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[Resolved] Unlimited Vacation Club International / lies about everything!

1 San Francisco, CA, United States Review updated:

My elderly parents love to travel. They are fun, social, friendly, and generous to a fault. They were invited on a recent vacation to attend a presentation for UVC. Newly settled into retirement they felt like they might want to join one of these programs, to potentially make it easier to plan their trips- do paperwork and payment now, and then travel when you want. My Dad had concerns committing to a 30-year program, as he is already 75. The salesman promised him that this was no problem. Many members had similar situations and needed to spend their “points” in less time due to age. He informed my parents that they could transfer their last 15 years of pre-paid points, to the first 15 years and spend them at a faster rate by upgrading their accommodations. The terms they were quoted were a $25, 000 lump sum, and then a $700/year maintenance for each year until your purchased points are used up. My parents clarified- DOES THE MAINTENANCE FEE END WHEN THE POINTS ARE USED UP? The answer was “Absolutely!”

My parents aren’t dumb or gullible. But they are from a time when gentlemen’s agreements are made, you negotiate deals, and your word means something. They don’t have the same consumer skepticism that most of us more digitally savvy folks do. In hindsight, their big mistake was not trudging through the detailed and complex contract to look for all the promises that had been made (by salesman Lance Vaughan If they had, then what they would have realized is that they signed up to pay $25, 000 and $700/year for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Obviously my father doesn't expect to be using this program aged 105! Even when my parents asked about that specific aspect, UVC confirmed that transferring the points forward wouldn't cost them, and that it was noted in the contract. In reality, it was nowhere in the contract.

Almost immediately my parents tried to book their first trip and ran into inconsistencies between what the salesmen promised, and what the vacation coordinators were saying. My father has tried to talk to supervisors and management for help (Robert Lieffers – Director of Sales, but no one seems to care now that the money has exchanged hands and a contract has been signed. I called on their behalf, with the intention of explaining more clearly the terms to which they’d agreed. The customer service gal was defensive, insulting, flippant, and ended our exchange by shouting “You better get your facts straight, ma’am”. My parents have pleaded with them, stating that they simply won’t be able to use this program later in life and they will be unable to make the payments. UVC’s response was that it would be turned over to collections.

To say that my parents are devastated is an understatement. There have been tears, arguments, incredible stress and fear about factoring this into their future fixed income. We’ve all tried to contact this company to discuss options or work out some sort of agreement, but UVC just tells us to “Review the Contract”. We weren't even looking to escape the contract altogether, we were looking to have it honor what was represented! We could use the prepaid points by upgrading in the first 15 years and then be done with it! But no one at UVC will even consider any remedy to this situation- or speak to us for that matter. I've never heard of a company not attempting to reconcile or agree to talk through a misunderstanding.

My family loves the concept of timeshare and vacation programs. They would’ve been happy customers for life, and been UVC’s (and the industry’s) greatest evangelists. But I find myself now focused on making sure no one else falls for this same misrepresentation of facts and coercion especially the more senior customer segment. Additionally, our community of UVC members should be fully aware of these practices.

  • Resolution statement

    Unlimited Vacation Club customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

Jun 17, 2015
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      19th of Jun, 2015
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    Dear GKKB.

    We are truly concerned to read your complaint regarding UVC both here and in the Tripadvisor forums. Could you please send us through the membership number of your parents so that we are able to investigate the situation and asist both yourself and your parents further? A lot of the claims within your complaint are extremely important to us as our membership does not require a membership fee nor does it operate on a points basis.

    We look forward to hearing from you and resolving this situation.

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      1st of Jul, 2015
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    Dear GKKB,

    As you did not contact us directly or answer the messages sent through to you, we had to attempt to investigate the situation based on the information provided above and can now confirm that it appears you have mixed up vacation companies as we originally suggested. Based on the email address and names provided in your review we can confirm that it appears your parents purchased into the Villas Del Palmar vacation club who also use the abbreviation UVC and not ourselves, Unlimited Vacation Club, as you claim above. We truly hope you are able to resolve this situation directly with the correct vacation club as unfortunately we are unable to assist you personally with this situation.

  • Ri
      19th of Aug, 2016
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    Unlimited Vacations Club
    Contract number NS1-002131
    Request a refund and termination of contract, because is not what they promised, I tried calling for some information, rates and they are higher with them, there is no need to belong to that club, you can get better deals somewhere else
    my name is: Rigoberto Posada and my wife Daisy Posada is my email address
    We will really appreciate your help!!
    $10, 000.00 deal no good we are hard working family and this is not fair
    Best regards,

  • Sc
      17th of May, 2018
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    @Rigo Posada @Kate Bartkowiak I'm curious, was this settled?

  • Ka
      28th of Nov, 2016
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    We are in a similar situation. My wife and I were worn down after 6.5 hours of our HONEYMOON was wasted listening to them apply high pressure tactics all the while feeding us copious amounts of alcohol. We were both highly intoxicated at the signing of the contract (we have pictures to prove it). Any and all contact we've had with UVC since then has been nothing short of frustrating. Today when we decided, "well, we are already $7, 000 into it, might as well use it for going on a vacation", my wife called and attempted to set something up. After being passed to NINE different representatives and given 4 DIFFERENT quotes for the same trip, each one higher than the last, she finally just hung up hysterically crying. They have now wasted a grand total of 9 hours of our lives and so far have only TAKEN money from us. I thought in exchange for all of the money we are paying them, that we would receive some sort of goods and or services...all we've received are headaches and possibly an ulcer. I'm guessing the only thing I'll hear from this is "we tried to contact you but you didn't answer so we closed the case" which is CERTAINLY bullcrap as well...

  • Sc
      17th of May, 2018
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    @Kate Bartkowiak I'm curious, was this settled?

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