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United Furniture Industries / Defect in cuddler recliner?

1 Union City, TN, United States Review updated:

I got an "ashley" sofa and loveseat at big lots 3 years ago which i thought was actually made by "ashley" but if you read the fine print (Which i discovered today) it is actually made under license *from* ashley and is made *by* united furniture industries. This was the biggest piece of crap living room suit that i've ever seen. After 1 year of use the microfiber was looking worn. Plus the springs on the couch let loose on 1 end after i got on my knees to look out the window. Not too soon after the spring incident, my 9 year old daughter climbed up onto the love seat to open the mini blinds and we heard a cracking noise. Sure enough, the spring had let loose on the love seat as well !!! Not to mention that in the store the couch was all nice and fluffy feeling but the materials did not hold their "fluff" and the arms on the couch quickly went flat. I paid 600. 00 for the set on sale.

The way i found out about the "made under license" deal was that i saw a simmons sofa and loveseat set at big lots today and decided to do my "homework". I researched the net and found the disclaimer on big lots website "fabric by simmons. Made under license from simmons by united furniture industries".

This furniture is c - r - a - p and furthermore, i will never ever buy furniture of any kind at big lots again. It may seem like a good deal but when you figure in that it's only gonna last 1 year, the deal isn't so great !!!

My parents bought a lazy boy set 5 years ago and it still looks and functions just as good as the day they brought it home. They paid 2000. 00 for 2 recliners and a sofa that reclines but it has lasted !

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  14th of Apr, 2009
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Mine also broke last night, it is approx. 15 months old. I am very disappointed. Please let us know if you find a part number or a fix for the pull. Thanks!

  4th of Dec, 2009
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My recliner is also only about 15 months old. The finish is coming off the leather; the spot is spreading and it really does look bad. I am told that this leather was "painted." Furthermore, United Furniture Industries is telling me that the leather was under warranty for only twelve months - because that is all that their supplier can guarantee. Their retailer in Gallatin, Tn. is no help either. It really is a shame to think that furniture that was made in China is holding up better than what was made here in our own country. And with the list of complaints above, it seems obvious that United Furniture Industries purposely makes cheap shoddy furniture with a nice cosmetic look to it which is then sold at a very high price and falls apart after about a year. Get the word out!

  2nd of Sep, 2010
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I purchase some Leather furniture made by United Furniture Industries from Art Van in Flint, MI about 5 years ago. Well, two years after I purchased the furniture, the furniture started pealing and the spring on one of the sofas gave way! Of course, you know the warranty was expired. I contacted the place where I bought the furniture from, and they wanted to charge me $50 per hour to look at the furniture. I do not recommend anyone buying the furniture from this company. I thought they I would be a life long customer, but not anymore!!!

  5th of Apr, 2011
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I also got the cuddler at big lots, the parachute handle broke off in 12 months, trying to get a replacement contacted Omega-Motion, maker of mechanism have heard nothing back, found a site that sells parts, crap shoot if it's the wrong one.

  8th of Apr, 2011
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United Furniture Industries - defect in cuddler recliner
United States

We bought the recliner from Big Lots about year and half ago. The handle broke on ours also. I agree on the automated hell. First tried to look for replacement parts for that specific chair but no such luck. Found a website that does replacement parts for those types of recliners. It is for $29.99. Trying to see what Big Lots says but will probably buy from the website.

  12th of May, 2011
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I have a cuddler my handle just broke today 5-12=11 after seeing this site I fix it myself by taking a 3 inch c clamp and tightening it down to the end of the cable as tight as I could then break the bar you tighten with off I hope this helps someone

  12th of May, 2011
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I can only wish you well. Not quite three years ago, I bought a recliner made by United Furniture Industries from their dealer in this city. After fourteen months, I noticed that the finish was flaking off of the leather. When I saw the dealer about it, he told me that the warranty lasted only twelve months and that there was nothing that he could (or would) do about it. He then went on to tell me that the leather was "painted, " not stained. I kept the recliner for another few months. As its appearance continued to deteriorate, I made a point of telling my guests who made it and where I bought it. Finally, I could not stand having something as shoddy as that in my house any longer and I decided to replace it. Goodwill actually refused to take it!!! There could be no better testament to United Furniture Industries and their dealers than that. For what it is worth, this company and their dealer in this city both have a rating of "F" with the BBB.

