UPS Freight / denied claim for freight damage

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In September, 2016 claim # 1149736 was denied with no explanation. Our company used UPS Freight to ship a pick and place machine that was updated in California back to our location in Colorado. The crate top half was designed to keep out dust and debris and clearly marked "Do Not Stack." The delivery driver indicated that he was only allowed 15 minutes to get the item off the truck and leave. Later that day I removed the top section of the crate and discovered that a very heavy object had been placed on the top of the crate since the upper part of the machine had been crushed about 4 inches. The estimate to repair was $4000. UPS had a 3rd party inspector come out to view the item and packaging and agreed that we had a legitimate claim. 3 months went by an with repeated calls, I was told that these claims take a long time. Then on December 5th, 2016 I happened to go online an check the status and see that the claim was denied. (The correspondence is too numerous to show here.)

Dec 05, 2016

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