UPS / ups won't reimburse me for a lost package

Austin, CO, United States
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So UPS left a package in front of my apt door, during leasing office hours, and it got stolen. So of course I processed a claim with UPS and it's been hell trying to get reimbursed. The first time I called to put a claim in the girl on the phone didn't even do, then the second time the closed out because they claimed they had proof of delivery. When I asked what proof they had they put me on hold and then re-opened the claim. Now they're saying the claim got closed again because they couldn't get in contact with me. Yet they keep telling me they'll be in contact with the shipper. So I asked for a supervisor who wasn't available and she gave a call back 5 hours later and told me she was closing the claim out. Which was lie! Now they're telling me it's going to take another 8 business days. This is ridiculous and unfair. They really are trying their hardest not to reimburse me.

Jul 2, 2015

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