Ulta Salonextremely unprofessional


I honestly cannot give a review on the quality of the ulta salon in burbank. I can, however, tell you all how RUDE the salon manager, JACKIE is. I made an appt a day in advanced to get my haircut there since they are a participating Locks of Love salon and I am interested in donating my hair. The Locks of Love website clearly states in its guidelines that layered hair is acceptable so long as the longest layer is at least 10 inches. It states, "Shorter hair (6"-10") will be separated from the 10" and longer lengths and sold to offset the manufacturing costs. Although the shorter hair cannot be used in the hairpieces, it still greatly helps to reduce costs".

Sunny, the hairstylist I made an appt with said that she would do the cut, and measured my hair to make sure that I had at least 10 inches. Just before she was about to divide and ponytail my hair to cut it, the manager approached us. She made a huge commotion about how my hair is not appropriate for a Locks of Love donation because it's layered. I point out to her what is stated in the guidelines of the website and she defensively replied, "Well, any other ulta can approve it, but it's not going to happen in my salon". And proceeded to walk away.

I was outraged. She was clearly causing a scene and placing me in an embarassing situation, which was extremely unnecessary. On top of her outrageous unprofessionalism, her claim of not being able to accept my hair had no validation whatsoever, while I was going off guidelines from the Locks of Love website. If she did not want to accept my hair for whatever reason, there was definitely a more professional approach she could have taken to explain herself. In addition, her reasoning behind not accepting my hair should have been shared with the rest of the staff at the salon so that future futile bookings will not be made. I made a 30 mile trip to this salon which ended up to be the most disappointing day I've ever had.

Thank you JACKIE for wasting my time, energy, gas and afternoon.

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