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United States Postal Service / terrible service!

1 706 crescent AveLockport, LA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 9855328924

I brought about 4 packages to the post office to be shipped including one Large valuable box to be shipped. I purchased delivery confirmation for all of the packages. All of the packages accept the large valuable package showed online everywhere they were processed and what cities they went through processing. Now all of the packages accept the large valuable package have been delivered But the large valuable package says it never left my local post office and it is now six days later. How can a package stay at a post office for six days without leaving? I AM VERY CONCERNED THAT SOMEONE AT MY LOCAL POST OFFICE MAY HAVE STOLEN THE PACKAGE SINCE IT NEVER LEFT MY LOCAL POST OFFICE. IT HAD NOWHERE TO GET LOST AT IF IT NEVER EVEN LEFT THE POST OFFICE.

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  • Ps
      6th of Jun, 2009
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    I live in Acworth GA and have had sooooooo many problems getting my mail. I never got Christmas cards that people called me to see if I received and baby shower that I never received and the person called me because they know the service was so bad.
    I then stopped receiving mail. I called the Supervisor and they said the delivery person said someone told her I do not live there anymore. I ask my landlord which it is just his family in the top two floors and I live in the 1st floor he said he never said that.
    I then was suppose to get paperwork on the sale of the home I use to live in and the lawyers office said they sent it over two weeks ago. They then sent it certified mail. I was home all of the days because I work nights and they left 3 notices that they tried to delivery but was not able to. I called again the post office and told them I was at home those days and gave them directions on how to get to my door even down to telling them it is a patio door. Still no result. So I called after the third time and said come on Saturday because I knew everyone at the house would be there and they would have no reason not to be delivered.
    This is after the 2nd time of calling and setting up a new day. So again I worked the night shift and stayed up again and no mail. I could not think that as much as these people get paid that they can not deliver a package, plus with the rate of stamps just going up. I was told if the package is not delivered by so many days the package would be sent back to the lawyer. This really made me mad. So after staying up, calling and getting a different day so many times they now tell me that my package would be sent back to the lawyer if I do not receive.
    Then the next thing we are getting other peoples mail all the time...both myself and the family I rent from take the mail to the people but that is not our job. So in the mailbox right now there is a registered notice for another family that I refuse to take just because I work nights and the last thing I want to do is go deliver mail when I get home at 8:30am. How many time do I need to call and tell the manager we have a problem? I kept all the notices in case they say they did try to deliver because I have people that know when I come home and these things were not delivered or even tried to be delivered. I did tell the last person I spoke to that the post person needs to get out of the truck in order to knock on the door because I am so upset at this point. What do I have to do to get my mail. The other and last thing is when someone sends me mail say on Monday I might not get it until Thursday or Friday sometimes the next Monday. I know people say it is snail mail but come on. I know I said that was the last thing but I just remembered about putting my car payment mail in the mail box and it sat their in the box 2 days with no one picking it up. I just think this route needs to be looked at. It is not right that I have to worry about getting my mail or for my mail to be picked up.
    I have more things but I will stop at this.

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