  15th of Jun, 2011
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United Furniture is a 'PROMOTIONAL' furniture line, which means they make their product to hit a price point. (ie. You get what you pay for.) United sells their product to retailers at a wholesale price, and the retailer can price it for as high or as low as they see fit. In the age of technology, the internet can be a great friend when deciding whether a price is fair or not. The 'leather' goods available by United are not 100% leather, and no retailer should claim that it is. It is what is called 'Bonded Leather' (You can look that up and get a true definition of it.) Learn what to look for when buying furniture, learn the questions to ask. What type of wood is used is a very important question to know how long a piece should last... FYI as far as fabrics/leathers many vendors only warranty those for 1 year no matter how cheap or expensive the price. (Many of the fabrics/leathers/parts on American made products are actually produced overseas, shipped in, and assembled in America.)

  6th of Aug, 2011
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I work for united furniture. As far as being an employee, this is the worse company i have ever worked for. The management has no problem letting you know that you are no more than a number. The benefits are the highest and worse i have ever had. The quality you got is equal to how the employees are treated. When the owner, Mr. George, walks through, he only aclnowledges the employees when somethin is wrong. And then he talks and treats them so badly, the employee is close to quittin. And in this job market.

  17th of Aug, 2011
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My cuddler recliner's foot rest won't go down! It was always really hard to put down but now its stuck out! I can't get any help in even beginning to fix it! Any suggestions??

  16th of May, 2012
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In about 18 months the leather like material started to crack. Called them up and they said it was possible sweat. should wipe it daily!?! I have a chair beside it and is over 8 years old. Leather bonding same as they claim. And it NOT doing what theirs is doing. Bought this 8 year old chair at Odd Lots. Still looks pretty good and fantastic compared to the cuddler. When you spend 350-400 on a chair and have problems as this and those above? They should be sued. No if or and about it!!

  27th of Jul, 2012
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We purchased the couch, love seat and recliner made with bonded leather by United Furniture Industries from Big Lots. We had the set for 18 months, keep in mind the warranty is 12 months. The bonded leather on the couch and recliner is peeling. It looks awful. So basically their products last just past the warranty date then falls apart. We researched their site before purchasing and this is what they promise on their website:

Living Room Furniture Sets Designed with Style and Value in Mind

At United Furniture Industries/ Simmons Upholstery, we promise to provide our dealer, retail partner and the consumer with the very best bonded leather and upholstery fabric recliners models, sofas, ottomans and living room furniture designs. Every single bonded leather or upholstery fabric recliner or sofa we design is created by an experienced and talented furniture manufacturer that focuses not only on style but value as well. We work tirelessly to produce quality handcrafted living room furniture that meets the demands of trendsetting customers seeking styles and designs that are tailored to their tastes.

Each bonded leather or upholstery fabric recliner or living room set is constructed of high – quality fabrics and materials that will withstand the test of time. Our product line is comprehensive and so is our commitment to deliver exactly what our customers expect.

Just a note that I have contacted Big Lots and United Furniture Industries and they both have wiped their hands clear. So much for customer service and as for the "quality statement" from their website, that was a lie too. They promised high quality fabrics and materials that withstand the test of time. I guess the test of time is 18 months. Lesson learned. We will never buy from this company again. Now we have to plan to purchase a new living room set and it will have to be the set because we can't match the loveseat to anything and we are afraid that it will start peeling soon or we pay someone to come out, sand out the problem areas and repair which will cost approximately $400 - $500 dollars. Do you repair because you hate to waste the money you have invested, that you thought would last at least 3 - 5 years or just trash it and start fresh?

  30th of Nov, 2012
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Bonded leather may look pretty at first, but go look at a bonded leather Bible, mine is peeling, which I can deal with just fine, but I will never buy bonded leather furniture, because I could NOT deal with that.

