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Complaints & Reviews

Oct 12, 2019

CarHop Auto Sales And Finance / Interstate Auto Group — horrible customer service

I filed an application for credit with Car Hop and from the start have had horrible service from the sale...

Aug 06, 2019

CarHop Auto Sales & Finance — warranty

These people bring you in with a promise of a warranty on the vehicle you are purchasing, but they do not...

Dec 14, 2018

CarHop Auto Sales And Finance / Interstate Auto Group — they sell bad cars, unethical and unsafe

These people really ripped me off me hard, sold me a lemon, lasted 6 hours and 30 miles. I called the dealer...

Jun 28, 2018

CarHop Auto Sales And Finance / Interstate Auto Group — lemon car, price of junk

I just brought an SUV from carhop and there is an extensive amount of issues wrong with it and they won't do...

CarHop Auto Sales And Finance / Interstate Auto Group — the vehicle purchased/warranty not honored and promises broken

My name is Cynthia Anderson/[protected]. I purchased a car in Aurora Colorado on or about June 2017. At the...

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Car Hop / UAC — preditory loans

in California you can charge 10% interest on a loan. I am being charged 23%intrest on a sup prime car the key...

Car Hop — uac financing

They false advertised about how much you need to put down. I had to give up $500.00 for a car that had a bad...

Car Hop — dishonesty

I am I'm the market for a reasonably priced used car I talked to a representative from car hop and and...

Car Hop / UAC — refusal to pay referral bonus

I purchased a car Jan, 2014 at the Allentown dealership. I referred another customer to them, who gave my...

Car Hoptrying to get vehicle fixed

When I moved to Kentucky I had talked to the warranty department to ask how I would get my truck fixed if I needed to in Kentucky odviously if it is broke I can't drive it to Illinois to get repaired they told me to find a licensed shop to do the work where I moved to well the engine light came on had it put on the computer and it comes up cylinder 3 which it means the spark plugs and wires needed to be replaced or the coil possibly the fuel injectors will since the maintenence is my responsibility I replaced the plugs and wires well the light when off then back on it came so I found a shop near my home to fix the problem that is willing to be added to the warranty so I have there information and I have tried to call the warranty office for the past month have been on hold for hours at a time left several messages and I still haven't talked to anyone in that department at all I have also tried to contact the dealer in Joliet, Illinois where I purchased the vehicle from

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    • Fa
      fadoka28 Sep 05, 2013

      as Marvin replied I didn't know that a single mom can make $4482 in a few weeks on the internet. did you read this web page

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Carhop — deceitful business practices

    Always go with your gut...I was skeptical about this dealership since none of the vehicles have prices on...

    Carhop — deceptive trade practices

    This dealership uses fraudulent and/or unfair and deceptive trade practices. Before anyone “bad...

    Carhopdon't buy car from them

    Long story short, here is how car hop operates. First like the lady says above. you go in first thing they want to do is get you approved. You don't look at cars or anything they get your credit done. Then with no real explanation they tell you what cars you can choose from. All of these cars will cost you exactly the same. (around 2x blue book value) You can not choose a cheaper car or even a more expensive one and pay the difference, we had about 5 choices.

    So we pick one of our 5 choices, looks nice, is clean. I ask about the AC and they tell me it works. I ask if there's any known problems, they assure me its been to the reconditioning center and there are no issues with the vehicle. Well the next day the brakes make a horrible noise in the back, sounds like a dying duck. Car Hop says its not their problem we bought the car. Then March comes it gets a little warm, and i am in the drive thru at a restaurant, its warm...AC only blows hot. Once again not their problem even though he lied to me and said it worked, 2 days later still not even licensed the car, it dies and has to be towed. Fuel pump is out. We have to pay for the tow but the fuel pump is covered. As stated above their policy is to replace your broken part with used parts. (not reconditioned.. USED) A used fuel pump usually doesn't work since used parts come from wrecks, and the fuel pump dies to avoid fires. it took 15 or so calls and over 3 weeks for them to finally decide they would allow the shop to put in a new fuel pump. The mechanic tells us about why used ones don't work and that he had tried 3 before we finally got the new one approved.

    And that was the short version.

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      UAC/CarHopwhat warranty?

      I have an update for my vehicle that has been giving me problems since I bought it from carhop. My vehicle, which I bought (June 2011) from CarHop in Des Moines, Iowa now has severe internal engine problems. UAC's warranty covers the internal parts of the engine and transmission. My vehicle is still under UAC's warranty. Last week (12th of October 2011) I noticed that the a slight clicking sound had been coming from the engine area, I checked all fluids. All fluids were and are at manufacturer's capacities. The click soon was getting louder and soon turned into a very loud and pronounced clanking noise from inside the engine and would increase as engine rpm's increased. I called the warranty department to ask where I could take my vehicle. I finally was allowed to take the vehicle to the approved shop (13th of October 2011). I did not hear anything from UAC for a full week after dropping my vehicle off. Living in a small community has it's advantages, and by the time I called them (UAC) I was well informed by the mechanic about what was going on. The mechanic informed me that he fears that the piston sleeves are possibly cracked or that a rod had been thrown; and that he would not drive it, he told me that UAC's service manager refused to acknowledge the fact that the vehicle is dangerous to drive. I called UAC to ask what was going on and was told that they did not know (this is after I talked to the mechanic) and they would call me back, they never did (I found I had to call to find anything out). I called again, and I was told there is nothing wrong with my vehicle. That the clancking noise is not a reason to repair the engine; that when it decided to seize/blow up that they would then replace the whole engine. How safe is that?!! I would love for the service manager of UAC to drive my vehicle around (or home as the customer service rep wanted me to do), I'll trade him and see how safe he feels about driving it. If any of my family members are hurt in this vehicle because UAC is saving the "bottom dollar" knowing that this and other vehicles are unsafe or mechanically deficient, look for a lawsuit. I am writing a letter to my State's Attorney General to notify him of the dangerous practices of UAC.

