Union Pacific / redding, california train depot

Redding, CA, United States
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The Amtrak train going north is supposed to be in the Redding Station at about 3am. It is usually late, up to 6 hours late. The station is locked up. There are no toilet facilities or a place to sit. Early January 2017 the temperature was in the low 30s and the train was 2 hours late. Senior citizens and the handicapped can only sit on the cold concrete and pull their coat over them.
The local Redding bus pickup spots have benches that would at least allow for being seated in the cold and rain.
Supposedly the station is closed because of the homeless filling it up.
I we have to have a ticket to sit in the boarding area in the airport then we could have a train ticket to get into the station.
Really would you want your grandparents standing in a train station for up to 6 hours with no toilet and no chairs????? As the freight trains whizz by on their timetable???

Union Pacific
Union Pacific
Union Pacific
Union Pacific

Jan 15, 2017

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