 credit score ... so I am certainly careful to pay bills on time.

  • Ki
      17th of Sep, 2010
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    The same thing just happened to me. I am disputing the charges. I had been with them for about 10 years, tried another carrier, then went back to them and just today got notice that I owed them money from the "old" account-this after never receiving a bill!! Indeed I spoke with them about this when I renewed again and they said I owed nothing. I am going to cancel my service with them and let people know the sort of things this company does. Before this I had an 805 credit score!!! I am very angry.

  • Js
      3rd of Mar, 2011
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    I had the same experience with US Cellular. I changed carriers and never received a final bill from US Cellular. Then I got a notice from a collection agency for non payment. I never received a final bill. I would have paid it. I have had no bill problems with US Cellular over the many years I was with them. Out of courtesy they should have sent me a final bill and not turned me over to a collection agency. I have an excellent credit rating and am worried that this claim may damage my rating. I am very disappointed in US Cellular because I thought they were a reputable company to deal with. Unfortunately they are not. Beware...

  • Ro
      23rd of Nov, 2011
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    I had a very similar experience with US Cellular. Heres what i wrote to there customer support page. ------- I am a soldier in the US Army stationed at FT. Hood TX. My wife has an account with you. The issue im having is that my wife made a payment as usual and on time using a credit card and paid online. About a week or so later you cut her service off. She made contact with you guys about the situation and us cellular said that they never recieved payment. However my wife has her records from the card that she paid with as "proof" that you were infact paid and that you did recieve those funds. Then she paid again to have her service turned on that you guys had turned off and got charged fees to reconnect. With that being said i do believe that qualifies as fraud and theft. To make matters worse you then reported her to a collection agentcy to collect funds for which she has proof that she had paid to you. Now she has tried to straighten this out with you to get this resolved correctly. You have stated that she has to contact the collection agency and will not even try to discuss the matter at all with her. Now normally that would be your and her business, but being she is my wife, that now makes it my business which leaves me with the option of contacting legal services that are available to me as a soldier. Make no mistake if there isnt a legitimate effort to contact me to resolve this situation then i will have no other choice but to contact an attorney that is provided to me regarding this matter. Ronnie M. Bell # (580) 277- 9118

  • Sa
      21st of Mar, 2012
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    I was a customer of US Cellualar 2 years ago. I had called and canceled my account back in April 22, 2010. Then on I got a bill for a termination fee of $50.00. I paied it June 1st. On August 22 I called back and made sure my account was closed and I owed nothing more.
    Two years Later I get a letter from The collection agency CBCS saying I owe $103.14, the inital balace is $82.51 and a collection fee of $20.63. This is CRAP! I paied Us Cellular off and called to confer it was paied off!
    I called the CBCS to dispute it, but they wish to just do a settlement offer, I refues and continue to tell them I paied it off two years ago, so I then go to the North Bend Us Cellular Store and dig into more info on this, I saw on the agent's screen the notes that were entered into my account by previous agents.
    it specifficaly said
    The first note said, Customer called to cancel service on April 22, 2010 .
    The second note said, Customer paied $50.00 on June 1, 2010
    The third note said, Customer called to verify balance... collections... August 22, 2010

    The third note was very vague and didn't even have a note of what the balance was left over for what I called to verafy it was. I specifficaly remember the agent on the phone had said it was at a 0 (ZERO) balance and my account was closed. So I never thought about US Cellular again, I recived a document in the mail even stating it was all taken care of and they had hoped I'd become a customer in the future and thanked me for being a customer.

    So, Today I get this collection letter, again it's been 2 years! I had recived nothing from Us Cellular or anyother collection company between the dates of June 1st 2010 and March 12th 2012! So why the heck now do they send me a bill to pay more, and also stating it was never taken care of?

    US CELLULAR SUCKS!!! I'll be fighting this until I win, I will not pay ever! They can suck it!

  • Bu
      14th of Feb, 2014
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    Totally Agree. I had US Cellular for over 10 years, paid all my bills, then they sold me a crap phone and wanted to do nothing about it. I called, said I wanted to close my account, and pay the final bill. I did.
    Then 5 years later, I get a collections letter from them for what they said was a $37 final bill. I don't have time to F around with it, so I just paid so I wouldn't get credit reported, but F You US Cellular!!!

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