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United Auto Credit Corporation / harrassment

MI, United States Review updated:
These people are the worst.

I was 1 day late and they were calling people who live on my street whom i have never met much less used as a reference.

My advice steer clear of these creeps if you can.


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  17th of Nov, 2008
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Some guy came to my job, I wasnt there but my co-workers say some guy in a white shirt and tie showed up, they said he was very uneducated by the he way he spoke, he just kept saying he was from United Auto Credit, finally security came and grabbed him and he was yelling that he was going to call the Sheriff? What an idiot, we often watch the video of the whole episode and get a pretty good chuckle out of it. A week later some kid left a message on my cell, saying he was the branch manager, he sounded like he was 16, anyway he said that they had missapllied my payment to another account, they have corrected the error, just left it on my message machine.

No apology for sending that idiot to my workplace when my payment was really on time, what a bunch of ###s, absolutely the worst example of professionalism, idiots... but the video of security thowing that idiot out of the building and the look on his face, priceless
  13th of Dec, 2008
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These people are the worst. I admit I have been late with my payment and always payed the late fee plus some . come to find out the extra money I've sent has been put into another account instead of going towards my car payments. money just sitting there not being used. They call 8 times a day even when you talk to someone you make payment arangement they want you to call everyday untill you make the payment who has time for that. and the why they talk to you like your nothing . I'm a single mom trying to make ends met.
  22nd of Jan, 2009
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I too am a victim of united auto credit. One of the collectors/representative that work for united auto credit called by job and left 6 different voice mail messages regarding detailed information about my account.

I was a little over a month late on my payment. the representative was very rude and abrasive. On the voice he stated such information as how much i was past due, how long i've been past due and that my wages are going to be garnished and vehicle even repossessed. This is a direct violation of the debt collection act for the state of MI. They are the worst company. They are not willing to make payment arrangements with you and they will harass everyone they know regarding your payment they even contacted my boss and left detailed information about my account. Not to metion the same voice mail messages that were left on my work phone were also left on my parents house phone.
  16th of Oct, 2009
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LaKendra...you need to contact a lawyer or even better sic this guy on them...http://www.budhibbs.com/

Bud Hibbs is here to help the consumers fight against unlawful collection practices. I went through his website to find an attorney to take a case for me involving a collection agency in Atlanta (Fredrick J Hanna & Assoc./LVNV ). I WON...and everything was dropped BECAUSE they had threatened to garnish my wages AND they called my mother-in-law who lives in the same town and discussed my financial issues with her...another direct violation.

If everyone on here would STOP complaining in here and really step up and so something I think we could fight their illegal tactics!!!
  26th of Jan, 2012
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After reading these reviews 10 months ago, I was hesitant to go with United Auto Credit, but did because of being able to get financing with bad credit. I must say though that I have had a totally different experience with them. I have never been late on a payment, and most months I call them on the day payment is due to do a check by phone, UACC has never called me or any of my references. I also monitor my credit reports, they post to all 3 bureaus every month. I am very happy with them, besides the high interest, but understand with having bad credit

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