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Car hop/UACbroken car

This is the second time I have bought a car from Car Hop, only because no one else would sell me a car, but any way I bought a Hyndia Accent 2001, when I got the car it was running good for the first couple of days, but soon, my car would booge down, come to find out there was oil all over the spark plugs, so we took it to the mechanic and got it fixed, then my trunk broke, but because it was 't part of the warinty they would not fix it. It was not my fault that the trunk broke, since I only had it a couple of weeks, but I still had to pay for it. WARNING for people who want to buy a car, don't go to Car Hop they will rip you off, I learned the hard way, people like that don't car all they want is the money!!!


  • Ju
    Just Ed Apr 03, 2016

    Hmmm, Ive been through some difficult times which ruined my credit. I'm looking for a car and have seen the carhop ads, so doing due diligence first. Obviously, this company is not to be trusted.

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  • Nu
    nurse123 Aug 30, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just bought a car from Car Hop the salesperson Shawn kept telling me that this car was an awesome car low mileage for the year . When test driving the car i notice that the car had brakes issues and the car shook, and their was noise when you stepped on the breaks also it have few dashboards lights on. Shawn assured me that the car was inspected before they put the car on the lot and that he would write everything into the contract and for me to go get everything looked at within 20 days at one of their shops. He even gave me the card to the shop. I made the appointment took the car into the shop only to be told that the car was not safe that they could not let me take the car . The brakes pads, brake shoes, shock absorbers, , struts, control arm and alternator and now wiring had to be replaced . I have been going back and forth with auto repair shop and Carhop on fixing these issues that was in the contract they refused to cover some items was even told by the manager that parts very expensive for the car. I then found out that their was recall on the car ignition switch which can cause the key to come out while driving and the ignition switch plate which can cause the airbags not to deploy was not fixed before the car was sold. I complained on Friday about going to the Attorney General manager Ashley told me to go ahead and this morning woke up car has been disabled . Payments have been on time for this car bought the car for my daughter to have way to get back and forth to college and my husbands deployed right now ( what a mess !!!).

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  • Ma
    Marie34 Mar 08, 2015

    Well this week coming up I will be trying to take my car in to get fix hope car hop fix what I am paying for if not no more car notes from me, chapter 7 or 13!! Lol

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  • On
    o no car hop could kill Sep 29, 2013

    Good morning people I feel the same way I bought I car with car hop not due to the fact of not paying my past bills yea my credit is a lil shot but that's due to being a single mother of a child whom had disabilities. I bought a 99 Chrysler cirrus the 1st month I had ot the tire rods an boil joints went bad whi le driving on the highway basically could have killed myself my son an people next to me.. good thing is they did fix it after me going off now 5 months later I am looking into trading it In got another dealership to look at it a basically let me know its been in 3 crashes an they frame is so broken if I was to hit or get hit the engine would be in the cab of the car.. also car facts has it down where ot should have been distroyed after a crash in 03.. let me get this straight I don't mind paying 7000 for a car right now cause my credit ain't perfect not the problem but when they can sell a car to a family an know it could be dangerous that's a probem I have done a lil resreach an there r laws against this yes they said the lemon law doesn't work for used cars only if sold as is we have extended warranty an it very much qualify please look at your state laws... please be safe

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  • Me
    MemyselfandI2341 Mar 27, 2012

    DUH!!! I mean when you buy a car from car hop you know what your getting into. Read your paper work its your fault for signing the papers and being so naive. Why do you think every other dealer slammed the door in your face [censored]. Clean up your credit and quit yer [censor]in!!

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  • Ar
    araceli91 Mar 10, 2012

    Stupid car hop I hate them. I took thier car back whithin 72hours and they still haven't refunded my money Down payment. They tried to charge me 7000 for a 1999 alero that had been in a previous accident I.knew this Bcuz I had the car inspected by my friends mechanic. And when I went they got do mag and told me I would get a check ina week. And nothing I'm going to start showing up at their dealership until I get my money back Wtf!!!

