United Healthcare / lying and denying

Portland, OR, United States

Our child was admitted to an inpatient intensive care unit. United Healthcare has weekly "doc-2-doc" calls with the treating physician. We were just told by UH told that our doctor recommended immediate release and that further coverage would be denied. Amazingly, this is at best a misrepresentation of the conversation. At worst, an outright fabrication of the truth. Almost needless to say, we are fighting to ensure our childs healthy recovery, but are woefully inexperienced in the insurance process and understand that we are up against this country's most notorious health care provider, who has a national reputation for mistreating its customers. Since we were not a party to the conversation we can't say for certain what was said by our child's doctor, but are trying to insert ourselves into the process to make certain this does not happen again. I have owned my own company for many years, but fortunately have not ever placed my group coverage with UH. Thank ###ing god for that sliver of good luck. Too bad Congress - Democrats and Republicans - can't muster the intestinal fortitude to correct this problem. We're on our own out here.

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