Tuff Shed Complaints & Reviews

Tuff Shed / tuff shed - customer service

Jul 18, 2019

This is the second time I am contacting you regarding our situation with the Tuff Shed store on the south side of Tucson AZ. I purchased a larger tuff shed on April 17th 2019. It does require a permit. I was told that they had a lady who handles getting the the permit. I had explained that...

Tuff Shed / door not closing, cause rodent to get in

Jul 06, 2019

THe door to tuff shed has not been able to close since initial installation. Service men came twice and the issue has not been resolved. This summer it got so bad that I can not close it leaving a big gap. Since it is outside, the gap leaves entry to squirrel and rodents to the storage...

Tuff Shed / sundance series tr800

Jun 10, 2019

I had my Tuff Shed TR 800 Series installed May 23, 2019. I had initially purchased a TR 700 series, but changed over to the more expensive TR 800 Series due to the higher roof line and truss structure. The TR 800 Series model at our local Home Depot also had a secondary storage area built...

Tuff Shed / tuff warranty request

May 29, 2019

I call 8:15 AM to request that the Shed door be repair. Door is not aligned correctly with frame. Causing the door to do not close and there is a gap oughn top of the door frame shed. If it rains the shed will get really wet causing damage to floor and walls. The number that i call i 512-312-2375. I...

Tuff Shed / shed

May 16, 2019

Purchased a Tuff Shed through Home Depot in Feb. 2019. The installers were great however the roof trusses did not fit properly and they had to rebuild them. Biggest issue I'm having is getting Tuff Shed to finish the job. They did not give the installers enough roofing material to complete...

Tuff Shed / premier ranch 10' wide x 12' long

Oct 23, 2018

I received a phone call from Emily Tinaco from Tuff Sheds San Jose CA. Store the same day the Shed was installed. She wanted me to give them a great write up right away and it was already dark that evening. I told her that I will inspect the shed and get back to her. I had 60 days to...

[Resolved] Tuff Shed / tuff shed

Oct 20, 2018

After paying in full May of 2018 it's the end of Oct and it still has not gone through final corrections and inspections. The office is grossly understaffed and mismanaged every time you call they seemed to be so backed up and disorganized full of excuses. At this point my patience is at...

[Resolved] Tuff Shed / delayed installation of product

Aug 13, 2018

On June 18, 2018 I paid $7607.70 (the full price) for a Tuff Shed through the Home Depot in Hickory, NC. Since mid-July I've been trying to get the shed installation scheduled as promised without success. Communications with the factory location have been very poor. Now they tell me...

[Resolved] Tuff Shed / quality

Aug 08, 2018

I started insulating my Tuff Shed today. This is when I noticed the studs are not evenly spaced. Most are 16" on center, as they should be, some are 16-1/6" on center and at least 1 is spaced 17" from its neighbor. This was under a window and I am guessing it was done to save the cost of...

[Resolved] Tuff Shed / custom made shed for backyard

Jan 13, 2018

After the sale I needed some adjustments with the new shed. They failed to show up for two appointments and left me hanging. Tried contacting the assistant manager several times but I got no response. Lousy customer service. Breach of contract. Complai shoulod be submitted too Consumer...

[Resolved] Tuff Shed Phoenix / Missed commitments

Apr 07, 2015

After many calls and a written contact they still managed to screw up the order. After waiting weeks for the she to be built, it was not built to agreed specs. Their product is very costly and is not worth the wait and missed commitments. Next time I will hire an actual Contractor to build...

Tuff Shed / poor products and poor customer service

Nov 10, 2011

Their buildings are substandard, they have incompetent installers, zero warranty after the sale and the management as well as the corporate headquarters have no idea how to treat the customer. They are more concerned with the sale of the storage building and once you have signed the...

Tuff Shed / do not bother with them

Aug 23, 2011

The guys building were ok... but prefab measurements were all wrong... also they were 2 guys short. thank god the neighbors didn't call the cops at 4am when they were still building cause they said they "wouldnt have jobs if they didnt finish"!! dont know about you, but I dont build in the...

Tuff Shed / the structural work was excellent, but the roof and painting was terrible


We had a tuff shed ranch cabin built in louisiana. the structural work was excellent, but the roof and painting was terrible! they even left the job a week before they were suppose to, to take a break! we had to keep calling them to come back and finish the job. we only hope we don't have...

Tuff Shed / terrible customer service


Tuff shed arrived without vents. I had paid deposit only - would not pay balance until vent were installed. this took 4 weeks and 10 calls. lots of infighting as to who's fault it was that the vents were not installed and who's account was going to be charged. finally called district...