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I reserved a 26' truck for March 24, I received a call that morning saying that the truck was unavailable at my location but that I could drive 20 miles to pick one up. Which was totally out of the question since I had people lined up to help. They told me that I could get a 20' with a 6'x12' trailer which they charged me another $40. Since I didn't have the time to argue I told the lady at Kuna Caves Storage in Kuna, ID that I would take that, then she informs me they don't have an appliance dolly that i had reserved also. She let me use the storage appliance dolly but it had to be back by 3pm, so what am I going to do when I need to unload the Truck. So we get to loading and realize we don't have enough room for everything so I call my son in SE Idaho close to 300 miles away to come and pick up another trailer so we can finish loading. When I get there to set up the trailer for pickup she informs me it is going to be another $175 now a move that was supposed to cost me around $280 is up to $495 not including the gas for my son to drive to haul a trailer. Besides when I was renting the trialer the 26' truck came back and the guy said that was the shortest 7 miles I moved. That really pissed me off. By the time we get the second trialer loaded it is getting late and we are exhausted from all the hassle and moving. So I have to rent lodging for all of us that cost $380 plus meals. Now my move is up to $975. I knew we couldn't unload in one day so I called the drop off location to get an extrta day, sure she says for another $40 now my move is over $1000. I called the uhaul complaint number and she took the information and said someone would call within 24 hours. I received that call and I voiced my complaint to him and all he could say was I am sorry you were inconvenienced, he finally credited me $40 and an extra day to unload but that is just a pittance when you consider what I had to put out because of the incompetence of your company. I am demanding that I be reimbursed the whole cost of my rental for my inconvenience. If I do not I will have to contact the BBB and file a complaint and perhaps post my complaint on facebook and other social media to let people know what type of company this is.

Gordon L Cowley
2120 N. Firebrick Dr
Kuna, ID 83634

Mar 29, 2017

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