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United Consumer Financials/Kirby / Unethical Credit practices

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United Consumer Financials/ Kirby
To avoid the worlds largest skam don't let in the Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman. They say that you will recieve a free carpet cleaning but they will only vacuum. The salesman looks around the house to convince you that he will rob your house if you don't buy his product. He may make a couple hinting gestures or comments about well if you don't buy it... Then if you but the Kirby that is more realistically supposed to be priced at $400 for $1500 then you could be in trouble especially after you agree to 6 months of no interest or payments. Is the interest accumulating during that 6 months? I'll just pay it off. But wait, the United Consumer Financial company will not schedule to have it paid off. They will act like they are scheduling it but the payments never come out. It will be sometime down the road before you realize. Then you will call them and you will tell them you want to pay it off and they will say OK but they will not send a confirmation of a scheduled payment. Then you will find out that they didn't charge the payoff amount again. Like a continuous cycle until you only have a few months left to pay. They will say are you sure you want to pay it off you only have two more payment of $92.00. So you will say OK and six months later you will still be making payments of 92.00. So I told them. I tried to have it paid off in full three times and you wouldn't accept the payment. So I'm am finished with them on principal.


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A  14th of Dec, 2010 by 
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I purchased a Kirby vacuum cleaner over a year ago. The payment option I chose was 10 mos., same as cash. Apparently, my payments stopped drafting out of my account last year in December. I was not notified of this change nor was I sent any bills. The first I heard of it was last month in November when they sent me a bill. When I called to inquire about it they had an incorrect Email address, and telephone number. When I set up this SAC plan, I was never told over the phone that my drafts would stop in the middle of my payment balance and that I would be later billed with an additional finance charge and interest. When I called and asked if I can set up the drafts again for the remainder of the payments I was told that the offer expired in May 2010. My issue is: The drafts never should have stopped coming out of my account. I have never had a payment plan with anyone that stopped the drafts without any type of notification. Plus, nothing in my account has changed that would cause the drafts to stop on my end. When I set up this payment plan originally they never told me I would have to call them AGAIN a few mos. later because they would manually stop my drafts. I have had customer service representatives to call me to ask about paying my bill but no one can let me speak to a manager. They gave me an 800 number to call but I have been on hold for over 30 minutes. November 2010 was the first notice I received of a past due status.
N  14th of Jul, 2011 by 
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my wife and i bought a kirby and was over charged and shammed out of our 3 day warrantee by IMT enterprises in brunswick, ga. this distributor is a sham and needs to be put out of business. they never gave me my old vacuum back, didn't respond till way after the day warrantee from them and kirby won't claim any part of it since the issue was with the distributor and on top of all this, i wind up paying over $2600 for a vacuum that broke on me the same day after the in-home demonstration. kirby needs to start excepting responsibility and not just try to sell you another vaccum or tell you that "you have to by all replacement parts, nothing was covered and it's a piece of junk!!! the salesman and the distributor were very rude and i still have the e-mails. Kirby and it's distributors have countless negative scores with the BBB, [redacted] and scam.com. i've contacted my lawyer but it's a tricky case since Kirby goes thru distributors to push off the negativity from a vacuum & cleaning system that is worthless!!!
N  15th of May, 2014 by 
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I love my Kirby yeah they tricked their way in and the initial price was over $2500 plus another $1000 for financing but I followed up on the Internet and cancelled next day which was my first question on signing the contract so they came back out and negotiated a cash deal and I got it for $1200 far as the machine being useless learn to use it !!!
N  26th of Dec, 2014 by 
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This is my 3rd Kirby that I financed through United Consumer and have never had any problems. They debit my checking account every month until it's paid for... As for as the Kirby goes I wouldn't own anything else but a Kirby. With all this said I used to be a Kirby Sales person and know all the tricks they try to use to get you to buy from them. When I want a new Kirby I call the local Kirby Dealer tell them I want one and tell them the price I want to pay, they deliver set it up and the rest is history.
N  18th of Mar, 2015 by 
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Don't EVER let anyone in your house to sell you anything! Not the unscrupulous Kirby vacuum cleaner people, not people claiming to sell new windows, NO ONE, unless it's the pizza delivery, whom you were expecting!

