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United Furniture Warehouse / Worst company ever!

1 Canada Review updated:

I promised myself to post on all possible websites this experience of mine.

I went to United Furniture Warehouse back in July of last year (2005) to look for some furnitures. I was about to move to an apartment the following month. I ordered a couple of items, bed and bed frame, dining table, sofa set, computer table, entertainment center, chair and mirror. I asked them if they could deliver the items first week of August as I need even just the bed that week. The Sales Person promised me that they can deliver it on time as the manager of the delivery company also agreed (as per him). The salesperson also asked me if I want a 0% interest in a year which I agreed. He told me that there is an administration fee of $69.95 (which I told myself, not bad as an interest for a year for almost $2000 worth of furniture). He even claimed that the delivery is free. Delivery date came and I didn't hear from them. So, I called them and the sales guy told me that it was rescheduled two days after and still no items. They again promised me to deliver it, but still no furnitures. I called them and told them that I needed even just the bed and the bed frame as I have nothing in my apartment (no chairs, just a small table, that's it, until a friend of mine gave me a bed rather than buying a thin mattress as a temporary bed)... not even they called me to advise that there will be no delivery... imagine I have to ask someone to be in my apartment because I have to work, putting notes in the lobby just in case they arrive to call my friend which lives just in the next building. Days passed and I called them and canceled the order. I purchased my bed and my drawers somewhere else until one day all of a sudden they delivered the items. I called UFW and told them that I will still take some of the items but not all. I took the dining set, cheap sofa with coffee table and side tables, entertainment center (50% off because it is slightly damaged) and the computer table. The rest I sent back. Now, I realized that this is the biggest mistake I made. Also, I noticed that they sent me an undamaged entertainment center, so I called them and told them that they delivered the wrong item. None went back to pick up the entertainment center and replace with the right one. After that, I am eager to know how much I owe them... time passed and I am not receiving any bill. Two months after, I called them and asked why I have not received any bill, then they found out that the address in my billing statement is my old address. So, I went to my old address and there it was. I opened it, and wow, still the bill shows all the items. I went back to UFW and asked them to correct it... according to them I have to come back as the Manager is not in. I called them, and even asked for an appointment with the Manager. Again, went there and no manager. I asked the rest of the guys in UFW and told me that they know how I feel but "don't worry, have a peace of mind" everything will be settled properly even on the last month of my due date. Time passed by and I called UFW Credit Division, as I have not received any billing statement from them. In less than a month (November), I received my "2nd bill". I again, can't believe the amount, the total amount changed and there is Payment Protection Plan also included that I am not aware of. I went "again for the nth time" to UFW and asked what is that all about? They said, it shouldn't be there but I have to call the UFW Credit Bureau to fix it. I called but waiting time is just ridiculous. I again called, and I told them that I am again not receiving my billing statement and I didn't apply for the Payment Protection Plan. They said that I have to go back to UFW and check with them. I already don't know what to do... for me it is a torture and I regret buying these items from UFW. Imagine the time and effort just to fix a simple problem. But, my story doesn't end there. So I have no choice, I let the time pass and comes June 2006(2 months before the due date). I again, of course, called UFW and ask for the total amount that I have to pay. They said they will fix it, so to be sure, I went there personally and...of course again, I have to come back because the manager is not there. I went again the day they said the manager will be in, and fortunately there is this lady who helped me. She managed to traced the items that I returned and said to come back or they will call me for the total amount. Luckily, this time a guy called me the following day, BUT he is giving me a different amount. As far as I know, I only have to pay $900+ but he is giving me close $1150, that's $250 difference, $250 is $250. Of course, again I have to drop by to negotiate and see for myself how he's getting that number. He showed me that there is an item that was accounted incorrectly, and that is the entertainment center. According to him, they delivered the wrong one and since it is almost been a year they cannot do anything about it. I told them that I still have the box since I called and no one replaced it with the correct one since then. I even told the guy that I would just return the item (problems after problems after problems). Of course, again I feel so terribly hopeless and told him that they are like shops that are forcing their customers to pay for the items that we didn't even order. That's a scam. He said, he cannot do anything about it and I have to pay for it. Now, here I am again called the Credit Division for an update on my ownings... and it went up to $1300+. I almost went crazy, and told them what's going on??? They said, I have to pay for the Payment Protection Plan (of almost $20 a month?!) for my expected 900+ ownings??? Unbelievable, this is a rip-off!!! I told them that they have to fix their calculations first before I can pay them. But, they insist that I have to pay for the whole amount and call them later to fix it. No way!!! Ever again. I sacrificed for one year of troubles, headaches, no peace of mind... then I have debate again... and again... and again. Look, if anyone of you reading this letter, do you want to tell this story over and over again because you are dealing with different people everytime you settle your account??? Now, I feel hopeless, I have to pay the amount with around $400 more than I really have to pay...not to mention the $69.95 that I paid for the Administration fee. Revenge??? I don't know how... I think the best way is to tell the world. Now, I have to pay the total because according to them, if I didn't pay the amount in time they will be forced to submit it to Credit Bureau.

