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My family and I used to love watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" on this channel, but recently that show has stopped airing in order to make room for shows such as "MOM" "Teachers" and "Younger". I have watched these shows and have found them to be not only unfunny, but also a bad influence. We are living in a time where human decency and morality seems to be at an all-time low; replacing a wholesome comedy like Raymond with shows like these will only add to this problem. Please roll back these changes, and give us the classic comedies we all know and love.

Nov 19, 2017
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      Nov 20, 2017

    If the television shows you are mentioning remain on the channel, they are popular enough with viewers to produce and air. If viewership is low enough, they will be canceled and removed. Your most effective feedback is to stop watching the channel. I hope you understand that human decency and morality are subjective, thus not everyone will feel the way you do.

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      May 11, 2018

    I can't help but believe that anyone with even a shred of decency and or morality would be mortified when a person is sitting and watching "The Andy Griffith Show"(at 10:00 am mind you) with my 7 year old granddaughter and a commercial for "Nobodies" airs and they are talking about jerking off on someone. It might be a World Record, I think they said "jerk off"3 times in a 5 second time span.I haven't herd "jerk off" that many times in such fast secession since I was in Junior High. Believe me I am the furthest thing from a prude. if you want to have a show that is all about those two from "Mom" doing each other with a strap on that would be great...and I would watch that, but not on TVLAND or perhaps a show that shows us some full-blown whack-a-loon going on campus and putting those idiotic "Teachers" out of our misery. That's another show that I would watch, even if it was Pay Per View, but, not on TVLAND. The absolute last straw was the "Nobodies" commercial where they mention something to the effect of "Is The United Way cumming down tour throat again?". I don't need to explain what this means to my little granddaughter because she heard this while she was up getting a drink of water. It's a shame that the only way to increase viewership is to stoop to such imbecilic, cheap, adolescent humor, "I can see the outline of your wiener in those pants", really? That's it for me, there are other ways I'm sure, to see "The King of Queens", "Everybody Loves Raymond", "The Andy Griffith Show" without suffering through the inappropriate commercials for the lame original shows that TVLAND has decided to try. I'm done with TVLAND I thought that when TVLAND finally cancelled "Soul Man " and "Hot in Cleveland" They had gotten the message that the people liked the format of good classic TV shows, but no the massage they apparently got was that people really wanted was more sophomoric, lowest form of humor shows, I weep for the future.

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