Kirby's use unethical and unscrupulous business tactics to sell you their product, and leave you, literally, holding the bag!you the dregs while they take off with your money. The couldn't sell me one if the threw in a built in pool!
D  16th of Feb, 2016 by 
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I love my Kirby, have had no problems. I didn't pay anywhere near what these people paid. My Kirby vacuums hand cleans carpet n flooring ( change of attachments). I no longer need a vacuum, mop, broom, and carpet cleaner because it does it all. The other difference is they don't draft my acct, I pay my acct electronically with on-line banking band notate which payment of however many payments my contract is for, so I control it not them hand I have records of my payments directly through my bank band Chang acct.
N  21st of Feb, 2016 by 
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My finanical situation has changed so i need them to come and pick this vaccuum up... Im not paying another dime.
N  4th of May, 2016 by 
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I bought a $ 2, 200 Kirby vacuum, but it was on me I should not have paid for this vacuum. I was trying to help a young man that I know didn't have a job and was trying to get some points. I don't know if it works or not, brand new it's sitting in my garage and I am still paying on it. I might as well not complain because I guess I was only trying to help a young man. I just always hope my good deeds fall on my son and grandson.I just had a comment
N  29th of Jul, 2016 by 
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Finally paid off my Kirby, I got tired of them taking the small payment and I called them to tell them My account had been compromised, so They cancelled the eft and I logged in on line, there I was able to make payments over the payment amt and was able to payoff more quickly, couldn't wait for those last 2 payments which I combined to have a zero balance, I printed the screen before and after payment and again once payment was processed and when I saw that it was closed. Just in case they tried to claim something ? Never again will I ever ever buy a Kirby or anything someone. Is selling, lesson learned
A  13th of Aug, 2016 by 
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The Kirby Guy and his sad story snaked its way into my home too, Horrible lesson learned. 2400.00 and it's so heavy and complicated in all the attachment changes that I hardly ever use it! My Kirby is a very expensive paperweight in my closet. Don't let Kirby in your door, you'll be so sorry! I am. I had terrible trouble setting up online payments that mysteriously didn't post and was charged late charges. I had to call and call with no answer all times of the day to reach a real person to talk to and even after straightening out the auto payment by phone with them I had to straighten it out 3 different times! I'm getting ready to pay off in full to just bury this monster as a nightmare and huge mistake from my past, but I'm sure I will have trouble getting the bill to be actually paid off! Wish me luck or if you're a praying person, Prayers are needed!
N  9th of Sep, 2016 by 
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It is a great product if your strong enough to change out all the attachments. It is a wonderful vacuum but very heavy. I struggle every time I use it. But it does do a great job.
Not happy with the fact that I got behind on payments but that is my fault, not theirs. I basically bought it because my son was selling them and we had brand new carpet. I really couldn't afford it but was convinced that I could. My bad.
NC San Diego
A  7th of Oct, 2016 by 
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After reading all these comments, I agree with all the complainers, 2 weeks ago I had a young girl come to the door, and said she is willing to vacuum my front room carpet for free, she was trying to earn a trip to las Vegas, I asked the usual questions, she was very nice, she showed me a plack with computer pics of inside of places to clean, I did not have a lot of trust for her, she then went to step two and said they are opening up a place here in this small area, she kept talking and said the guy with the vacuum would be here in a minute, he showed up and came in for a free vacuum, then I noticed it was Kirby, then the action started, 4 hours later he had me sign papers, for a cheap price, 5 days later I received a bill for 3 times the amount and twice the interest, called the company was treated very rude, a lot of over talking over me, non stop, I became upset, and then she said I was hollering at her, ( I talk loud) as I have a hearing problem, very unprofessional on her part, saying was all my fault, went on and on, I said I will take her to court, she said go ahead, I will loose, she will win, as I signed a contract, and they will make sure I pay, stay away from this company as they use shady avenues to get into your home, and family life and bank account,