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        Carhop — fraud business ethics

        This dealership uses fraudulent and/or unfair and deceptive trade practices. Purchased 1999 Chevy Tahoe...

        U.A.C /Carhopcars they sell are crap

        Having poor and non existent credit, after my old car broke down I was desperate for a vehicle so I could get to and from my job. Along came Carhop. I found a 1998 Chev Cavalier, overpriced for the year it was(almost 4 grand) but hey when you are desperate you will take anything. The car needed the ABS breaks looking at. The salesman at Carhop reassured us that after we had purchased said vehicle all we had to do was take it in to their (U.A.C) approved shop. Well after signing on the dotted line, we discover that the brakes would be checked and advised not repaired as promised. So twice it went into shop. After second time the ABS brakes were still giving us grief. To the point where if you need to suddenly stop, well forget it, you are ### out of luck and more than once we have come close to having an accident because of it. Then at work going over a speed bump, the latch for the glove compartment pops open and falls off. So now the glove compartment no longer functions and we have to duct tape it shut.

        And lets go to the actual loan itself. We allowed U.A.C. to take the first two payments out of our bank account. We were reassured by the sales agent that it would be no problem making the payments ourselves after that on the dates they were due. What a joke. They gave us so much hassle, but we persevered. So then we thought hey why not just make two payments for the month on the day the first payment of the month was due. You're kidding right? They sent us a nasty notice saying we were behind in our payments. Huh? You got the one payment on time and the second one two weeks early, yet we are behind?

        Their customer service is the pits. Their customer service reps are rude and can't be bothered to listen. This is about the WORST company you could ever hope to deal with and my advice to anyone is run run away as fast as you can if you have to deal with Carhop and U.A.C.

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          • La
            LadySturdivant10510 Sep 22, 2011

            I bought a 99 OldsMobile Intrigue from Carhop Three months ago and my car runs just fine. I love the Warranty that comes along with it. UAC helped me to get financed even though I have bad credit. I filed Chapter 7 last week, so my credit will be all clear again. Im very thankful for that.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Car Hop — rip off

          I have bad credit and was told by car hop that they finance anyone so I decided to give it a try. I am not...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Car Hop — broken promise

          To whom it may concern: I purchased a 2000 mercury mountaineer on 6/14/2011 at car hop 8021 south tacoma...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Car Hopfixing my car

          I went into a car hop dealer ship in april and the car that I purchased was a 2002 chevy impala. The horn did not work and they sent the car too good year and the horn worked all of 2 days. I complained to them about first they said that they would fix the horn then said that thats not covered in the warr. when good year did the horn, the air stop working in july of 2011, carhop said take the car and have them do a test on it. when I went and got my car the guy told me that it was all electric and sent the info too carhop warr. they said that they would fix the horn wich at first would not cover under the warr. they would now fix. but everthinng else I would have to pay, what good is the warrenty. I am going to submit this too the bbb and also the states att. this is a buyer beware

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            • Cs
              C. Scott Mar 12, 2013

              Some1 start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT and I will ad MY problems that I am having with my van...

              cliff scott [protected]

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Car hop/UACmisguiding info /unserviced vehicles with high mileage

            How can Car Hop still be in business. When people are in certain situation we sometime do desperate things. I purchaced a car from Lancaster Tx Car hop. Salesman ROBBIE CALKINS was convincing. All the while they are snakes. I didn't mind the finance charges at this moment i really needed a vehicle. I was finally approved for a 2002 PT Cruiser with 169k on it. The vehicle was 9, 600 when financed 12, 500. I drove the vehicle from there to my home it ran hot. Called the lot back mind you its sat. i got no anwser. Called the warranty dept. they gave me a place to take the car. took the car there and 2weeks pass im calling the shop they saying the warranty dept. sent used bad parts. So i call the UAC they finally oupt me out that contract for another vehicle at the same price and payments which was a total lie. Nothing was to change my went up and i was charged over $1, 000 more on finances. and this vehicle was a 2001 blazer.Since then i have been getting the run a round UAC says call The car lot. The car lot says call UAC. I did get some attention fron a rep. of UAC named CYRUSS thanks for that insite bro. I would still like for my situation to be attended to i would appreciate it is someone from corporate would look into this matter. I don't seem to be getting any where with the reps or salesmen in you guys organization. I will be notifying the BBB on this matter. Especially since the nd vehicle i was so called SUB out of runs terrible. Service engine, brakes, ABS lights are all on. They weren't on when i choose the vehicle. I was told by the same saleman ROBBIE Calkins store manager in Lancaster TX. my payments wouldn't change my finance charges wouldn't change either. That was totally all bull. I would appreciate it if someone would respond to this complaint personally. Contact me Broderick L. Morgan i still have this other tainted vehicle. Don't have any photos only only proof of dishonest salesmen and misguiding of customer service. Whats done in the dark will come to the light. Can't seem to get a call back from the car lot. Doesn't surprise me. Signed Dis Satisfied Customer

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              • Ta
                Talani Feb 13, 2012
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                Hi this message is for Hans, i really need to get a hold of you today if possible relating to our car agreement that we talk about. My number to get a hold of us is:[protected]&our name is Fuamatala Sulu&Alfred Tupou I'amanu&we [email protected]: 3032 Springdale Dr. Apt.#387 Long Beach CA 90810, thank you and God bless!!

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              • La
                Lazypages Feb 13, 2012

                theirs a car over here that for 1550.00 ya just saying

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