I called the Manager of their Credit Department... as usual 30mins of waiting... and I ended up paying everything. I am not even rude when negotiating with all of them but for some reasons, they just really don't know how to negotiate with their customers... especially with their AFTER SALES. - voted worse Furniture shop.

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  • An
      29th of Jun, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I myself am having the worst service possible there. I recently purchased a headboard (rails & everything), a Pub Table, along with a Platform bed all in all it cost around $2500. My table arrived first, looked completely abused, I called them and they scheduled an exchange. So I await for my exchange, the delivery guys come and refuse to exchange the table, so I contact them again and they schedule another exchange and apparently there is none in stock now. Anyways I could go on and on about that table, lets just say I'm still waiting for them to pick up my table when I had originally complaint Mid-May 2007. And with my bed I received one after numerous calls, and the platform bed they said would be here whenever (not a time exactly is it). From what I hear from other employees at UFW you are suppose to get a settlement and they refused to do that, and NEVER EVER PURCHASE there extended warranty it's a load of CRAP. This all happened in the Calgary location, another thing the managers at that location will tell you to pick anything out that the Brick sells and they will sell it to you 'under the table' for a lower cost, don't believe this crap they are just trying to go into circles with you, and DON'T forget in their system they are allowed to change prices so PLEASE if for some stupid reason you are going to shop there make sure you check prices before you leave otherwise don't bother, they'll quote a higher price and move down to negotiate to a 'lower' price which is actually the real price.

  • Ne
      17th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    I used to work for a dump called SURPLUS FREIGHT FURNITURE. I'm sorry for your horrible experience. This business is a scam and i'm glad i've moved on. I'm 99 percent sure the 2 businesses are affiliated in some way. DON"T SHOP AT EITHER. They used to be affiliated with grand nationwide as well. Aka grand furniture aka nationwide warehouse. Look it up. And shop at THE BRICK.

