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On May 5, 2017, I spoke with a UO Customer Service Representative named, "Damiesha, " and that was the most rudest conversation I have ever experienced. I called only to correct a minor error with my order; instead, I received extreme negative feedback and mistreatment from that particular UO Customer Service Representative.

From the very start of the conversation, I observed that she seemed extremely aggravated – which means she was probably already upset before speaking to me. During the call, she did not want to assist me at all. She interrogated me by asking bizarre questions that was highly offensive. Never should a customer service representative antagonize and interrogate a customer for having an UO discount. Then scold the consumer for using a discount. If this were the case, then [almost] every customer would be interrogated for using a coupon or a discount. She lied and contradicted herself by stating that I could not use a discount. yet I was able to use the discount anyway.

To make matters escalate worse: She continued on her rant by making a very unprofessional statement by stating, "I've been working here for over 8 years, and I can assure you that..." from there she continued lying about how the company NEVER offers or allows discounts. When in fact, UO does offer discounts and promotions from time-to-time.

There was absolutely no need for the verbal confrontation or interrogation at all. Her job is to apply my discount and keep her negative / unprofessional personal opinions to herself. If it were not for customers spending their hard-earned money on Urban Outfitter's merchandise, she would be out of a job! As a customer service representative, her duty was to be friendly (or at least be pleasant to customers) and assist customers so that the UO brand can continue to flourish.

For Damiesha to broadcast her work history to a customer (who ONLY called about an error with an order and not about Damiesha's job experience), that speaks volumes about the type of unprofessional person she is. Was it really necessary for her to say she has been working there for 8 years? NO! It had NOTHING to do with my order. That employee was totally out-of-line! I am shocked that she was not ashamed of bragging about working as a customer service representative for 8 years and never receiving a promotion. Again, that speaks volumes about her character! Eight years or not, her superior needs to either retrain her, or remove her from her position. Since she cannot effectively communicate with people, perhaps she should seek a different job opportunity elsewhere (possibly away from working with people - due to her poor communication skills / negative feedback).

As a result to this, I just wanted to let other customers know that I too have encountered a horrible customer service from Urban Outfitters' main customer service number. Although, I believe this was probably just an isolated incident. I have spoke with other reps in the past, and others were not like that woman! However, this particular Damiesha person, was the worst! It is to a point where I no longer want to shop at UO - due to the level of unprofessionalism and disrespect that I received.

If you can honestly find another store to shop at, do so because no paying customer should be treated in the way that I mistreated. Hope this helps any future shoppers out there!

Have a great day!

May 5, 2017

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