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Car Hopdishonest and verbally abusive

Car Hop/ UAC are liers and theifes and they are verbally abusive.
FIRST they sell you a car.
than the car breaks down, you spend all your monies getting it fixed. Than you cant make your car payments because the car needs so much overhaul.
Than they come and repo your can and CHARGE U FOR IT! and than RESELL the car rite out from under and RUIN what credit you have left.

There has to some way to stop the.
Please email me so we can all find each other and sue them.
I need your help.
email me at jammy louise at yahoo dot com, no spaces. put car hop in the subject line and I WILL EMAIL YOU BACK.


  • Jo
    jorgealmaraz Jun 06, 2016

    its the same for me I need help. the car broke 4 times in 8 months and car hop and uac are the same ###.
    Can some one help me i need advice

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  • Di
    DiamondandJoe May 15, 2015

    CAR HOP RICHMOND CA FAIL ### .. Got a mercury sable 2002 the front axle was gone and it needed rotors I then complained because I did not buy as car to take it to a shop they switched me with a 2001 Chevy impala L's This Car Runs HOT No Cool Air At All We hit a bump and bounce all over the place the shocks and struts are HORRIBLE The TRAXPCTION ACTIVE Light came on every time we turned right we got it fixed after 1 WEEK Of Arguing with the carhop people The shop DID NOT FIX THE PROBLEM Now the Left Side Does The Same Thing CARHOP IS A SCAM

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  • Rd
    rduke Jan 04, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a 03 Chevy impala and before the first 30 days were up the transmission went bad, now the did pay the bill, but if you're late no matter the reason they will call everyone on your reference list and will call repeatedly, I explained my situation about being late, but that fell on deaf ears, now the 03 impalas transmission went out, this onewas a usEd transmission the replaced the first onto with, the car also has a lifter problems and several sensors that are expensive to replace. The company must buy at auction and do the complete minimum to get their stock past the required safety inspection based on what state there doing business in, and once it's in your possession the vehicle just simply comes apart, I made the mistake of buying a car from car hop/ Uac, now unless they take car back I will have a large lawn orniment and I refuse to make any more payments to them or put anymore money in this car.

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  • Ca
    Car Hop Richfield MN Sep 28, 2014

    I wish I had seen your complaint BEFORE I bought a used 2002 Monte Carlo from Car Hop in Richfield, MN. It "tested" out very well. Great body, no rust, engine seemed in very good condition. HOWEVER, after test drive & car purchased, I find there is an "electrical problem" I can drive it, but nothing else works... no radio, no AC, no heat, NO NOTHING !! Plus, car was in a hard rain shower and windshield leaked like a sieve ...all over passenger side. So wet it took FOUR DAYS to dry out !!! I have an app't tomorrow 9/29/14 to take to one of Car Hops repair places ...BUT, why should I go thru this crap !! ?? I intend to return the car tomorrow 9/ Richfield Car Hop. I expect a total refund of my down payment ... otherwise, I'll just stop payments & they can repossess !!! Hope for the best outcome !!!

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  • Ih
    IHATECARHOP/UAC! Sep 16, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am very annoyed and pissed off with this company. I deal with this ### named rena and all she does is try to NOT help. I have tried everything I could to make a payment arrangement and she doesnt care. All they care about is ruining your life honestly. I got harrassed by Rena. She called my cell, my work twice, my grandma, my dad, my mom, my 3 references, my husband, and 5 of his references. I am so ready to be done with this place. going to see what i can do to get out of this! PLEASE REFRAIN FROM DEALING WITH THIS COMPANY. YOU WILL REGRET IT! I SURE DO!

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  • Fi
    Fire_Car Aug 04, 2014

    My first car from Car Hop was a 97 Toyota Avalon. The car was great it got me where I needed to go. I loved that car until the car caught on fire with me in it, and it wasn't a small fire but a blaze! So I call my account manager who was is disbelief. I had to keep dropping $$$ to have the car towed to their "approved" shop. So I did and they acted like it was my fault, and I still had to pay for that car while they hopped my ### into another car and loan. I ended up with a 98 Cirrus. Long story short that car caught fire also. And they hopped my ### into another car. 01 blazer the truck was ok except my first day barley 20min off the lot and that car was on fire. But I was able to put out the blaze before it did any real damage. The problem with this car is the brake lights stay on while driving and the turn signal does not work. This is supposed to be FIXED when I bought the car!!! Yet a year later its still not fixed I called my account specialist who was being less than professional and I call the warranty department who is actually very professional surprisingly they would not pay for the first diagnostic and now they want me to take it to another shop for second opinion which is really a third opinion. I am beyond frustrated. Now if the car is determined to be unsafe then they will try to hop my ### into another piece of s*** or I have to keep the one to suffer I'm tired