  • Ma
      17th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I am in the middle of a problem with UFW. I purchased a sofa bed with their premier furniture protection plan aka Guardsman. This plan was highly recommended by the sales associate. Well the bed broke I contacted Guardsman and they sent someone to look at it this took a week. Then that person had to submit a report this took a week. Then they had to analyze the report, finally they decided I did have a claim, (month or so later). Now they had to order the part, they had wrong part number , two weeks later they have right number, part is ordered. 2 months have passed, they cannot get the part. This all started in May, now it is July, they decided to give me full store credit for the amount and free delivery and the old sofa will be taken away.I contacted UFW they needed confirmation, this took 2 weeks. Finally the day came to pick out furniture I talked to the manager he assured me the old sofa would be taken away this is in the first week of July. I could not find anything I liked, so the manager said I could come back and look the voucher was good for 30 days and there was new product coming in. I went back on July27 and picked out a sofa and dinette set, this time it was not the manager but a customer service rep that did up the invoice she told me the old sofa was my problem, even though Guardsman wanted it picked up and not left with the customer.I ignored her thinking I had the managers word that it would be taken away.I was phoned on Aug 11 saying they could deliver the new sofa on the 16th , I said fine, does the delivery man know there is a old sofa to pick up, she said yes it is all arranged. on the 16th a delivery man phones at 720 am to say he is delivering the sofa between 8-10, I mention to him that there is a sofa to be taken away, he has no idea what I am talking about,and will phone back. He phones back and tells me he does not have the authority to pick up. I tell him I live in a small condo and cannot have two sofas in the living room. I cancel delivery and phone guardsman, they tell me UFW has always picked up damaged stuff, I told them that UFW does not and have not for a while, and she told me that it was between me and the store. I wait and phone UFW and talk to the manager , he was quite upset that I had canceled delivery and did not think he could do it today, I said what about the old sofa? He said there are 500 trucks on the road one was to drop off the other was to pick up. I told him only one delivery man had phoned, he said it was still early the other one would be phoning I should just sit and wait, and he would phone me back. No one phoned, I phoned them at 400 pm to see what was what and they said the customer service rep would be in the next day at 1100 am, and only she could deal with it. The next day this idiot phones me and says we are giving you a sofa and a dinette and we are giving you free delivery, you have to deal with the sofa old your self. Giving me!!! I paid insurance for $130. Anyway delivery of the new sofa will be on Aug 19 and I am filing a complaint with the better business. UFW sucks and so does Guardsman they will never get my business again and I will tell everyone.

  • De
      3rd of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    thank you for the time you took to post. i am sure every company has it's complaints however these complaints are way beyond anything that should happen by mistake. sounds like all they do is give people the run around. make sure to file a complaint with the BBB as everyone knows about the BBB.
    what furniture store would you recommend? i was going to check United's website but forrrget it!

  • Le
      14th of Oct, 2007
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    I also had one of these experiences with ufw. A few years ago I bought a couch and chair, a bed frame with rails and an entertainment unit. I paid cash and was told there was no delivery through them but I could pay the extra $60.00 to have another delivery company do it through them. I agreed. The day of delivery came and all of my items were indeed brought to me, BUT the rails were wrong and they had damaged my head board. Of course I didn't notice this until after the truck had left. My husband worked out of town and was coming home the next night and be damned if he was going to sleep on the floor. I called ufw that evening and told them about the damage and that I needed a new set of rails, the right ones. They told me I could come right in and pick them up. I live in a small town about an hour from the store. I said, hell no. You can deliver them to me. Sure, he says, for another 60 bucks they'd be glad to bring them out. Yeah NO. When I refused to pay again, they told me one of the managers would be coming out our way the next day and would bring the new rails with him. The damage I would have to deal with myself because nothing was reported at the time of delivery and perhaps I had damaged it myself moving this headboard around my house. Yeah right. The next day, I didn't hear from anyone about this delivery so I called them back early in the day. The manager said he was unable to make it out today but would be happy to do it after the weekend. Finally I was so angry I freaked out and yelled at him about me paying cash for some pieces of ### that were damaged and not right and what horrible service I had received, of course my lectures were met by unsympathetic ears. So I then asked for his name and told him that I would gladly wait until Monday but I wasn't sure how my husband was going to take having his wife screwed around by some ### furniture salesman but that I was sure he would come and pay him personally a visit the following day after having slept his first night at home in 2 months on the floor with his 8 month pregnant wife.

    My rails were delivered in an hour.

    The damage to my headboard I took to a local furniture store who fixed it for free. I just bought a leather living room set from them and am looking for a new dining room set now. Some times it pays to spend a bit more.

