[Resolved] Urban Outfitters / cancellation of a backorder item

United States

I made a purchase on the online Urban Outfitters store of a vinyl, and the item was on back order because it wasn't released yet. A week before the item was available, I sent an e-mail trying to cancel it. They only responded a week later stating that if I wanted the cancellation I shoud just reply the e-mail stating that I indeed wanted to cancel. So I sent the e-mail, but three days later they charged my credit card and started the dispatch process of the item I had cancelled. I live in Brazil so now I will have to wait a whole month for it to arrive and then send it back and wait for a whole other month for the return and refund, just because they decided to ignore my e-mails. This is the worst customer service I had from a US online store.

  • Resolution statement

    They finally emailed me confirming the cancellation. But the item is still charged on my credit card, waiting for the value to be refunded.

Sep 13, 2017

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