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Gap Pa, US

I bought two breakfast sandwiches this morning when I walked over to the register to check out the cashier sneezed into her hand and laughed to the other cashier as she was doing something else around newspaprs,
she said I can ring you up here and I said no way you just sneezed onto your hand (the same hand that would be holding my sandwhices while ringing me up) she got mad and stormed off in a huff, I am guessing towards the restroom. I asked the other cashier who was still hanging out around newspapers to ring me up, got a rude look and a sigh, (excuse me for asking you to do your job) This cashier is an older woman has been there years and always she is rude unwelcoming and comes across as put upon when she has to ring you up! seriously, if you hate your job and people just quit! spare people from your foul mood.
the other cashier (sneezey one) comes back around making a big show of using her hand sanitizer as if its my fault she has to clean her hands!
(umm ok your sneezing around peoples food) should I be OK having snot germs transferred onto what I am eating?
so I am sitting in the car waiting for my friend to come out and im watching the cashier and she starts putting things in a bag no big deal until I see her walk out with the bag walk to a red truck and put bag in then lock the door. All without having paid for these items.
Your employees are rude, unwelcoming, dirty, and obviously thieves too!

Nov 17, 2017

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