UPSups destroyed my tv

Firstly, they sent only one person to pick up the tv in the sender's house even after be noted the giant size and heavy weight of the tv.
Secondly, tv was packed by the sender in its original box. When we received the tv, all the foams for protection have been broken, there are scratches everywhere on the tv's screen even the tv has another protective screen. There are several hits on the backs of the tv.

Thirdly, the carton has been opened by ups during the shipment before being delivered to us. Because the tapes put by the sender have been removed, the stand / base of the tv is not in the box. Ups pretends that nothing happened and delivered to us a damaged tv anyway. (We have registered a video for all the damaged part.)

Forthly, every time when we called ups for the reclamation for this damaged tv, every customer service employee has a different story to tell us. At first, they said that they will send us someone to inspect the damaged tv in our house. Then we were told that they do not need to inspect the tv. After that, they sent a driver to our house to pick up the tv for inspection. The strange point is that ups sent a mail to shipper to decliner the responsibilities on this issue on dec 30, and they picked up the tv for inspection on dec 31st. What is real sense to pick up a damaged tv for inspection if they have already refused to pay that. We registered the scene when ups driver came to pick up the tv as they have nothing (No tracking number, no document) to give us for this pick - up.

We feel frustrated and angry against ups, how dare they push us like that way after destroying our tv? We want the justice to be done.

Jan 06, 2015

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