United Air Care - Bogus Air Duct Cleaning CouponBogus Asbestos claim and outrageous furnace cleaning charge

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I received a coupon for $49 in the valuepak mailing to my house and called for an air duct cleaning around June 2009 for $42.00. The tech came in and took a look in my attic at my vents. Barely looking at it for about 3 seconds he claimed I had asbestos without testing. I was surprised myself since I had a property inspection 8 months ago. He then claims I needed to take the whole insulation out, metal vents out, and replace all the ducts with new ducts. Coincidentally their company did just that! WOW! He then tries to sell me a UV light to sanitize my vents for $600! So I looked through my records and found I don't have asbestos and the insulation around my vents he claimed were asbestos were actually fiberglass insulation.

When telling him of this information he claims fiberglass insulation is unhealthy as well and should be removed. He refused to clean my ducts because of the supposedly "asbestos", however I had a furnance that need cleaning also. $400 to clean the outside of my furnance with a window cleaner.

I was so pissed I paid the guy $400 so he can clean the outside of my furnance with windex. If I knew what I knew after I would have kicked the guy out long time go. Now reading this complaint I should have kicked the guy out from the very beginning. WTF! These SOBs stole my money and provided with lies and ### service. NEVER EVER Use these crooks!


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      Apr 02, 2010

    The only thing this guy was correct about is that FG is as bad, or worse, than asbestos.

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