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UAC / dishonesty about loans

Tacoma, WA, United States Review updated:
Harassment from UAC employees, they are not a collection agency and are very rude to myself and others that answer the phone at my residence. They become personal, in my opinion, it is none of their business what I am doing with my money. I have kids and they come before my car payment, though I make sure that I am fully paid up by the end of the month. I am being charged an outrageous price for a car that the blue book is about 3000.00 less. Have had several issues with my car, transmission is bad, unsafe tires when I bought the car. Sales men are very un professional and I was not offered a choice. I was told either take that car for the money I had or pay more, which went against the advertisments that were out on television and some ads in papers about 500 down. I ended up paying 1100.00 in downpayments and 250.00 a month for a piece of crap that I really needed at the time with two kids.

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  20th of Jun, 2009
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I agree. My name is Vang. I am from MN. I bought a Chrysler. I have been suckered into a bad deal myself. I was told it was a 2-3 years short term payment plan then when everything was done and I finally got home and started calculating everything. It was a 4-5 year plan with nearly 400 deducted from my bank every month. Book value is 2000 or so and I am paying 10, 000 for it.

I am filing bankruptcy soon because of this. So much for BAD CREDIT, now it's HELL credit. Lesson learned from this is never CAR hop to a deal when it seems too good cause it's not REAL.

Yes, it has bad transmission, bad brakes, bad oil exchange, bad coolant pipes, basically everything you cannot see was Rotten to the core. It was cosmetically fine.

Never buy from anyone with transactions related with UAC. PEROID. They have no PAPER proof of any kind during the payments and you can't really understand when they deduct or how they calculate things cause there's nothing in writing or print to show you the % and amount left. Seriously. This can't be legal it seemed but it probably is. Scam.
  16th of Jul, 2009
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I just got a 2000 alro about 5 months ago. i put almost $1000 into repairs and i saw we just take these damn cars back...
the blue book on my car is only $1, 375 and i owe 7, 632
  9th of Aug, 2009
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I am considering BLOCKING UAC and letting them tke their TRASH back to their junkyard where it came from. The strut just broke from a STEEL work they probably did to salvage this junk. Now the transmission is leaking real bad. I am beginning to think that it may be the best thing to do and only thing left to do.

Estimate repair is in the THOUSANDS.

I hope anyone reading this will learn from our stupid mistake and never ever mess around with CAR HOP.
  18th of Aug, 2009
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When you are told that UAC and Car Hop are 2 different companies you are being lied to. Both companies are owned by the same people and UAC and are 2 different sides of the same company Interstate Auto Group.

All employees, Car Hop and UAC are trained to create a separation for the customer. That way when a customer becomes upset or disgruntled by the pos vehicle they were brow beat into purchasing the sales person can divert blame to UAC, or the reverse, a UAC rep can blame the sales agent.

The entire sales process is carefully tooled to focus a customer on certain vehicles, everything is done on a very extensive script that every sales person must memorize at 90% or better accuracy. It is designed to break a person down, dig out their most embarrassing financial issues so that when you do object to the 12 year old car with 150k miles on it you will have those issues thrown back into your face.

Throughout this process you will be reminded over and over that Car Hop and UAC are separate, but they are not.

It is very important to know the inspection process that these vehicles, many of which are bought site unseen, go through. A 10-15 minute inspection by a "recon" employee who may, or may not, even be a mechanic. Fluid levels are checked, no oil change is done, brakes are not inspected, tires rarely are even looked at, duct tape is often used to effect repairs. Cars that the people are selling you are often cars they would not even consider putting their own families into.

In short from the moment you walk onto a Car Hop sales lot you are being lied to, misled, and manipulated. You will be told what a great deal you are getting on a car that was purchased for $1200-3000 and being sold to you for 5 times as much as the purchase price with a warranty that will cover the engine tranny and drive train, but only with used parts that come from some random nearby junk yard.

When you finally realize that the purchase you have made is going to cost you as much as a new car at Kia and you have had to sink hundreds of dollars into repairs that Service and Warranty will not cover even 15 days after your purchase you will be hounded by the vultures at UAC who will disrespect you, your family and your friends. Calling you if your payment is 2 hours late at home, at work and where ever they can find you, and they are not nice, or even professional in many cases.