  9th of Dec, 2012
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whats the 5 year manufacture warranty if there is no one to get a hold of same problem here my leg rest got bent b my 2 year old weighs 20 pounds... now it wont return upright

  21st of Jan, 2013
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I have Champion tan cuddler recliner which I bought at Big Lots and the steel rods that reclines and to balances the recliner both broke at the same time recliner is only 2 years old please sent replacement parts or new recliner thank you e-mail address or call at 864-663-9076 thank you Cindy Or dave

  6th of Feb, 2013
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Im so disgusted!!! We bought a big man recliner (simmons/united furniture) from big lots and after a few months it "clicked and made funny noises when we rocked. The footrest wont stay in and takes practilly a gymnast to correctly close and stay closed. We turned it over it only had 1 spring on one side, so we figured it was missing a spring. We bought another spring and just 2 months after that the mechanism that keps the chair balanced or moving forward or backward broke and it is completely SHOT!!!
ive e-mailed United furniture, but no reply!!!

  5th of Mar, 2013
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United Furniture Industries - crap furniture
united furniture industries
p.o. box 308
United States
Phone: unavailable

First I must say that Big Lots in the central PA area has been very patient through this never ending process. Second, I will never ever ever buy anything affiliated with United Furniture Industries. My wife was generous enough to buy a Simmons Harbor Town Cuddle Up recliner for me for Christmas, Dec 12th 2012, after a week Dec 19th, I removed the cover, we cover all our new furniture, to find a huge gap where the back mounts to the bottom, returned to Big Lots first time, exchanged no issues! Mind you we exchanged a black leather for the micro fiber material as they had no leather in stock. no big deal. Feb 27 2013, removed cover to wash, now the seating area was completely crushed, wife now furious, call Big Lots, Happy to help, returned 2nd time, exchanged for black leather, back where we started, happy new chair owners. March 5th 2013, , a week later recliner making rubbing sound when fully reclined, hard to get from reclined position back to seated upright position. Called Big Lots, no problem, Bring it back we will exchange it. Now while this may seem unimportant I would like to point out, each time it was a different issue, defective assembly, poor material performance, defective mechanism, also each chair was built to different standards, we would not have know this had we not exchanged it 4 times now, either they are more or less firm, easy or hard to operate, some more or less comfortable than the others. In my opinion there is no consistency, poor wormanship, poor material, and from reading the full warranty card, poor warranty service, it covers basically nothing unless the store where you purchase it is willing to accomondate you. You either pay out of pocket for installation or do it yourself, I again applaude Big Lots for their excellence in customer service but really how long can this keep going, I am sure the will wise up and discontinue carrying the item making it necessary to at some point either donate it or repair it. Shame on United Furniture Industries, I will keep buying locally but will be more careful and will read deeper into the actual coverage and how the warranty works. Definetly keep your receipt and purchase on credit. I am in the process of filing a complaint with Citi to get reimbursed for this nightmare purchase. Maybe they can get better response from United when they ring thier phone or email them!

  19th of Oct, 2013
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We purchased a sofa and love seat for $2, 055 from a reputable family owned furniture store and experience the same problems as we are reading. Shortly after we made the purchase the family owned furniture company, went out-of-business. This has been the worst furniture that I have ever purchased. In less than two years, it began peeling. It is very ugly now. It has pieces continually falling from the furniture--pieces fall onto the floor, stick to our skin and clothes. We take care of our belongings and expect them to last. Every time someone visits us, I am very embarrassed about the furniture. For items as expensive as furniture, there should be a better warranty. Who has money to just get another one every year or two. We have been ripped off! ---- now the better half has spoken, its my turn. i"d be plum happy just to have a mud bucket to sit on, but my wife likes better than that so i want better for my wife. her disappointment bothers me. (live by the assembly line, die by the assembly line) hard to find real craftsmanship anywhere anymore!! by. just sitting on the mess.

  20th of Oct, 2013
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The United cuddled recliner is not of very good quality. Had my chair for less than 3 years and the top leather look finish is peeling off daily. It has just started on the seating surface as well. Very disappointed in ths piece of so called furniture. I'll never buy another United/Simmons product. My chair has only been sat in by adults and well taken care of but poor quality is the problem.

  28th of Oct, 2013
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We also have a rocker recliner we bought from Big Lots! It is not quite 2 yrs old and already the spring broke that holds the foot rest down so now every time you sit in the chair when you get up the footrest stays up. Very aggravated with it. My husband is the only one that has ever sat in it so I know it wasn't mistreated or misused.

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