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  • De
    Deb_Clarke Feb 09, 2013

    For 6 months after paying off my car hop car I received Daily phone calls telling me I miss my payment. They kept threatening to repo my car even though I had the lean release and title. I documented every call and had copies of my cell phone records. When the tow truck showed up I called the police. They were told if they took my car they woud be charged with grand theft auto. Never heard fm them again.

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  • Jo
    Josh Coleman Jun 17, 2012

    I had went out and bought a car from car hop witch was a 2000 Chevy Malibu it ran good for like three week then it started having rpm fluctuation I called car hops warranty and they said to take it to one of there shops did and all they did was take off the tires and said oh all your brakes are bad And your rotors I ask them if they could resurface the rotors and they said no so my car was deemed by them undrivable so I went a whole week without my car arguing with the finance company about if they were going to help me pay for this they finally helped me but they only paid for the parts I had to pay for the service witch was $405.00 and then the next day I went and picked the car up I asked them what they did to it they said " we put new brake calipers and new brake houses and the part that was missing a retaining spring for my drum brake and they resurfaced the rotors" when I thought they said that they were not resuarfible and when I drove it out of there they did not even fix the problem I brought it in for.

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  • Ha
    Hall 29 Aug 03, 2011

    You should send complaints to the Better Business Bureau and have them investigate their business practices. Then you should contact a lawyer that handles harrassment cases because it is against the law for a company to call and harass you all the time. That is illegal and you can get a lawyer for a cheap price that can help you with this. Just do online research and you'll find a lawyer that handles cases like these. It does no good to complain about something if you're not going to do something about it. Help others by at least trying to do something and not just complain, and complain.

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  • Mi
    milly1997 May 03, 2011

    i bought a car from car hop. they doubled the price of the cars worth. and since january i have had it towed 12 times. they are a rip off. i need help with getting out of the contract

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  • Au
    Aurora Illinois Mar 11, 2011

    I went to car hop to talk to them they tried to get me to but a 2001 Ford explorer with 150, 000 miles on it they wouldn't tell me any of the prices for the vehicles they said they didn't have that information well anyway it came out that they wanted $8750.00 plus 20% and then wanted me to give them $1300.00 in cash by the time I would be done paying for this viehicle with 150, 000 miles that wasn't even in that great of shape and most likely wouldn't run for the next 6months without major repairs it would be as much as a brand new car that you could possibly own for another 5-10yrs if u took care of it. I don't have horrible credit but I was looking for a used viehicle locally (Aurora Illinois) and I read all the blogs before I went and I told them they had horrible ratings. They explained to me it was other dealers not them and gave me a line then had enough nerve to act like I was so dumb I would let them rip me off I wouldn't recommend Car Hop to anybody ur prolly better off buying a $200 beater and if it breaks down at least ur paying for just the maintenance and not also a car payment. The better business burrow is suppose to work for the people well where are you with all these complaints about this place. what a scam

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  • Mz
    mzi Mar 02, 2011

    WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! Bought a Pontiac Grand AM in 2008, within 1 year the car spontaneously combusted into flames while I was driving it. Car Hop and UAC placed me in another high priced loan/vehicle and took the melted car back. They split the remainder of the loan in half, charging off 1/2 and I am still paying the other 1/2 on my new loan. I recently found on my credit reports that UAC reported this is charged off/bad debt. I promptly disputed the information only to have UAC update the report now stating that it is a repossession. I have been fighting this for almost a year now.

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  • Mc
    Mccgivens Jan 22, 2011

