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United States Post Office / failure to honor insurance policy

1 St Louis, MO, United States

I mailed my husband a computer and carrying case from Austin TX to North Hollywood CA with a return receipt, Signature requested and insured for $400. When I called my husband a few days later to see if he got it, he said no. I said well on the website it said it was delivered so check around the office and see if anyone got it. He never got it and so I called the NH Post Office and got three different stories they said that Willie delivered it and then scanned the package 2 hours later, that Willie forgot what he did with it and that oh yeah, he delivered it but forgot to get a signature. George acknowledged that Willie never delivered it to the correct place or that he "misdelivered it". So for the past 8 months I've been filing claims to both the North Hollywood Post Office and the one where one is suppose to file the claim in Missouri. The NH PO sent it 3 times I sent it three times and each time they said they never got it. I called 6 or 7 times and they never give you the same incident number so there is no "record" of what has been going on with any claim. Finally after 8 months I fax it to Tammy and she forwards it on. A couple of days later I get a letter from St.Louis MO that says after their investigation they see it was delivered and I have no Claim. Their investigation was to look at the USPS website that said it was delivered. Big investigation! I did that and the NHPO even acknowledged that it didn't get delivered and to file a claim. I said where is the signature that is required for insured and return receipt and they said we don't know, Willie doesn't either...It has been the most frustrating experience I have ever been through and there is no number you can call to get a resolution. Boy Two cheers for our Federal Gov't employees. No wonder it's such a mess in Washington! I guess I'll go to court. What a bunch of lugheads and I'm paying them to act this way! Jeez.

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