Under Armour / running shoes and cold gear shirt

I would like to file complaints to Under Armour for their products which lack of quality as bad as their lack of unprofessional practicing of Under Armour customer services.
I first called customer service simply explained the problem of my 1st worn Under Armour running shoes hurt my both feet so bad after walked in the park only for 30 mins. Which they caused me took off right away despite the fact that they were running shoes. I paid my own shipping cost to the manufacturer as they required even though those shoes were from their lack of quality made. However they denied the claim with excuses that those shoes had been worn out and torn as my 1st 30 mins walk. I made a call to customer service, but the man I talked he didn't wanna help me but hung up on me instead. With poor practicing of their customer service and lack of quality products of Under Armour. I request the money back for the products they were overcharged.

-My contact # is [protected]-
Thank you for ur time,

Jun 11, 2018

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