    I also bought a car from Car Hop and I am amazed at all of the horror stories. I was in a "situation" where I needed to inquire about a car purchase. I walked in an was only expecting to ask some questions. Well one thing lead to another and after the paperwork was done, they tried to put me in an old nasty car. They knew that I didn't like it. I then stated that I had a $500 deposit if that would help to get me in something that I would drive my kids around in. They put me in a much nicer minivan and I was satisfied. Although one headlight was out and there was this screetching belt noise going on. They told me to bring it back in on Monday (this was a Friday) and they would fix the headlight and look at the belt. I did as they said, however, the belt was not fixed. They just lubed it and sent me on my way. Well I had to make a trip to Texas and on that trip, the belt broke. I called them, they towed it and fixed the belt with only a minor inconvenience. I chose the mechanic and all was good. About 90 days after having my van, something else went wrong and I really started to second guess buying this vehicle. They told me that I was responsible according to the warranty. Ok, fine. Fair is fair. I bugged them one more time to ask for some help since I had just bought the car and they agreed to pay half of the bill. Again, with my own mechanic. I now have the car paid off and did not have any further issues with them. I won't say that they care about their customers but after all, this is a "second chance" place. So when all is said and done, I am okay with the company. I could have just been one of those people that got lucky and didn't have any major hassles with them. Sorry for everyone else's misfortune. Nobody deserves to be treated badly.

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  • Im
    imsprods Dec 18, 2010

    I purchaed a vehicle from Car hop since, my ex-fiance RUINED my credit. LMAO at Welfare hater 2010! You r talking that just because I do not have good credit anymore because of a MAN! That I don't pay my bills! I DO, and have run into bad circumstances. I DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE TO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS "HORRIBLE" Company! The Salesman, shoved me into a 98 Plymouth Van and said that I could get a different car in a year. It's a year later, and driving a 1/2 broken down van! I NEED help!
    Welfare Hater 2010 - U R A LOSER!

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  • We
    WelfareHater2010 Feb 25, 2010

    Hey Idiots, when you went there and they treated you sooooo bad, brow beat you over YOUR BAD CREDIT, and never gave you choices, and put you into a car that was sooooo unsafe...WHY DID YOU DO THE DEAL? WHY NOT JUST WALK AWAY? Just a question..from a halfway intelligent grown up. Stop Blaming Others you BAD CREDIT DEADBEATS!! PAY YOUR BILLS AND THESE THINGS WOULDN'T HAPPEN, YOU BIG OL DUMMIES!!

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  • Th
    TheeRevSatan Jun 06, 2017

    @WelfareHater2010 You know what? I agree if your going to buy a 1995 and you have bad credit on top of it that is your fault and the decision was made by you. You should expect high interest and if the vehicle is 20 years old it's going to have problems and warranty items are your responsibility to read so you understand the contract before you purchase it. We have all made these types of mistakes and these people are whiny for the most part.
    Now why I am actually replying to this post is to say. Who in the [censor] do you think you are mister I was handed enough in life to understand the system and given the opportunity to have a job that you can pay your bills consistently each month. Not every thing in life is so cut and dry. So take your self righteous Christian hypocritical attitude and tithe to the church your 8% because you even cheat Jesus opinion and stick it in your ...!

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  • Re
    Repp Oct 29, 2009

    This is my carhop horror story. I went to carhop to get a vehicle after my new car was repossessed. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to inspect the vehicle, a 1995 Plymouth van that seemed to run fine. About a week later, I noticed some leaking from the engine. I contacted carhop about this problem, and they have several shops around town. I thought that was good until I got the inspection. The mechanic said the engine was leaking in too many places, so he suggested replacing the engine with a new one. I thought, this is great! That was until the mechanic started to play games with me.

    2 days passed with no transportation, relying on public transportation and barely enough money to get around, I started to get frustrated! After the so called mechanic said he replaced the old engine with the so called new engine, he told me to meet him at the shop, which I assumed that was were I dropped it off. That wasn't the case! I chased around the city trying to find this shop. The mechanic didn't even tell me about this location. I finally arrived at the shop, only to find that the *new* engine looked exactly like the old one!!! I am willing to bet that they didn't even touch it, maybe just a little cleaner than before. They replaced a couple of engine parts, which cost me $125.00. I could not believe this!!

    Not only did they lie about the new engine, but they also have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with! They do not care about customers at all. I will never do any business with this fly by night operation again!
    I am also seeking some legal help or advice to see if there's anything I can do to rectify this situation, either some or all the $125.00 I have already spent on this POS from this disreputable car dealership, or better yet, to trade this vehicle for a vehicle that is in better shape, and professionally inspected. Personally, I would like to just get out of this loan and do business with a reputable car company. This has been irritating, frustrating, and just plain BS!!!