The one positive thing about the Car Hop program is that if you are lucky and get one of the few decent vehicles they have for sale and you make your payments on time and never have to deal with Service and Warranty the credit reporting will in fact work wonders to improve your credit score. The question is, are you willing to take the risk of getting one of the many lemons and end up paying $12, 000 for a 12 year old car with 120, 000+ miles in order to get that 75-100 point credit score boost?
  16th of Feb, 2010
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my name is m. i reside in kc, mo. i completly agree with all this. i got a lumina from one of the car hops here in town last year and i have never been so disappointed about a car that i have owned in my life. i have had issues from the day i bought the car. it has no hazard light -which would have been very useful in the many times it has broken down- all starting with the first day when i was test driving it to get some paper work i needed to get from my house. it was raining and i swear my foot was hitting the ground when i touched the brakes. the car hadnt been cleaned out and the wires for the power mirrors and the dome light had been ripped out by what probably was the previous owner who they also had left a foul odor in the car along with food bowls with mold and the price tag for this car in good blue book condition should have been around $3, 000, my price tag is $7, 000. there have been so many problems with this car including the most recent thing that wasnt covered in their "great" warranty plan which was the air conditioner compressor that quit wasnt covered and i had to borrow around $700 from my family to keep a running car. i dont know if car hop realizes why people lower their standards to come to their lot or not but they really need to see that people cant afford all these problem with a car when they are like me working a single job and having to makie $300 a month payments. its like a house payment on a car! then you add all the repair that have to be done to it plus multiple oil changes and tires and everything. its just not worth it.
  25th of Feb, 2010
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Hey Idiots, when you went there and they treated you sooooo bad, brow beat you over YOUR BAD CREDIT, and never gave you choices, and put you into a car that was sooooo unsafe...WHY DID YOU DO THE DEAL? WHY NOT JUST WALK AWAY? Just a question..from a halfway intelligent grown up. Stop Blaming Others you BAD CREDIT DEADBEATS!! PAY YOUR BILLS AND THESE THINGS WOULDN'T HAPPEN, YOU BIG OL DUMMIES!!
  25th of Feb, 2010
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Wow! You are all foolish. I'm also a Car Hop customer and I've never been more grateful in my life. Due to a divorce, I have bad credit. I couldn't buy a car anywhere else, even with 50% down. Car Hop not only got me into the vehicle I wanted, but kept my payments where I wanted them. Of course, I am an intelligent adult and checked the vehicle out extensively, before I purchased it. I did have a couple of minor issues with the vehicle, shortly after I bought it and I called their service department. They had me take it to a local shop and took care of the issues, right away, with no cash out of my pocket. Then, about 7 months after I bought my car, the transmission went out. I called service and they, again, told me where to have it towed to (I got AAA because the sales guy advised me to). It took 4 days and I got my car back and haven't had a problem since then. Of course, I've never heard from UAC, because I am always on time with my payments. I honestly believe that those of you who are complaining about poor treatment, are getting it because you don't pay your bills and think the world owes you something. It's a USED car!!! Some of them are going to have problems. Some of them won't. If you happen to have a problem with your car, get it fixed. It's yours and it's your responsibility.
  25th of Mar, 2010
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### UAC ... .SOLD ME A LEMON>>> I moved 25 hours From NorthCarolina to Minnesota for a NEw Job...I was forced to Get a car as Quickly as possible... And wow...the Biggest mistake of My LIFE Ive paid over 4, 000 dollars for a Car that wont even Run...Trunk wont open Brakes Shot...Transmission SLips bad... Flex Pipe and Universal Converter. IVe Paid Over 4000 Mind you...AND THEY WONT FIX ANYTHING>.. UAC CALLS FRIENDS AND FAMILY>>> AND HARRASSES YOU THE DAY BEFORE YOUR PAYMENT>> BEWARE DANGER???? SCAMMM SO RUDE ON THE PHONE>>>> they tell me to Donate Plasma or go to Labor Ready...HAHAHA Make My Living And Pay Bills...OR ### OFF>>>> Ill Hide this car in a Garage for 20 years
  6th of Apr, 2010
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I love it when employees com on here and slam us. Just sows the mentality of the trash that works here.
  6th of Apr, 2010
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woops bad spelling. on an I-phone :). regardless, carhop is ok... UAC is crap!
  7th of Apr, 2010
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I lost my JOB and ask them for 2 months of lowered PAYMENT amount and was harrassed about being jobless. Instead of helping they suggest I return their car & accept bad credit report. Can you believe the nerve of these people?

I suggest never to buy from CAR HOP. This company deserves to go bankrupt. I hope 50 million people go tomorrow to go buy their car jus to HIDE it from them FOREVER & never make a single payment.

Crooks, lemons, & evil MIS LEADING deductions.

I was told I only had 1, 200 left and today I called in to find out it's 1, 600. They can't explain to me why my payments went from 9, 000 - 12, 000 on a 1996 Chrysler T&C van.