  • Da
      17th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I am having a similar problem with UFW in Edmonton, Alberta. I am very upset at them. They have been very rude to me and even hung up on me when I called to inquire about my ordered product (a futon). They made us pay half price up front and refused to refund the money when we decided we didn't want the product (because of a long wait - months). They won't give a discount and they do not care about customer service. They get your money and trap you. I recommend to NEVER shop there.

  • Cr
      15th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Wow I guess I was really lucky with my experience with them. I went to the UFW in Brampton and got there right as they were locking up to close, but the manager let me in and stayed for another half hour or so to sell me my couch and 3 tables. The couch was in stock, but he said I'd have to wait another month or so for the tables. I didn't really care so I got them anyway. Then a few days before I was to pick up the couch they called and said they got the tables for me early, by calling around and hunting them down in their warehouses.

    I rented a truck to pick up my stuff, so I didn't have any delivery problems, just drove to the big The Brick/UFW warehouse and they loaded it.

    Then about 5 months later the recliner handle on one side of my couch broke, I paid the extra $50 for their warranty but I was too lazy to drive out to a UFW, so I went to the closest Brick and they honored it. The repair guy came out later that week, but my couch is no longer made so they can't get the part, so now I get a brand new couch from any Brick/UFW.

    Again, I don't know if my experience with them is normal or if I just lucked out every step of the way. But I'm happy, other than having to give up my awesomely comfortable couch for a new one.

  • Ka
      1st of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I purchase a chesterfield from UFW a few years ago. The back cushions were attached with zippers and within weeks the zippers wouldn't hold. I had taken out the insurance and within weeks they had sent someone from Ottawa (to Belleville) to sew the cushions on. No problem since then. My brother bought a set of coffee and end tables, the glass on the coffee table broke and they are going to replace all of the tables for him. I found them very good to deal with. Apparently they aren't offering insurance any more ... too bad.

  • No
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    Everyone, if you are experiencing a problem with UFW, please list the location... maybe we can resolve it. As a UFW employee, our company has made huge strides in our customer service over the years. After some years of inexperienced managers/salespeople etc, things have changed dramatically. See the positive points from Karen in Belleville and Craig in Brampton. If you are getting no where with the customer service person or local manager, visit and go to the customer service section.. email the appropriate VP and explain yourself. These emails are monitored by the VP and forwarded to the local stores.

  • So
      15th of Jul, 2008
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  • Sa
      8th of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    UFW are jerks...they are liars, I had a very bad experience and i want to aware every body that when ever you place an order do not pay them or even if you pay them do not pick half of your stuff b’coz when you will go back and ask for remaining stuff they will tell you can take your money back if you want to...

    I ordered a sofa and a love seat on boxing day of 2008 and till now the mid of April i just got the sofa (as i threw out my old ones as they promised to deliver my new one in couple of days somewhere in feb) and when i went their after their promise date they said oh i feel really sorry about you guys and i told him you know what b’coz of your promise i throw my old sofas out and now i am sitting on wooden floor in this cold weather and he said ok your sofa is already here if you want i can deliver it to you so at least you have something to sit on and i had no other options so i took it and he also said at that time that he will deliver my loveseat in couple of week but it never happened. After a month i get back to them and asked what happened and he said we haven't got it yet so if you want i can give your money back for loveseat but then when ever we will receive the love seat you will be in last in queue and right now you are on top of the list, i told him what i will do with the sofa only and he didn't answered for that, i am planning to write an email to their corporate office and complain about this behavior... so everybody out there please do not place an order where they don't have stuff in stock and even if you place an order ask the sales man to write the expected delivery date on your invoice.

