Two Men and a Trucklack of ethics

E Oct 24, 2014 Review updated:

Years ago, I hired Two Men and a Truck from Palm Harbor, Florida, due to a Senior Citizen Discount. There was 10 boxes and 2 large items. I was quoted a price for a high-rise move for 2 hours. The 2 men were late, then told me they had to go back to their truck, but disappeared for almost 1 hour! They finally took my items, and told me to follow them, about 15 miles, but took a circular route. They demanded I pay for 20 boxes, a 4 hour delivery, and even asked for a tip! I asked to speak to their office, but got excuses, so I paid, minus a tip, and then called their office. I was told I would be refunded 2 hours, but was not, so contacted the Better Business Bureau. They claim they were going out of business, so I told them I would take them to Court, then got my 2 hour refund. I always see their trucks, proving they are still in business, but do lack ethics!


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      Oct 24, 2014

    Why are you complaining now for something that happened "YEARS AGO"???
    Did you just run out of things to complain about???

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      Oct 24, 2014

    AND... What company are you complaining abou???

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      Oct 25, 2014

    Many people complained about the bad experiences they had with Two Men and a Truck, if you had taken the time to read each complaint! I just agreed with them, that I also had problems! The first line of my complaint gives the name of this moving company, namely Two Men and a Truck. It pays to be well-informed, and not make assumptions you could be held liable for!

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