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United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / driver

1 Carlsbad, NM, United States
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On 11/5/18 UPS driver Alfred delivered to 2519 Pecos Hwy Carlsbad NM 88220, this is the North Star RV Park. My husband had ordered wheels and tires for my new truck being delivered via your company requiring signature. I understood that this was a heavy delivery. When the manager called and advised UPS was here, I immediately drove up to the UPS truck to make loading easier. Alfred started out being rude and aggressively threw the tires out on the ground making it even more difficult to reload into the back of my truck. He advised someone stupid shipped them aired up increasing the weight by thirty pounds. I advised that "someone stupid" ordered them that way because it was the wheel, tire, TPMS, hardware, and balance all together. I did not however point out that the "air" didn't weigh anything. He shoved the tablet towards me to sign as I was trying to peel back a corner of the packaging to verify that they were the ones we ordered. I tried to explain to him that I needed to verify this first. He shoved the tablet in my face demanding a signature. I again tried to explain that CAR ID requires verification prior to signing. I explained that two days prior the same company sent my steps and they were incomplete and damaged and had to be refused. I explained that this company requires product verification prior to signing or they won't accept returns. They even send a contract at purchase that we had to sign and return agreeing to this before they would ship. Alfred got ruder and more aggressive and advised that I was not allowed to do this that I had to sign. At this point I am tired and angry, I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and was having a hard time standing up the 100 lb tire and removing the shrink wrap to peek in. He had a temper tantrum and loudly said he would not allow me to go any further without signing and that was company policy and that I needed to inform CAR ID of this. I couldn't see the screen due to the sun and he snatched the tablet back and pulled up a screen with a line to sign on so I signed. I thought that he was putting the tablet on the truck and was going to help me pick up the tires and put them in my truck. Instead he literally peeled out in the UPS truck and sped away leaving one 100 lb tire leaning against my shins, one 100 lb tire about 10 feet away laying flat on the ground in the middle of the parking lot that 18 wheelers speed around in, the other two 100 lb each tires were left laying flat on the ground about 20 feet away by the office. I managed to get all four upright and rolled to the back of my truck but I could not lift them up. I had to call my husband who was at work 30 miles away to come help me, which left me sitting on said tires in the middle of a busy parking lot for close to an hour waiting. Later that night the RV Park manager called and asked me if I had taken any other packages from UPS. I advised no that she watched me with the tires in the parking lot for an hour (she has a broken leg and couldn't help me) ... she advised that the ups man entered it into the system that I had signed for another package and that that lady wanted her delivery. It may be your policy to not allow verification and to not allow customer assistance; if it is, then you need to advise your customers who pay you to ship their products that you will not allow verification prior to signing. I know it should not be your policy to enter fraudulent information into your system stating that packages were left with someone when they were not... If it is also your policy to be rude, aggressive, lie, and refuse assistance with the packages you just delivered then eventually karma will catch up with you as I know it will eventually find Alfred.

Nov 8, 2018

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