  • Da
      27th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    It is interesting to see that many complaints about UFW. It has been 10 months now that I got the wrong coloured sofa from UFW, and called right away to notify them, and they kept on promising that they will come and take it back and replace it. This past week I got enough of promises and I went to the UFW Ottawa West, where I purchased the items, and talked to the general manager, he promised me that this time he will have the sales manager call me, which 3 days after the date he promised me I still never received a call back, went to the store and recorded the general manager saying that I delivered the message and he is supposed to call me back. I got him on tape saying that yes I promised you that and never got a call. Now i am going to call better business Bureau (BBB) to inform them, going to call Bell to get the phone calls I made to the store, and going to bring this to court. I think that all of you who have issues with UFW or had issues in the past should call Better Business Bureau to complain. If you don’t complain, you are doing UFW a favour and will keep on abusing other people’s money. Please do me a favour and yourself and call Better Business Bureau ( ) and notify them with your problem.

  • Uf
      26th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    i think all of you guys need to get a part time job...

  • Ze
      21st of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    It seems that this is the general attitude towards the custome: We got a sofa from the in the Summer of 2006 and also got the Gaurdsman Protection Plan on it. Needless to say that the Sofa Actually broke in Summer of 2009, called Gaurdsman, they offered store credit for the full purchase price, we picked out a new Sofa and paid the difference on Aug 29, 2009 as the new sofa was more And thats when our Trouble started. First delivery, they threw out the sofa from the truck !! and then dropped the two wheel dolly on it, I was there, I saw it, saw the damage and asked them to take it back as I am not going to take the delivery of a damaged good. Called the Store, they said they will deliver the new sofa in two day.
    One week passed and no sofa. I called the store that they said its on a back order and will take more than 20 days to get it for us that was too long, we decide to pick another one. did the paper work, was promissed that it will be delivered on the weekend and Behold they Brought the Old Sofa back the one we picked out the first time. We refused as we purchased other furniture to match the new sofa we picked. They happily took it back and I was promissed again for a quick delivery.

    After Two weeks the truck came, without even trying they refuse the delivery saying that it will not fit the elevator (The original sofa purchased in 2006 is bigger than the new one and that made it fine !!) and did not deliver. This happened first week of October 2009.

    Today is October the 21 and Still No Sofa, last weekend they were supposed to be delivering it and at the last minute they cancelled claiming that there was an issue with the paper work!! I called and wanted to find out about the issue and no explanation was given. Now as of today, the new sofa is on a Back order...

  • Sh
      19th of Nov, 2009
    -1 Votes

    My short story. 11-19-09

    Ordered myself a nice Dining room set. Was guaranteed that it would arrive in the first week of November.
    The table was delivered 2 weeks late just before my birthday/housewarming party. It was damaged and chipped.
    Four 7-9am calls later during which they THEN give you the 2 hour period within which they will arrive I finally have a table..unbuilt. Aside from the fantastic warehouse lady that I had to keep talking on the phone with who made many promises that the actual guys that showed up never kept it has been a stressful experience.

  • Na
      23rd of Oct, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Hi am having the most funny mad experience ever in ufw in Sydney, Rose bay.. !!!
    I purchased a matrass that is to firm. I am trying to exchange it according to return policy on web..
    Two sale assistans lye and ley to me several times making compleat nonsense.. trully it is hysterika... :)

    Here it is...

    (Just to note, the policy about return is obviously created to attract customers.. right or wrong, that is the information on their web : if your not happy with the matrass and if it is in its original condition and packaging it is ok to exchange)

    The person that i have been dealing with in first place, after hearing my story, trying very hard to avoid me. His partner keeps telling me on phone that this person is no longer in store, that he is absent forever, as he dealing with deliveries from now on only .. suspicious i am entering the store in 15 min after talking to him, as i live near by. Both of them are standing in a store, looking at me with their breath bated..

