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Bloomingdale, IL, United States

I received an email about the offer for ulta credit card so I enrolled and got approved. I went to Ulta thereafter to use the 20% and purchased skin care, mascara, lipstick worth $70 and I thought I will get 20% since I signed up and the teller said I will receive the coupon in 1-2 days and just to come back to store and they will reimbursed the difference. That was 2 weeks ago so I kept my receipt and today I went back to purchase no. 7 facial cream and serum worth $50+ and there's a bonus offer of free no.7 facial mask after $35 purchase. The teller told me they are out of the gift and did not offer me anything as a replacement so I ask for a raincheck since thats why I purchased 2 items and to have a bonus item and she said NO we don't give raincheck for gift items. Then I ask if she could call other nearest Ulta if they have it and she rudely answered We don't call other stores to check if they have the gift bonus. Wow, I was flabergasted with her response, very rude and demeaning no customer service at all. In short, I did not purchase them since I will be missing the mask as the bonus and I attend to the 20% from the previous item I purchased when I applied for the Ulta credit card. The coupon states 20% off total purchase, she did it as 20% each item and it totaled $7 instead of $14 as what I understood from the coupon which I showed it to her, she insists that they take 20% each item and thats what I'm getting back. She wants to know who told me that because they don't do the 20% off from the previous purchase. How will I know who says what, all I know I was instructed to do it that way by one of your staff. Very Rude, demeaning, no customer service, it made me think twice buying more items from your store with the way I was treated in that store. She seems to be the charge person that day because the other teller were asking her with some questions. How did she got that position by the way, trained the staff well and teach them proper customer service and how to reconcile differences with the customer.


May 1, 2017

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