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My wife and I went to UPS Huebner store located at 11703 Huebner Rd Suite 106 in San Antonio Texas (UPS Store #4817). We went to send a package and although the staff was not busy we were not greeted. When we approached the front desk to place package on it we were met by a person with an aggressive attitude. He asked us in a rude manner "what do you people want" then when we stated we wanted to send a package and ask about our options he became irritated for no reason and then went on a tirade about our Indian Heritage calling us jerkoffs, towelheads and told us to go back to Iran.

We are not even from Iran. We are Indian and proud Americans. I am an M.D and work at one of the hospitals in the medical center not far from the UPS store at 11703 Huebner Rd Suite 106. My wife works with children at a hospital here as well. We love the United States and the opportunities we have here. We do not appreciate the complete disrespect of our Indian heritage. We do not treat people with disrespect and contempt.

We are deeply hurt by these words and feel completely discriminated against. He made my wife cry and I was upset as well since my wife was crying. She is a very compassionate person and she has helped countless children with severe illness get well. She did not deserve this treatment from a man who is obviously angry at his own life and decides to take his racism and bigotry out on us just because we are Indian and he can't see past his outlandish prejudices against Indians.

We were humiliated by this experience beyond words and there was another customer who even asked us if we were ok when we left to go outside since the woman heard what was said.

The day we came to America was the proudest day of our lives and we love this country and the people, for someone to tell us these things is very distressing to us to say the least.

I spoke to one of my colleagues about this and they found out the man's name is Louie Enrique Salinas. It turns out Louie Enrique Salinas ( Luis Enrique Salinas) or just Louie Salinas has documented his hatred for anyone he feels is a "Middle Eastern" due to their skin color or accent.

Here he is spewing hate on some people who are just having a small innocent picnic gathering outside. He calls them racial names and then one of his friends actually threatens the lives of the people saying "Give me an automatic and away I'll blow". His other cohorts join in with racial slurs as well. Completely unacceptable.

These are not people you want to do business with. How people like this function in society is beyond comprehension. I hope they are happy that they upset my wife and caused her tears. You need to learn to respect people and sort out your own life instead of vomiting hatred toward others.

I would not doubt that due to the nature of what Louie Salinas (Luis Salinas) had said to us that he will be so shameless as to deny what was said. The proof is in his own words.

UPS 11703 Huebner Rd San Antonio
UPS 11703 Huebner Rd San Antonio

Jan 21, 2019
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      1st of Feb, 2019
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    Moon Lewton who is also pictured below and also is friends with Louie Salinaas and told to make a FAKE 5 star Google Review of the UPS Store on Huebner (You can see his FAKE 5 Star review in the image) threatens violence against these people saying he would “ start cracking skulls” and calling them “Sand N__grs” then encouraging his pal Louie Salinas who works at the UPS Store to “Throw a Molotov cocktail down there”.

    These are ALL threats of violence against a group of people based on their religious beliefs and ethnicity. The UPS Store 11703 Huebner Rd Ste 106 is a trashy business that I would not even go to. It’s disgraceful how these people act.

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