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I was told I would have 1 payment of $39.90 for a subsscription for 7 magazines for 4 years.
They had our conversation recorded. I was very careful to listen because I did not want to be misled.

They say I agreed to pay $ 39.90 for 24 months instead of just 1 payment. I know I did not agree to 24 payments. I believe they altered the phone recording.

They will not cancel the subscription.

This company is nothing but a SCAM!!!


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      Jan 14, 2011

    This crappy, lying company has turned over my so-called debt to a collections agency. When I was first called by this crappy, lying company the man who called said I could choose 6 mags., including the TV Guide, which I would receive for four years. He said that I would receive all this for 3 payments of 39.00. I asked this man twice if my grand total was three payments of 39.90. I even said, 'so, I will be getting all this for around 140.00?' He said 'yes'. Then they transferred me to a fast talking operator, who took my debit card number (dumb me), said something about 24 or 48 payments, I remember thinking, 'boy, they sure break those payments down to small amounts!'(dumb me). Three months down the road, they continued to withdraw money from my checking account...I promptly got a new debit card. A month later the phone calls started. They played me a recording of when I was talking to the fast talking operator. I asked them, 'where is the recording of the lying salesman who called?' Naturally, there is no such recording. Now I have been turned over to a collection for 344.00. AND, by the way, all mag. subscriptions have expired now (one year), and TV Guide expires this spring
    I doubt anyone will read this, but I sure feel better!

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