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Lufkin, TX, United States Review updated:

As soon as this driver showed up on my route, i knew i was in trouble, so i started keeping file on him.Packages out for delivery, but driver did not deliver, for one excuse or another, until next day, 26, that is 26 times that tracking showed item out on truck for delivery, but driver would not deliver, til next day, on purpose!Did not say nothing until package showed up with Big red arrows pionting up, he delivered with arrows down, but the one that made me contact driver supervisor was $1300.00, brand new amp, that showed up distroyed.So i called driver supervisor in Lufkin, Tx, told him why this driver wanted this route(driver is my nephew, his mother, and i do not talk to since 1998, when she raided safedeposite box, when my mother passed away, and my little sister and i got screwed out of that money), that's why i keept record of driver screw ups.Supervisor said he would talk to driver, and i asked him to keep it confidental, well he did not keep it confidental, he told my nephew everything, i said.My sister called raising hell.After i asked Driver Supervisor to keep it confidental.Now UPS will not deliver to me anymore, after 35+ years of deliveries, this driver said he is scared, well i have never said anything to driver, so why is he scared, ??because driver supervisor told driver everything i said, so do not report a driver, they can do no wrong, UPS decides to no longer deliver here.Well it seems this driver got just exactly what he transfered to this route for, to disrupt my deliveries, and he did just exactly what he set out to do, and UPS, is letting him dictate deliveries.This fellow is a big JAR HEAD marine, me, i am missing a leg, and have had 3 strokes, and I am 63 years old.This is my business we are talking about, my living, i depend on these shippments, and for UPS, to let a driver do this, well it is plumb communist behavior.I have donated over $4000.00 worth of knives to the Make-A-Wish foundation, They were raffled off for a lot more money than that.Next, I will be donating a knife to raffle for local volunteer fire department, I have always gave back.I told UPS in Lufkin, if you were not going to do what you got payed for, then send package back to sender, instead my shipper emailed me, and UPS in Lufkun said i would pickup package, no such thing said, it is a 120 mile round trip, they are doing this so package sets thier for 5 days, before they send it back, lets see, it has already been delayed 3 days, now another 5 days just setting at Lufkin terminal, before they send it back to seller, well UPS, i have already been reimburesed, EBAY Buyer protection, got my shipping and all, back in my account, now you are screwing seller, and he already told me that thier would be ice in Hell before he ships UPS again.So UPS, keep running your business off.I am posting to all knife forums about this UPS way of doing business, or not doing business.Let all these Union drivers dictate what they will do.Hey I payed for delivery, not a bunch of lies.I called Lufkin first day package did not show up, and they said they neede directions(after 35 years of deliveries here), so I gave them directions, still no package, so i called again, we need apartment#, Thier is no apartments in the country, just stall tatics, UPS in Lufkin, is mad i reported thier driver.Nothing but lies comming from Lufkin terminal.I do not think anyone in the Lufkin office can wear a Mason ring, not with all this lieing going on, lieing to me, lieing to shipper.Do not exspect confidentaility, from Lufkin office if you complaine about one of thier drivers, they will tell driver, and cut off your deliveries, all driver has to say is he is scared to deliver thier anymore.Hey UPS in Lufkin, it would be easier, and more profitable just to put this no package delivering, drop package driver on another route.Hell, last driver out here, well we were on great terms, no late packages, no problem at all with that driver, no delaying packages till next day, no UPS in Lufkin, the problem started when this driver transfered to this route, just for purpose, of missing my shipping up, and he gets an A+, for it, him and the lieing Supervisor, who promises confidentuality, but tells everything instead.Butch of people in Lufkin terminal needs firing, union, or not.These poeple are giving UPS a big black eye, and after seeing UPS drivers on news throwing packages off truck, and that was third time i have seen UPS drivers caught on camara abusing packages.Look like your Union Drivers are the ones blacking your eyes.FEDEX from now on.Never any problems with FEDEX deliveries, for 35, plus years, wish i could say that about UPS, but then I would be the lier then, as it is, I will let these poeple in Lufkin Terminal do all the lieing, they are damn good at it.No people, it is worth the extra couple of dollars it takes to ship FEDEX only, we do not have to put up with UPS communist tactics.They do not care about thier customers, like FEDEX does.I have a call in too my lawyer in Houston, to see what my options are, maybe a law suite, will wake UPS up!!You take money to deliver package, and then all i get for 3, three days is stalling tactics.We need directions, so i give them directions, still no delivery, we need apartment#, no apartments in the country, and finially, the driver is scared, and that made it 3, three days of stalling, and they new day one they were not going to deliver, they think i have my money tyed up in shippment, but EBAY BUYER PROTECTION, done payed me back, no seller is the one getting screwed by UPS!!! FEDEX from now on!!!

