United Furniture Industries aka Simmons Furniture — faulty, crapped built furniture

Purchased a sofa and loveseat in February 17, 2015. By August of that year the cushions were completely flat. Called the store we bought it from and was told they only offer a 90 day warranty but the manufacturer had a warranty. According to their documents that come with the furniture they guarantee high quality and it comes with a Limited LIfetime Warranty. Contacted the company and was told there is no local business to repair them so they sent the cushions to us and told us to fix ourselves. Four months later the cushions were breaking down again. Also at this time one arm of the sofa broke; the wood completely broke. Sent photo to UFI and at this time I was tired of dealing with the warranty gal and went to her supervisor. On February 4, 2016 I was told by the manager that a brand new set, a sofa and loveseat would be delivered in 3 weeks. Several weeks and many, many more emails later I was told they were making the new set with the highest of quality and were going to guarantee it to our satisfaction. March 30, 2016 I received and email stating "still doing all I can to get it to you this week. Production is supposed to have an update for me in the morning and I will advise". April 1, 2016, after I sent 3 emails I received this one that said "we are still working on producing your 2 pieces to be sure they are of top quality when they go out. I spoke to our Production Manager again today who assured me he is working on these to be perfect. He will have them ready first thing next week and we are just going to have these shipped directly to your home to alleviate any shipping delays after production. I understand your frustration but we are working to get you a product you will be proud of". At this point I am quite frustrated. I had sent additional photos of the furniture as by this time we were stuffing pillows into the sofa to make it usable. Seven days later on April 7, 2016 I received an email stating it had shipped and in that email was this statement, "Your furniture was inspected by our Quality team to be sure it is up to manufacturer’s specs before it left our facility. We do not anticipate any issues for you". The morning of April 11, 2016 we attempted to move the old couch our of the way knowing the new stuff was coming today. We could not figure out why the couch seamed stuck. After working with it and looking underneath we found that one of the broken springs had broke the bottom fabric piece and ripped a hole in our carpet. Now I have a hole in my carpet and it isnt small. Later that day the furniture arrived. Each piece was wrapped in plastice and cardboard. As we took off the cardboard, unwrapped it from its plastic my husband was put on the legs on the sofa and we set it up. After sitting on it we noticed it didnt seem right. We went to turn it upside down to inspect the bottom and could hear and feel stuff moving within the inside. So, within 15 minutes of receiving this so called great furniture we found that the one and only support piece on the underside was broken. Not only was it broken but it was attached crooked, at an angle. We still had the old sofa and looked at the underside of that one and could see where they made mistakes. I promptly took a picture and emailed it to the company. NO response, reply, NOTHING. I called the company and after talking to a couple different people was told the gal recieved my email and photo and would have to get back with me. Her boss was 'out of town, at market' and once he recieved the photo and got back with her, she would get back with me. So here we go again. We paid for furniture from a company who claims to build the highest quality furniture. Simmons brand furniture is sold in many stand alone furniture stores such as Ashley, Hefners, etc as well as Big Lots, Menards and several other box stores. We purchased ours from Menards. Menards only offers a 90 day warranty. We have owned Simmons furniture before and it held up well. One piece did break in the middle more than a year after we bought it and it lasted another year or more before purchasing this new set.
So now we sit and wait and hope we get a piece of furniture that will last more than six months or even a year.

Apr 11, 2016

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