    Well, they did refund the $125.00 and did get me into another car after talking to the Minnesota attorney general and a lawyer. The second car was a 1997 Oldsmobile Acheiva with 135, 000 miles on it. I drove this car for about 2 months. On 05/10/2007, I was driving back home when the temperature gauge was getting closer to the hot zone. After I parked the car, antifreeze poured out the left front side of the car. I had someone else look at the car for a second opinion, and he said that the fluid was coming from the water pump. Early next morning I dumped in almost an entire bottle of antifreeze to get to the shop. I took the car up to the same mechanic as I did before. The next day I called the mechanic to see where the leak was coming from. He said there was antifreeze on the ground. He said he had to do a pressure test to see exactly where the leak was coming from, and then he said one of the other mechanics took the car out on the highway to find out where the leak was. The next day I called the mechanic once again, and he told me that nothing was leaking. Did he even bother to fill the antifreeze? I finally dumped the car on their lot and told them what they can do with it. The only thing they asked me was when I could make my next payment! I did not deal with or waste any more time with this so called “CAR DEALERSHIP”. This is nothing more than a scam artist car place. If anyone has suffered the same garbage and want's to start a class action suit, they truly deserve it!

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  • Co
    concernedcitizn Sep 05, 2009

    I have had the same problem with this company. They charged me $2000. for a warrenty that they did not honor and you can't ever get ahold of them. They always have an excuse for why it won't cover the problem [not a very good one] If i pay extra for a warrenty to cover transmission andother major parts i don't expect to have to pay $500 or $600 out of pocket to have it fixed. Two days after we got the vehicle it broke down. Wanted to return it and the said it was my responsibility after I drove it off the lot. Have been back and forth with them on the phone dealing with repair issues. The automechanic I go through says he has the same problem with them avoiding him. To the person who is seeking legal acti0n good for you. If any of my information can help feel free to let me know. It is very aggrevating and it needs to stop at there expense not ours.

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  • Wh
    whoisjohngault Aug 18, 2009

    When you are told that UAC and Car Hop are 2 different companies you are being lied to. Both companies are owned by the same people and UAC and are 2 different sides of the same company Interstate Auto Group.

    All employees, Car Hop and UAC are trained to create a separation for the customer. That way when a customer becomes upset or disgruntled by the pos vehicle they were brow beat into purchasing the sales person can divert blame to UAC, or the reverse, a UAC rep can blame the sales agent.

    The entire sales process is carefully tooled to focus a customer on certain vehicles, everything is done on a very extensive script that every sales person must memorize at 90% or better accuracy. It is designed to break a person down, dig out their most embarrassing financial issues so that when you do object to the 12 year old car with 150k miles on it you will have those issues thrown back into your face.

    Throughout this process you will be reminded over and over that Car Hop and UAC are separate, but they are not.

    It is very important to know the inspection process that these vehicles, many of which are bought site unseen, go through. A 10-15 minute inspection by a "recon" employee who may, or may not, even be a mechanic. Fluid levels are checked, no oil change is done, brakes are not inspected, tires rarely are even looked at, duct tape is often used to effect repairs. Cars that the people are selling you are often cars they would not even consider putting their own families into.

    In short from the moment you walk onto a Car Hop sales lot you are being lied to, misled, and manipulated. You will be told what a great deal you are getting on a car that was purchased for $[protected] and being sold to you for 5 times as much as the purchase price with a warranty that will cover the engine tranny and drive train, but only with used parts that come from some random nearby junk yard.

    When you finally realize that the purchase you have made is going to cost you as much as a new car at Kia and you have had to sink hundreds of dollars into repairs that Service and Warranty will not cover even 15 days after your purchase you will be hounded by the vultures at UAC who will disrespect you, your family and your friends. Calling you if your payment is 2 hours late at home, at work and where ever they can find you, and they are not nice, or even professional in many cases.

    The one positive thing about the Car Hop program is that if you are lucky and get one of the few decent vehicles they have for sale and you make your payments on time and never have to deal with Service and Warranty the credit reporting will in fact work wonders to improve your credit score. The question is, are you willing to take the risk of getting one of the many lemons and end up paying $12, 000 for a 12 year old car with 120, 000+ miles in order to get that 75-100 point credit score boost?

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  • Ol
    OliverBB May 29, 2009

    THEY ARE LIARS, they run a sloppy business, never making proper notes, their turn over is so often... no-one knows what the heck is going on. They will not work with you even if you have to fix your CAR! ...the car I bought keeps having the same problems over and over, $$$!!! They berage call YOU AT work. they like being obnoxouse, and the supervisors must get off on just how rude they can be. I have alot more to say, but I am meeting my lawyer to find out what I can do!!! IF YOU ARE READING THIS IT IS TOO LATE FOR YOU!

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