United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC] / you took my money and canceled my policy without letting me know.

5367 Densaw rd, North Port, FL, United States

I signed up with your company in October 2018. I paid you all 177.06 which I have disputed with the original contract and showing you canceled my policy. I am a full time student and I could have gotten into a lot of trouble for this. Why would you take my money and then cancel the policy. Good thing I sent all this evidence in to my bank. I have a great bank which I have had for years. You people gave no notice at all. Just shut down my policy and took my money. I will be needing the amount of 177.06 returned to my account. I could have gotten in lots of legal trouble due to this companies negligence but thankfully I got new insurance and sent my bank copies of that as well.
Thank you
Bridget McGrade

United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC]
United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC]
United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC]

Jan 06, 2019

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