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carelss movers/bad customer service

I wish we had check this website out before we use these moving company. In July 2008, our lease was due and we decided to buy a house but it will not be ready until November 2008. With that we decided to move all our belongings to the storage until our house is built. We hired Two Men and a Truck (4 men and 2 truck). That was awful. Yes they got there on time but these guys are soooo slow that it took 12 hours to pack a 5 bedroom house. They didn't finished packing our house. Around 6pm we told them that the storage company closes their gate at 9pm. At 7pm they left headed to the storage company. At 8:45pm, they called and said that they just finished storing our things in the storage. The next morning, I decided to go to the storage and check things out. I have notice that it looks like someone was playing basketball with boxes. Chairs with Iron rod are on top of a china cabinet. I called the moving company and they came and took pictures and promised us (verbally... BIG MISTAKE) that if we use them when we moved out they will take care of everything. We moved out on November 4th and most of our furniture has scratches, washer and dryer has dents. The biggest thing that I am so angry is that they have broken the leg of my formal dining table. Thanksgiving we didn't have the table to use. We called the moving company and they told us that they are only paying us $300.00 because we didn't signed the insurance. Now they expect for us to fixed the leg of my table, fix the scratches of all my furniture and replace the two large mikasa bowl (wedding gift) with the $300.00 check they sent. Anyone out there please be careful when you are using this movers. Also write down all the time, when did they get there, what time they took lunch and how long. They will try to cheat.

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    Karen Boyd Mar 22, 2011

    I completely disagree, I used them a few weeks ago the Two Men And A Truck Glendale/North and they were fantastic. They were on time, clean, professional and fast and most importantly actually cared about my belongings. I HIGHLY recommend 623-847-6683

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worst move ever

Last Saturday, I had Two Men and a Truck signed up to move me. It was a complicated move because my mother...

terrible, rip off company!

Two Men and a Truck
1257 G Kennestone Circle
Marietta, GA 30066

Dropped and destroyed my exexcutive desk. After communication with office, they said credit card no longer acceptable, cash was necessary to get the remainder of office furniture from truck. If cash was not available in 20 minutes my furniture in their truck would be delivered to their lot at a $500.00 per day charge. Two men and a truck destroyed my desk and proceeded to treat me as criminal. Offered $75.00 for a $1500.00 desk. Totally dishonest and rude. Office manager( told he was manager) incompetent ###. Will go to court for damages. Terrible company and national office cannot help because they sell franchises and have no authority. Rip Off.

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    RamseyC Mar 30, 2010

    I HAVE MOVED SEVERAL TIMES IN MY DAY BY VANLINES SUCH AS ALLIED, MAYFLOWER, UNITED, ETC and the move experience with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK was far superior, professional, and organized than any other mover!!!

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