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UPS / destroyed package - no reimbursement for damages

1 KY, United States

I recent opened a new business and personal account and because of a delay in shipping me my checks by USPS a rush was issued to expedite delivery. Little did I know that meant UPS. My checks were delivered on Saturday to the wrong house and left on the front porch in the rain. Needless to say the rain did not ruin the checks; it was the dogs that got the packaged, shredded them all over the yard and into the field, then the rain did their damage. Once the man cleaned up his yard, he delivered the trashed packages to me. I promptly called UPS and was told to hold on to the packages for 5 business days. I would be contacted by the damage department. I said I would have to reorder checks which I would have to pay for AGAIN. He said to discuss that with damages when they called. Of course I was suppose to put a monetary value on my checks. On Monday I called the bank to reorder checks and I had to put a stop payment on checks that were not in the mess I was holding for the UPS damage people to contact me about. This increased MY EXPENSE because of UPS's mistake. I called back and was told to advise the damage people of this when they called. It is now Friday, five days later. With no call, I called back. After talking to several unhelpful people I was told, I, or my bank account, would not be reimbursed by UPS because of an agreement they entered into with the shipper. The shipper had to submit the claim. The shipper is the company that prints the checks; they have nothing to do with my bank charges. When I informed UPS they if I make a mistake in my business, I don't tell my clients to suck it up or figure out how to fix it themselves, Lindsey told me, "different companies do it differently". Yes, BAD COMPANIES SERVICE THEIR CLIENTS BADLY. After going up one more level of management, I was still told I would not be reimbursed; I asked for information on the shipper so I could contact them. UPS does not have that information. I would have to contact my bank, who would then have to contact the check printing company, and I will never get my money back. UPS is the MOST WORTHLESS, PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A COMPANY I have ever seen. If you are receiving a shipment via UPS, stock up on aspirin and nerve pills now; you will need them if you have to deal with these ###S.


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