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  • Tw
    twin one Apr 23, 2011

    car hop is the worst of worst i bought a 97 intrepid from them this car as cost me over 2, 500 dollars in repair costs, but the worst thing was that they sold me a car that had the subframe was cracked the motor mounts were broken the shop told me that for one thing it was unlawful to sale a car like that the Damm motor could have fallen out at any time just dropped out while driving yes thus killing me our the person driving next to me.

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  • Mr
    Mr. ME Apr 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I dont see what the problem is. I bought a car from carhop and had multiple problems with it. All the problems were to be expected, (ITS A USED VEHICLE!!! MEANING PREVIOUSLY OWNED BY SOME [censored] TEEN THAT DIDNT TAKE CARE OF IT!!) but after 10 months the engine and transmission blew and I was out of my 18000mile warranty, as I travel alot for my business. After 3 weeks of haggling and getting the mechanic to back me up to prove that it wasnt my fault, but a preexisting condition with a bent frame from a previous accident they just put me in a new car. I have had the car for almost 6 months now and no problems.
    If you bother to talk to the people in home office and make them understand your situation instead of just blowing your top and cussing them out like I bet almost all of you did you just might get them to handle a few things for you.
    Like the old adage says.. "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar"
    No Im not a carhop employee.. I own and operate my own business and when all the major car companies didnt want to deal with me because I couldnt "PROPERLY PROVE MY EMPLOYMENT WITH PAYSTUBS" carhop not only worked with me but got me in a damn nice car and when I had the problems I had they took care of me even though the warranty department said screw you.
    My point is, why dont you people talk to them and have some patience to get the right person to help you instead of just losing your temper. Once you get the reputation for losing your temper with a company, noone wants to deal with you and you will ALWAYS be treated as hostile.

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  • Ge
    germa Mar 03, 2011

    Welfare Hater - Car Hop was a common dealership in the apartment I lived in and the people were all in the military and I would see their cars break down. They were all working but not as wealthy as they needed to be to have a brand new car. Also, you can go 25 other places with bad credit, people are just too lazy to look around.

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  • Vi
    VintageLove Mar 01, 2011

    You know what's interesting, Eric? Not once, when I bought my car three weeks ago, did they state that there is a 72 hour Satisfaction Guarantee, which also isn't stated in any of the paperwork. I have read it all in painstaking detail. During the paperwork signing, I even had them write in an addendum that stated they would fix a problem I pointed out with the ball joints near the driver's side, which they have yet to honor, despite the fact that I had to have the transmission replaced TWO WEEKS after receiving it. Do you honestly believe that anyone with, at the very least, the mental capacity of a geriatric chimpanzee would consider that an "unforseen probem?" I was, however, clever enough to realize there was a clause in the Arbitration Agreement that allows you to withdraw it within 14 days of signing, with a written revocation. Needless to say, CarHop will be hearing from my uncle. He's an attorney.

    Oh, and WelfareHater, some of us aren't worthless inbreds with no comprehension of liability or social obligation, but rather, are victims of criminals who prey on the naivete of good-hearted people.

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  • Is
    israelesp Feb 24, 2011


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  • St
    STRATUS SUCKS Jul 09, 2010

    [censor] YOU CAR HOP

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  • We
    WelfareHater2010 Feb 25, 2010

    Oh and I just read your tiraid, MR 3 CARS FROM CARHOP...I don't think I need to go anyfurther, you're what people call...hmmm...what's the word I'm looking for...[censored].

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  • We
    WelfareHater2010 Feb 25, 2010

    What is this? A DSHS Cafe where all you DEADBEATS get together and talk about how the man is screwing you? Did anyone catch the two points made in the very first sentence of the complaint? Probably not, because they don't teach you idiots how to read on BET. They said #1, "This is my second purchase"..what are you a glutton for punishment? YOU chose to buy a car from them not once but TWICE, and now have the audacity to complain? Dummy. If they're sooo bad, why did you go back? Oh yeah...point #2.."no one else would finance me".. well whose fault is that? IT'S YOUR FAULT FOR NOT PAYING YOU BILLS AND BEING IRRESPONSABLE!! YOU HAVE BAD CREDIT, WHICH MEANS YOU DON'T PAY ANYONE BACK...WOULD YOU LEND YOU MONEY? While we're on the subject, you probably won't even make your payments to them anyway either. What a wonderful example your setting for your 5 kids with 4 different baby daddy's. SHUT UP. YOU KNOW YOU'RE NOT EVEN GOING TO PAY FOR IT ANYWAY. JUST ANOTHER COLLECTION ACCOUNT...