Feb 28, 2014
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  • Ro
      1st of Mar, 2014

    That is exactly what I suggested to Super, after he said he would talk to driver, instead of saying anything to driver, it is when he said he would talk to driver, and i said i do not want my name mentioned, then i said just forget it!No, the Super promised to be descrit, and instead, he told everything to driver.Super was told to be descrit about it, and finally told to just forget it.Then next shipment, out on truck for delivery, no delivery, so i called, we need directions, I gave them, next morning, out on truck, for delivery, no delivery, i called, we need apartment#, no apartments#'s in country, still no delivery, then shipper said i agreed to pickup package, no sir, it was all stalling, lies.Called Lufkin, again yesterday, and girl said i told driver not to come in my gate a year, and a half ago, do what?He has made probable 80 deliveries, here, in past year, and half, told her that, and she said well it might have been different date, i said you need to get your lies straight, i never said a thing to driver, i talked to Driver Supervisor!!He promised to be descrit, and driver should know nothing, but he knows way to much, and done had another sister call my little sister raiseing hell, with info, that only the Supervisor knew, and me! Seem's to me the drivers run the Lufkin branch, and UPS is wasting thier money paying the head hucho thier.Lufkin, also infomed me to only complaine through corparation does is send you a form letter, they did not address any issue, and at end it says, hope this was helpful!! That is customer service response.UPS could care less.And I could care less about UPS, now!! been reading all the bad reports on different sites, and posted some myself.The whole picture, now is i would not ever do business with a lieing, communist acting, Union run, not coperate run, UPS.Corp, has no control over anything, it is the drivers Union that runs UPS, no amount of complianing will get you anywhere, they will just stop delivering to you, they got the power.All I can tell you people doing business with UPS, is do not call and complaine about a driver, they will just quite delivering to you, and thier is nothing you can do about it.Customer service, hell, this telephone pole stuck up in my yard, is better at customer service!!! And i will continue to bad mouth UPS, to all that will listen, it is a piss pour excuss for a company dealing with the people that payes the money.Never had any dealing with Union workers before, didn't even know they had one here, but i can tell you know if this is how they work, then they need to be outlawed, do not mess with the Drivers Union at UPS, if you want your packages delivered.Best yet, do not use UPS, "IT'S THE BEST DECISION YOU WILL MAKE ALL DAY" !!!

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  • Ro
      3rd of Mar, 2014

    Was in Walmart yesterday, and run into one of my old drivers, he told me, when i complained, what over two weeks ago now, Super went right to driver when he showed up, and told everything, operation, P.M.P.S.(premedicated package stoppage), started then, when next package showed up, it went directly in hold bin(hold for 5 days, and return to sender), never was on truck, out for delivery, as scanned, then i called Tuesday morning, where is package?, we need directions, it was all preplanned, even girl answering phone was in on it, ( check tracking#1Z6037E24398221694, done printed it out myself, a good lawyer will need a copy of it, before UPS deletes it, it tells a story of P.M.P.S.), then we need apartment#, and i never said i would pick up at terminal, and then driver is scared to deliver, all lies, They all conspired to stop my shipments, and succeeded, they never let me talk to terminal manager, "you need to deal with Corp now".Do you see who controls that terminal now!Now I check some of my critical suppliers, and they have contract with UPS, so for all intents, and purposes, UPS, has put me out of business!Well, I think I will go to some of these auctions with Buyer Protection, and order a butch of small purchases with UPS shipping, package gets here, UPS does not deliver, I raise hell with seller, seller raises hell with UPS terminal where he shipped, everyone has to refund money, shipper changes to another shipper, auctions start wondering about UPS shipping, having to refund thier profits off of auction, it all comes back to UPS then, even my critical suppliers, might cancel thier contract with UPS.If UPS will not deliver, even with a contract, I will get my money back anyway and UPS loses more customers!!Thier is no checks, and balance with UPS system, but I am sure they cannot pull this with thier contracted customers, just small businesses, like me, if you complaine, then shame on you!!This damn lieing, conniving, conspiring supervisor needs, to be fired, period!!He apparently is young, and has no exsperance dealing with public, and has no idea of confidance.M Rifkin, pull tracking# up, and exsplian it!Conspiracy is what it was, spitful consprancy, and driver supervisor is invovled all the way.No, they never had intentions of delivering last package, two weeks before they decided what they would do with my next shipment, put it 5 day bin, and it was all stall tactics from then on, they decided 2 weeks before, when I complained to never deliver here again!I would not let this Driver Supervisor, even supervise my outhouse detail !!!

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