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Roanoke, United States

I am tired of waiting for up to 2 hours to talk to someone, then only to get routed to collections, who claims to not be able to see my bill, then to be rerouted to customer service (whom I was calling to begin with). I was told I would be contacted in a week... That was over three weeks ago! Where to begin... This is the problem:

First I call to pay my first bill in sept or oct and no one can tell me how much it is, but suggests an amount under $200, which I pay. Then I still do not receive a bill until in february my service is disconnected. I call customer service request a call back twice, do not receive it... Call and wait on hold for almost 2 hours, who says my bills go to my us cellular account on-line. (which I can't log into) the amount past due is over $800. I pay that amount. I had not received a text message or e-mail. But was promised I would receive future bills.

I purchased a "hot spot". I was told it was 2g. And would run me around $50 a month. No on bothered to explain that was not the speed, not the data limit. The sales representative did not explain anything... Especially that I needed to look on the device to see how much data was used. Like I said I thought [protected]@g was the speed.

Finally I get a bill via e-mail...3 weeks since the one I paid for over $800... And this one is also for over $800. I called customer service, requested a call back... Did not get it again. Called, waited on hold for almost 2 hours, then was initially told the amount was from my phones... Then after being on hold again... Was told at least $600 is the "hot spot" for one month. This was the first bill inclusive of the hot spot... Had I known it was limited data, and how to check it, I would have done so.
I asked if I could file a grievance and have the charges be reviewed, and that I definitely did not want the hot spot. I also asked if I could pay the portion of the bill for the phones, while the bill was being reviewed. I was told I could not do that, but that someone would get back with me in a week. It has been over a month!!! My phone service if disconnected, however I am sure I am accumulating a bill for services I am not receiving. Idid not want to discontinue my service, however... I am disgusted at the service I have been receiving. I would appreciate a response. I am also filing a consumer complaint!

Mar 17, 2014

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