United Healthcareusps flexible spending administrator

After reading the previous complaints on United Healthcare I can clearly see why they lost the US Postal Service's Employee's Flexible Spending Account. I have gone through the same exact problems as all of the other people who have filed complaints. I finally contacted the Better Business Bureau and got results.
Started trying to get our $2, 550.00 for our 2016 FSA funds at the very first of January 2017. Very long and exhausting story. FINALLY RECEIVED OUR MONEY IN THE MAIL TODAY, May 1, 2017. It only took me FOUR MONTHS to get OUR MONEY out of these snakes!!
I had a claim with the new administrators of the USPS FSA funds. I enrolled on line.See Top 10 Worst Companies in El Paso, TXFiled my claim on line. Set up my checking account to have the funds directly deposited. I made the claim on line and within FIVE DAYS the money was in my checking account. I could go in at any time on our account and see the status of the claim or anything else pertaining to our FSA account. THIS IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE DONE. I never had to make one single phone call to try to get them to send me my money. How incredibly wonderful!!!
I took the check from United Healthcare to the bank today and deposited it. I'm holding my breath that the check doesn't bounce!!! I can not tell you how elated and beyond excited I am to never have to deal with these criminals again!!! Good riddance!!!

May 01, 2017

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