United Automobile Insurance CO. / Fixing damaged vehicle

Oklahoma City, OK, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 405 343 5684

My vehicle was parked and was hit by someone who was insured by UAIC .I have a '99 Mercedes E320, Itook my vehicle in for an appraisle from Three different Collisons Business's.There was a $500 different among the Three.UAIC had some one come out and take a picture of the damages, the adjuster called me to info me that he was offering me a settlement in the amount of $734.00.I informed him of the Three quotes that I had gotten and he told me that my quotes were ridicules.I told him that all I wanted was my car to be fixed properly, he insisted that he wouldn't pay the smallest of the Three quote's which was $2097.These people have a bad reputation of doing business, this I was told from each place of business that i went to.Needless to say they never paid they amount it took to fix my car right.Big up to Lauren Dye of "Ferguson collison Center" in Norman Oklahoma, she told me in the beginning that I wouldn't be liable for one cent and she stuck to her work and fixed my car the right way, even though they didn't get paid in full fromm UAIC.These people should not be in business at all!!!


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