A  7th of Oct, 2016 by 
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The responsible people involved in this non truthfulness can come and get their vacuum, attachments, shampoo, and I will get a receipt and they get $50.00 plus my two vacuums, a new bissell and another one, I had for one and half years, they said they will take them for free and give them to charity, and give me a small amt of money, then the guy was in such a hurry, I didn't have time to read the paperwork, I always read the paperwork, the young man was quite a talker, on the phone a lot asking for reduced price on the Kirby, several calls, and then 2 hours of this, I was real tired and hungry, way past my dinner, ended up burning my dinner, I was still not wanting to buy this system, , as it was too expensive and then he called reinforcement another real nice guy came in and try to convince me how I needed this vacuums, asking endless questions about my life, kids, etc.I am 65 and was very tired that day, so my defenses were not very sharp, again don't let anyone tell you a sad, or positive story to get into your home or life,
D  8th of Jan, 2017 by 
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I made a big mistake w/Kirby cleaner, because the SALEPRAP. DIDN't put the belt on right. And I call them 3 times about''""times, about that dam cleaner, to bring a SALEPRAP out to fix it never did.i told them to come pick the Kirby vacuum cleaner pup @ epiqupment up. I will stop the direct deposit out of my acct. please come and pick up this vacuum cleaner!! Been a head ache. Don't running good, a waste of money! Sorry you pay that damn much for that. Highway robbery.to dam high for people. I told that SALEPRAP. I just DIVORCE, AND MOVE, STARTING OUT ON MY OWN. ALL ABOUT THE MONEY @ Points and commission. I can't afforded..I am going to sop payment. It don't work...ll.l.l... They don't even come fix nothing. Don't work the SALEPRAP put the belt on backwards want Aline right. Thanks again SHARON L. WALKER -2204 TALLADEGA ST. MUSKOGEE, OK, 74401 P.S. PICK IT UP!!😒😡 highly disagree w/ product @ money to ect, ect.!! Stop payment @ return!
D  8th of Jan, 2017 by 
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I already sent it through on Facebook complaint meant yahoo.!!
D  8th of Jan, 2017 by 
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Put up Kirby vacuum cleaner & epqupitment. Don't work ```````the belt can't get it on, the SALEPRAP put wrong never- worked.& never came and fix it, I call them 3 times. I going to stop direct deposit - stop payment.!! Too dam high. Thanks again Sharon L. WALKER
N  14th of Mar, 2017 by 
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A Kirby Vacuum Carpet Cleaner Salesman came to our house with of course the option GET A FREE CARPET CLEANING. Sales person was a
young lady. I told the gal our carpet is in bad shape and has not been cleaned professionally for a year. She guaranteed me that Kirby will beat any of the other Carpet Cleaners. I explained my credit is not the best, she said, not to worry Kirby works things out for all customers. So the sales gal started cleaning my carpet, retrieving water and shampooing the carpet. Another Sales Manager came in and spoke to me in the kitchen while we
filled out the paperwork. I was approved almost within minutes. Since Kirby is such a good vacuum and much easier to use then then the former older models, this should work well for you she explained. So, after we were done, and shook hands...The sales gal just said, well have your sons shampoo this again and you will be very pleased. We said our good-by's and they left. When I walked back into my living-room, I just about fell over...my light beige carpet had gone to dirty dark and looked worse for ware than before she started shampooing??? I thought, maybe it just needs to dry more. Nope! ...vacuum is okay I guess...But I am never going to shampoo my carpet...The price for this is close to $2, 000. A fortune for someone on disability. Inaddition, the sales gal dumped discusting water down the bathtub...It took me 2 hours to clean up the tub which was then clogged with hair.. I was so busy talking to the Manager, I forgot to mention not to use tub, use toilet...There was dark dingy water left in my tub. Did she not notice???
N  10th of Nov, 2017 by 
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How do I find my account with UCFSPMTUNITEDCONSUMERPPD?????? I have some questions for them??
My account Number 6-672-9077..

Please if you could send me a copy of my contract..I need to know what I owe.
I need some answers>>>
Mary Jones., .,
Sent November 10 2017.., , .,
N  10th of Nov, 2017 by 
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@Mary Jones Please send information as soon as possible ...

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