Tuff Shed / the structural work was excellent, but the roof and painting was terrible

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We had a tuff shed ranch cabin built in louisiana. the structural work was excellent, but the roof and painting was terrible! they even left the job a week before they were suppose to, to take a break! we had to keep calling them to come back and finish the job. we only hope we don't have any issues with the roof when it rains. would recommend the floor plans, but not the builders in the southwest louisiana area.

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  •   Nov 02, 2011

    Their buildings are substandard, they have incompetent installers, zero warranty after the sale and the management as well as the Corporate Headquarters have no idea how to treat the customer.

    They are more concerned with the sale of the storage building and once you have signed the paperwork you can just about forget any warranty issues that you will have because they will completely forget that you exist.

    They are using a product from the 70’s and 80’s that already has been proven that it will not work in the southern states or where there’s a lot of rain or moisture, many homes used this same product and they were sued plus they had to reimburse the consumer for this.

    Their roof shingles fall off all the time and when you call them they always say the same thing “we don’t have issues with shingle” but if you look really close you can see why, they did not adjust the air on their nail gun and the nails are driven too far.

    Its to bad that I cant upload any pictures because I have some really good ones of just how bad this product expands and falls apart due to the rain and moisture.

    I truly believe that the best way for anyone to go is with a steel building and from the ones that I have looked at, they are much better in overall quality and the price is much cheaper.

    Buy elsewhere and be a happier customer.

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  • Ri
      Jul 08, 2014

    If you had good structural components- consider yourself extremely lucky. I am sure by now you have a roof leak and mold problem like the rest of us.
    Mine was bad from day one and no amount of begging- pleading- then screaming and yelling right up to the top has made one iota difference. They have my money- and that's the end of the story.

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