I am poor and without credit & endured 4 years of crazy charges from them just to have a ride. I pray GOD will give me justice for this. Satan can't jsut get off like this that easily.
  7th of Apr, 2010
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PhotoGuyInWa = CARHOP
  18th of May, 2010
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Even when you have a signed and witnessed modification agreement/contract. The will call and harrass you like you have to urgently pay more than what was agreed.

They flounder back and forth with information and lack of it at any given time. If you call one person, then call again an hour later not only do they not have record that you called they don't have any information about what was discussed. Mind you this particular modification was the result of 'internal engine' repairs that they refused to cover and were paid for privately. No liablity on their part yet they can't honor their own contract to modify to help customer at least catch up from the repair expenses.

Be afraid and beware of these guys. They prey and make situations worse than they started for most. Ask around ... take a poll statistics will speak louder than the happy customer signs at the CarHop that you are almost forced to write ... right there on the spot. Though it is my Understanding that even CarHop is getting tired of the complaints about these guys. Thats just sad business practice. Shame on these preadators. They will call you and everybody else incessantly but then when you have a problem they will not call you back and if you call chances are they will hang up on you. This has happened twice today already. Nice going!
  6th of Jun, 2010
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I agree with most of these comments. UAC or Car Hop whomever they call themselves is misleading to people who need them the most. From the comments above it seams as if they are hurting those with bad credit instead of helping them. I heard they do not offer payment books or payment coupons to track payments. Is this legal? Has anyone considered a class action lawsuit?
  9th of Jul, 2010
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I agree with most of this. I am a mom with two kids, and I am never late with my payments to carhop either. I do find outrageous the price that I am paying for a two thousand dollar car and the fact that they wont work with me now that my car is nearly paid off really pisses me. I have never once missed a payment to these [censor], never been late, and I just got told to go donate plasma or have my "friends" put it on their credit card. WTF? Ok.. wait theres a reason before I get slammed for being a "dead beat" like some people have been doing to others... I lost my job and I called to POSTPONE one payment to pay my rent and they went nuts. I am so.. I dont even know. Two weeks ago someone ran through a yield sign and wrecked my car. Totally not my fault, the guy admitted it and his insurance sent them a check for X amt of dollars... I called today and asked them that since that is being recieved on the day that my payment was due if they could postpone my payment until I get the money together to pay for my car, since you know I do have two kids, rent and other bills to manage as well... And I even tried to turn the car back into them, because for a 2 thousand dollar car I have allready paid over 6. And replaced the engine and many other things in it as well... But they want to just get me into another car with a new contract for another three years on a car that I cant really afford at this time. So I said no, and all the sudden I dont qualify for a payment extension. I pay over 300/month to this company and put 800 down... And the payoff amt keeps jumping up... And I cant postpone ONE lousy payment even though they just got an insurance check... And I am still driving a damaged car. I did get it driveable again, but they are giving me a hard time because the insurance company said it was a total loss. NONE OF THIS IS MY FAULT and no matter what I do I am getting the shaft... So when they said that they would come and get the car if I dont scrounge up the money in 24 hours, then I told them to go ahead and they promptly told me that even if they take the car back I am stuck paying on a loan for a car that I dont have, that they have gotten MORE than enough money for...

I am not a whiner or a complainer. I take life as it comes, but I will never recommend this place to anyone. I know that I made a mistake in being desperate for my kids sake and NEVER again will I be so stupid. After all the rudeness and bullying that I have put up with this company I would advise ANYONE that no matter how good it sounds, they dont give a [censor] if something happens NO matter how good you are with payments. So for all the people who talk about the people with bad experiences, I am glad that you are having a great one with them, but we arent.It doesnt make us dead beats. I dont have terrible credit, I too just fell under the spell of something that sounded good, cheaper and better than a brand new car.