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  • Se
    seattle01 Jan 20, 2010

    I really truely wish that, i should do alot more research about carhop before buying a car from them..they charge you crazy interest and it not even worth the time i pay off my car, it will be broking already...wonder if there any LEGAL WAY to get out of the contract..HELP, HELP, HELP!

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  • Mj
    mjohnson2469 Dec 16, 2009

    You can tell the last post was by a CarHop employee. To Eric I say go back to screwing people out of their money... Karma is coming for you...

    When you buy a vehicle from a DEALER you expect that it will be in good mechanical order when you purchase it. Otherwise what would be the point of going to a dealer over a personal seller? Don't say financing because you can do that for any car.

    I have had 3 cars with CarHop. ALL have shown major malfuctions almost immediatley. CarHop typically will pay for some out of warranty issues in the beguning, however if more problems are found during the assesment from a mechanic they may just decline to fix anything. Such as my case. I am paying 12k for a Ford Expedition that has:

    Bad ODN plug
    Check Engine Light
    Bad Upper Ball Joint
    Bad Lower Ball Joint
    No license plate lights in the back
    ABS Light
    Rough Idle
    Bad Allignment (pulls to right)

    Know what CarHop Warranty people said. SORRY - WE WONT FIX THAT...


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  • Ca
    CarhopHater Oct 27, 2009

    Im currently 100 miles over the warranty and the head gasket blew. Mainly because whenever i went to get it repaired by a certified car hope mechanic it came back worse but to them there was no problem. I advise anyone to avoid at all costs. Not to mention with interest im paying 10000 for a 2001 junker thats sitting in my front lawn. I'm gonna stop making payments and tell them to blow one. I repeat never ever ever even step on there lot. Scam artists.

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  • Th
    TheDude311 Sep 04, 2009

    The car I bought from Car Hop seemed finded upon purchase. However, it didn't take long for the car to have a laundry list of problems, most of which weren't covered under the warranty. I am convinced that Car Hop intentionally does not fix problems not under warranty before selling in order to save on costs. They make sure it runs fine for at least 72 hours, but no longer than that. Horrid customer service. I discourage anyone from purchasing a car from Car Hop...very deceiving.

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  • Mo
    motherofrag Aug 18, 2009

    Going through my own CarHop hell right now. Funny, because my first purchase was AWESOME!

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  • Fc
    F*C* [email protected] Aug 13, 2009

    Car Hop does not tell you that you have 72 hours to return the car and if you try to they raise hell about it. TRUST ME i have been paying two car payments because carhop wouldnt fix my car and it will sit in my yard until i hual it off to the junk yard. i have had to dump over $3000 worth of parts into my car with doing the work my self. Car hops Warranty may sound good at the time of getting your car...but us who know IT SUCKS...To know the truth dont use CAR HOP SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR A WHILE because if not your hard earned dollars will go into that junker from carhop! DONT MAKE THE MISTAKE I HAVE

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  • Er
    Eric Wanek Jul 28, 2009

    Regarding your vehicle concerns, although it is unfortunate when any customer has mechanical issues, unforeseen problems do sometimes occur with used vehicles. To best assist customers, every CarHop vehicle includes a 72 hour Satisfaction Guarantee which allows a vehicle to be returned within 72 hours if a customer is not satisfied. In addition, each vehicle includes an 18 month / 18, 000 limited warranty. Since this is a limited warranty, the covered items are clearly listed in the paperwork each customer receives prior to purchase. CarHop will happily cover any items included in the warranty.

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