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I ordered two living room chairs, which were scheduled for delivery to my residence via UPS. On 3/10/09, the initial attempt for delivery was made; however, no one was at the residence at the time. After the initial attempt, no further attempts were made, so I called the 800 UPS number to check the status of the order on 3/18/09. I was advised the order had been placed on hold for pickup at the local center. I vehemently denied making this request as the chairs are large and I have no means of adequately transporting the chairs; thus the need for delivery to the residence. The representative advised she would send a request to the local office because the order was scheduled for returned to shipper. As advised by the representative I spoke with on the 800 number, someone from the local office called me and advised there was some kind of mix-up with the address and the order had been inadvertently been placed on hold. The local representative offered to put it out for delivery to my residence for 3/19/09; however, I was not certain anyone would be available at the residence on that date, so I requested delivery for 3/23/09. The representative then advised she would put the order in for delivery on 3/20/09 and, if delivery was not possible on the 20th, another attempt would be made on 3/23/09. Indeed a second attempt was made on 3/20/09, but, again, no one was at the residence. To ensure the third attempt would not be missed, I personally stayed at the residence ALL morning. I made arrangements to have someone relieve me when the packages had not arrived by noon as I had already called in to my job and advised I would arrive later that afternoon. When I returned to the residence around 6 PM, I called the 800 number because the packages still had not been delivered. The representative apologized for the inconvenience and advised your service delivered until 7 or 7:30 PM. NO ATTEMPT WAS MADE – NO ONE EVER SHOWED UP ON 3/23/09!!! After arriving home on 3/24/09, there was a notice advising the third attempt had been made. I promptly called the 800 number, explained how the packages should have been delivered on 3/23/09 and how the website indicated “out for delivery” on 3/23/09, but was never attempted. The representative apologized profusely and offered to provide a future delivery due to the inconvenience I endured from 3/23/09. I was advised the delivery could be made for any date up to 10 business days from 3/24/09. I arranged to have the delivery made on 4/3/09. I checked the website and felt assured my request was scheduled because at 3:33 PM on 3/24/09, the website was updated to reflect “a delivery change request for this package will be processed/the package is being held for future delivery. UPS will attempt delivery on the date requested.” On 4/2/09, I called to confirm the delivery and learned the packages had been returned to the shipper on 3/26/09.

I have attempted to resolve this situation on the local level; however, I have been advised that the local manager will not approve the shipping refund because the order was placed on hold. As I indicated previously, I DID NOT request a hold. I specifically needed delivery to the residence due to the size and weight of the order. I would appreciate any assistance possible as I paid over $150.00 for shipping and, had the delivery attempt been made on 3/23/09, none of this would have been an issue. This is NOT my error and I refuse to endure the financial loss due to UPS negligence.

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  • Go
      Oct 19, 2009

    I suggest don't pay nothing to them as it was their stupid delivery problem.

    nothing i say nothin! I'm commenting about this cause i had the same problem before. DISGUSTING.

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  • Na
      Jan 03, 2010

    They made 3 delivery attempts at your home, two of them before you decided to actually stay home to accept the delivery.
    Maybe you shouldn't be ordering things for delivery if you do not plan on being home to receive them.

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  • Pl
      Jan 04, 2010

    NAO, obviously you did not completely ready the compliant as it CLEARLY indicates the problem occured because the company "inadvertently" placed the order on hold - when the customer did NOT want that at all. Did it ever occur to you that, if the company had bothered to deliver around 3/11/09 or 3/12/09, someone may have been available? Maybe you need to gather your facts before commenting on something you obviously know little next to NOTHING about!

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