I am not being sarcastic. I just read the post about the guy whos never late with his payments, and well never was I, but that didnt stop them from treating me like dirt and making me feel like [censor] today and everyday for the last three weeks. If I have to choose between a roof over my kids head and this car payment then I choose safety for my kids. I never had much to say about them until the car got wrecked. And then they really came out with it. They told me that they can get me into a new car with a new three year contract and what was left to pay on my old car would rollover to the new car. I said even if I do what you want and sign a new contract for another car and you are just 1000 short of what you are charging me on this car, you are going to roll over that 1000 over and charge 1000 more on a allready over priced car for one that I dont even have? And she said yes. So I said Hell no... I am not signing another contract. I love the car that I got from them the first time. Its perfect for me and my kids. As far as the car goes, I am not complaining I have had issues with it, but I expected that considering it was used. What I didnt expect is for them to turn their back and eat at me to "hurry" up and pay off the car now that its a total loss. And you know that is their business. Its what they do. I just wont ever recommend them. They have treated a very loyal person who used to recommend people to them with rudeness and neglect. Yes neglect. And now I want out. You just cant treat people that way. I mean really. Seriously over two years of paying 300 a month, never late, and they cant postpone one freaking payment? Especially when it conviently happens to be right after I refuse a new car from them. Hmmm... Sneaky [censor].. Leave this company be! When someone crashes into you and you call into to tell them, they write it up as you are the one at fault, after you have repeatedly told them what happened, they dont ask if you are allright, but you have a payment coming up and would you like to take care of it now? I am sitting in a crushed car, telling you what the insurance people said, giving claim information, you write the report wrong BECAUSE YOU ARENT LISTENING ( and this happened twice, 2 diff people) and then you make me go between the insurance agent and you, and then just plainly say, would you like to make a payment now? Are you serious? I mean really. Thats just bad people skills. And then at the very end of speaking to the FIFTH person, she gets mad @ me, and tells me just to have the insurance guy call them and hangs up! WTF? Ok, well he had called and they gave him the runaround. I have spoken to this insurance agent many many times and each time he has told me that UAC is unlike any other loan company he has dealt with. He even said that they were snotty to him. And he prepared me for the worst because they were unable to work with us on trying to get a joint payment sent out to have repairs done on the car! UAC wanted the whole damn thing to pay off the car faster..

But now check this out... They claim they have gotten the check to be applied to our acct. Ummm... I sent it two weeks ago, the very day we received it and signed it, because although it was addressed to me and UAC, it was to be forwarded to UAC. I guess its possible that they havent got it yet but I find it hard to believe that since I recieved it the day after it was put into the mail, that the same day I put it in to be delivered to a place 6 hours away it still isnt there two weeks later. Funny.
  29th of Sep, 2010
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I'm finally done paying off this lemon. I just spent another 1000 fixing the axle. I built up so much stress & anxiety over this car I am so tempted to sue them.

I pray you all have read & learned from all of us who suffered at the hands of Car Hop.
  19th of Oct, 2010
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i bought a 1997 chevy cavalier...not the best car in the world...some minor problems...and of course, overpriced. i'm 18 years old and i have no credit so car hop was basically my only choice. i told the sales guy at car hop that i did NOT have direct deposit. he says alright. so i call UAC to make sure that they don't take money out of my checking account on my pay day because i work during the day and i can't deposit my check after 4 otherwise it wouldn't be in my account until the next business day. which would be 2 days too late. the UAC guy told me to pay with a money order right after i got out of work and he stopped the auto pay. when my next payday was coming up, i call UAC and i get this pyscho lady. i tell her that i'm calling about my payment thats wednesday and i wanted to make sure that i can pay with a money order again since my direct deposit wouldnt be on this paycheck. she was extremely rude. she told me that the only reason why i had this car was because i agreed to do auto pay. i told her that i never agreed to auto pay in the first place. she said this "you better have the money order at car hop tonight or else" ...or else what? are you going to take my overpriced piece of [censor] away from me? go right ahead...i have done nothing but try to work with these people. it's not like i'm trying to extend my payment to a different day. i'm asking to pay with a damn money order because i can't get to the bank in time to deposit my check.
alright so after i get my check at work, i notice that it has $0.00. which means my direct deposit went through. i call up UAC after work and tell them that the money was on my card. they say that they can't do an automatic withdrawl today because it's too late. i say ok...can i pay with my debit card? "Sorry this is a no grace period company. you have to call back tomorrow and give us your card number and we'll take the funds out" WTF? after arguing with the lady, i just tell her that i'm paying with a money order instead and i hang up.
this is my third payment to them. and i am already pissed off because they are rude, useless people. i wouldn't recommend car hop to anybody. true, it was my fault for putting myself in this situation, but no one deserves to be treated poorly.
  1st of Nov, 2010
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photoguyinwa must work for carhop. My transmission went out after six months. they kept my car for 5 weeks and returned it w/ a shake when i shift from park to drive. I'm going with kia sonata next time.
  15th of Jan, 2011
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i bought a car from auto masters in arkansas this company bought the company out they was reporting my account to the credit breau s this company states that they report to all 3 breaus it is being reported to none they even pulles the auto masters account out they care about no one there web site is not true i owe $800.00 of$ 15.000 i have been a good paying cust do not understand them ken peoples russellville, ar
  15th of Jan, 2011
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report the account like you state in your web page do the right thing

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