    Ok i said, never mind, noticing that one of them around 20 years of age and the other around 60 :) perfectly fine in that conspiracy together regardless of the age difference..
    So as one of them going away to a delivery duties forever, i am talking to the other.. he is trying to justify by relocating guilty part on me, bring to my acknowledge, that the matrass, that i wish to change, they no longer can resell for original price.. that they have to loose money by reselling it.. than he added that it is a shame on me for trying to change it.. as i am starting to feel really bad, he adds, by asking me about my feelings if i an though have by matrass after somebody else.. :) :) :)

    Well i said, it is not my rules. It is your company rules, that are clearly stated on a web agreement about returns.. Yes, he said it is a rule, but what if everyone try follow that rule, as he looking at me with anger, i am leaving him, and moving with hope to the other gay, that still trying to run away from me.. The 20 year old gay..

    As i am talking to him i am rediscovering that returned matrasses get send back to warehouse, that it is ok to change matrass .. he added that he has to check with the owner of the store prior exchange...

    ok i said.. but who is the owner???? Isn't he is in Canada.. ? Maybe a manager i am asking?. No, replaying the younger gay.. a big boss..! the owner..

    As we finished agreement about asking permission to exchange my matrass from his majesty "big boss", the older gay catching up with us proclaiming with importance on his face, that he can do a big favour for me, exactly, taking my matrass under store shelter and resell it for a lesser price, precisely for what ever price it can be sold as a second hand...

    ba ha ha ha ah...

    I meeeeeen come on!!! Dont you think it is the worse ever.. ! :) :) :) :)

    So there new return policy has been made for a ufw : if your not happy with our product we not only can exchange it, but we will accompany it with a cirque du soleil...

    The story follows..

  • Em
      26th of Nov, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I am in the midst of having horrible service - they are so rude and hold you ransom. We got a damaged coffee table - that we were told WAS NOT discontinued. When we phoned them to let them know it was damaged the told us it was no longer being made and that we could either take a scratchedor "antiqued" model from the floor or return the pieces and pick out a new set all together ones from their store. They would not give us our money back and the guy I was talking to on the phone even told me I was a liar - about the sales person telling us the item was not discontinued. After a very frustrating phone call - they said we could return the items and get refunded - but we have to bring the assembled items back... I will let you know how that goes!

  • Mu
      19th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    This is not a complaint, but a high five to UFW for being very professional and going above and beyond for the customers. I walked into the store and the sales person greeted me, and even offered us a coffee, as we looked around. When we asked about stock, the sales person never once promised us, but gave us an approx date, and again it was an approx date. we eventually bought and the furniture came and it was a good experience. The product that didn't come like we were told eventually came but because we knew it was coming from the manufacture it was not in the control of the store of when it would be in, we were given the option of taking the floor model, re-selecting or getting a refund. What more do could we ask for? They gave all the options they could and were trying to make us happy. People have to realize that not ALL United Stores give a bad experience. We got this tremendous service at United Lethbridge, and like always every furniture store will have horror stories, but I would bet their are 1000 more good stories. My advise, chill out

  • Dh
      14th of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Refused to put together my furniture upon delivery, even though the sales person told us it would be done and our receipt clearly said under delivery instructions "assemble bed and remove trash". 2 dressers were not delivered as promised, still waiting for one to arrive. promised delivery date has changed 3 times. Even though I sent in the form requesting NOT to be enrolled in the payment protection plan (Basically insurance) and also attached a typed note stating very clearly I wouldn't no part of the payment protection plan) I was still enrolled in it. When I called they refused to cancel it stating they needed my signature for it, even though I had already sent it, and verified my name, address, phone #, work # and DOB on the phone with them. I got a great price on great quality furniture, which I am happy about. Everything else was a nightmare. NEVER AGAIN!! Also, be aware that UFW is owned by The brick.

  • Mu
      26th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Items are never put together when delivered unless you live in town. Out of town do not get set ups. Your PPP can be reversed if you have done so already, but I would keep for your own benefit in case something bad happens to you and it protects your credit rating. And better be careful of other big company's that own each other eg Future Shop Best Best for one, the United Banner has a great reputation and have way more positive experiences than negative ones. There isn't to many furniture stores that build case goods, if so I would like to know which ones

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